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A Celiac's Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Florence, Italy

If you've ever wondered what eating gluten free in Italy looks like, I have good news: it looks like TONS of celiac-safe pizza, pasta, pastries and more. And I'm sharing another guide to Italy, this time covering what I ate as a celiac traveling to Florence in November, 2022.  If you read my Rome, Italy post , skip to the restaurant list unless you want a refresher on the gluten free basics I'm sharing in both posts!  *Everyone with celiac disease has different boundaries, and that's OK. If you are looking to dine at only Dedicated Gluten Free restaurants/bakeries, there are several included and clearly marked in this list. I am only including restaurants that I personally tried and had good experiences with, but restaurant options and policies can change. Please treat this as a guide only, and use your own judgement on what options fit your individual dietary needs.* Basics to Know About Eating Gluten Free in Florence, Italy How common is gluten free food in Italy? 100

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