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Chunky Banana Bread Energy Balls (Gluten Free, Vegan, Nut Free)

There's always something especially comforting about a hefty slice of banana bread. When I was a child, my mom would bake banana bread and pumpkin bread during the holidays, and we would eat a thick slice as an after school snack, licking the crumbs off our plates. Even though decades have passed and I'm now living on my own for grad school, I still crave banana bread when I need a comforting, stick-to-my-ribs snack...

...which is why I dreamt of banana bread energy balls after one especially stressful week of grad school, and I made my dream a reality as soon as I could! 

These healthy energy balls might not be baked or bread, but they have all the flavors of your favorite banana bread. After all, these bliss balls don't just boast mashed ripe banana - they're also full of banana flour and crunchy banana chips for tons of banana flavor. Add in some sticky dates, crunchy rice flakes, coconut flakes and seeds, and a liberal shake of cinnamon, and these no bake energy ba…

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