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One Thing I Hate About Celiac Awareness Month

As I strive to do all year, I usually try to spend Celiac Awareness Month empowering newly diagnosed celiacs and celebrating just how awesome eating gluten free can be for those who need a GF diet. However, in the five years since my celiac disease diagnosis, I have noticed one big problem with Celiac Awareness Month that I think it’s time to openly address, and it has to do with the way many “gluten free” but not celiac safe brands hijack this month for their own promotional needs.

I suppose you could say that this post started with some gluten free pizza. Or, to be more accurate, “gluten free” pizza. A company contacted me on Instagram and offered to send me some of their gluten free pizza crusts in honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month. As a pizza lover, I immediately started drooling at the thought, but after spending some time on the company’s website, I couldn’t find anything about their cross contamination protocol. I messaged the company back, saying I'd love to try the…

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