Jumping In

"Be careful." Nowadays, the words haunt nearly every aspect of life. Leaving home. Adopting a pet. Even buying a different brand of shampoo or conditioner. No matter the type of risk being taken, fear seems to be its perpetual shadow. 

I could lie and say the truth of this hit me as I watched my family walk out of my dorm room two days ago. As I sat on my bed, the newness of everything - being a sophomore, having a roommate, living on the other side of campus - suffocated me like a winter scarf. And California is blazing in the 90's right now!

All that's left of my family!
Really, though, it hit me a few weeks ago as I ran out the door to meet my favorite gal pals from high school. Usually, our dates were nondescript - restaurant lunches or Lord of the Rings marathons. We're just that cool. Except, this time, almost as statement of how we had all transformed after a year away at college, we were heading to the local trampoline park. Fun. Adventurous. And, as my parents reminded me, dangerous. Especially then, only a blink away from starting sophomore year.

I take care as a celiac, re-reading food labels and interrogating restaurant waiters like a spy in disguise. Caution nudges my actions as a teenage female in a society where staying out too late or dressing a certain way can justify a not-so-happy-ending. I even worry as a human being whose biology demands I constantly defend what is mine. 

We smile in the face of danger!

As I watch my roommate talk on the phone to her family and listen to the sounds of fellow students moving in all around me, though, I'm ready to stop the worry and throw out the caution. I'm ready to jump in and enjoy whatever fall I may take, just as I did trampolining weeks ago with my friends. As we stepped barefoot on a never-ending floor of rubber, we flew and leaped - and while we looked pathetic compared to the flipping ninjas surrounding us, I can promise that we had just as much fun

Last year, college was hard. The classes I could handle, sinking my teeth in a full-time 4.0. But my body broke, my spirit faltered and I faced the obstacles of every freshman compounded by celiac complications and the death of a grandparent days after my 18th birthday. 

Grandpa with one of his true loves!

The fact is, though, I'm not going to let last year's challenges shade this year's experience. I'm stronger. I'm healthier. I'm happier. And, I'm going to jump into sophomore year at full speed

I'm joining every club that sparks my fancy. Gardening. Aerobics and yoga. Spoken Word (a poetry club), and Homeless ministries. Even coed soccer in spring. Plus working on my school's literary magazine and possibly (hopefully!) as a school blogger. Plus 17 units of classes. Oh yes, my time will be full. In the best possible way. 

Enjoying the fall!

It's easy to get trapped by caution. To fear getting tangles in your hair so much that your feet never leave the ground. As I prepare for classes starting Wednesday, though, and slowly gather the sticks to form my sophomore home, I'm loving the free fall. I can't wait to see where I land. 

Do you take enough risks in life? What is your biggest piece of college advice? Comment below! 


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    1. Always a hard one for me, but that'll be on the list too! :)

  2. Sounds likes you got a full plate, but as long as you are doing what your heat loves, I say do it. College is the only time you have some of these opportunities. I totally understand having to worry about things that peers don't have to worry about. It was one of my biggest struggles during my college years, but I guess that's also part of the college journey and the journey of discovering who you are as you grow. I love that you are doing yoga. I just started taking classes regularly and I absolutely love it!! Having chronic pain and dealing with food restrictions, I definitely have been on the more cautious side, but having been doing my best to go more with the flow. After all it was when I took the risk to step out of my box that I grew the most. Best of luck as you start your sophomore year! PS. I read a great book called the Worry Cure that really helped me stop worry ALL the time. It's great now not to have that on me and to live a little more care freely. Peace, Hugs and Positive wishes.

    1. So true. Glad that you're doing yoga as well - its been so helpful for me. Going for the flow is definitely one of my biggest challenges, but I'm trying hard to become more flexible! Thank you for the luck and I'll definitely check out that book! I can always use more reading material - especially when it comes to that subject! :)

  3. You are such a wonderful writer, I hope it's something you are pursuin as a career or side job some day, since I am unsure what your major is!

    As for risks:
    I am guilty as charged for NOT taking enough risks....I'm not quite sure where I went from being care free to, too careful, but I NOW my sickness/health started it,and then saying NO became a way of life for me, one of my New Year's Resolutions for 2014 was actually to "say yes" more, whatever it may be to. And I think I've done a good job of TRYING to do that, but alas, I am human and sometimes I say no still, for fear of a risk/getting sick/having a flare/not having fun, whatever it may be, I'll find a reason....BUT I'm breaking free from that mindset, bit by bit!

    AS FOR YOU MISS BUSY BEE, god I would give anything to go back to college and re-do my last two years with your mindset, I let my IBS and Celiac rule my last two years for far too long, so i think your attitude is awesome and to keep it up! MY ADVICE, SAMPLE AS MUCH OF COLLEGE LIFE AS YOU CAN <3 It will be done before you know it <3

    1. Thank you Amber! Your comments always make me smile! I am actually a writing major with a women's studies minor, so hopefully I will be able to keep using it to touch others!

      I know you have struggled with risk taking, but lately on your blog I have seen you grow so much! You are kicking butt! :)


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