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How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Passing Down Your Chronic Illness

I was reading one of my favorite celiac disease support groups on Facebook when I saw it: a post written by a heartbroken mom whose 9-year-old had just been diagnosed with celiac disease. "My heart is breaking because I literally gave my son celiac disease," she wrote.

My response? As crazy as it sounds, in many aspects, your son is lucky...and you should try to replace your guilt with guidance. 

What do I mean?  My Chronic Illness Family Story Let's take a quick look at my own family history. My mom has fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with it at age 11. My dad has the celiac disease gene, but it's never been activated so he can eat gluten just fine. I, on the other hand, became an "active" celiac at age 17
It would be a lie to say that my parents haven't ever felt guilty for passing down their chronic illnesses. My mom once told me that she felt nervous about having children because she didn't want to pass along fibromyalgia and the daily pain that …

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