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A Celiac’s Guide to Shopping Gluten Free, Healthy and Cheap at Aldi

When you’re trying to eat healthy and cheap, follow a gluten free diet without going broke or save money on groceries, finding a grocery store that’s affordable and high quality is a must. Recently, I've discovered that Aldi seems to check both boxes - especially if you have celiac disease and need to eat gluten free.

I’d never even seen an Aldi before I moved to Mankato, Minnesota for grad school. With no Sprouts Farmers Markets (my previous grocery store soul mate) nearby, I was eager to see if Aldi was as awesome and affordable as I kept hearing. Well, over eight months have passed, and I’ve shopped at Aldi nearly every week. So, I thought I’d share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned about shopping at Aldi thus far.

Ready to get the most out of your local Aldi - especially if you need to eat gluten free? Keep reading to find out how!

(And as an FYI, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m just really enjoying shopping at Aldi and hope to help other college students, celiacs or anyone …

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