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15 Experience Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones with Chronic Illness

The holiday season is definitely here, and at least for most people, that means it's also time for holiday shopping. This year, though, I'm challenging you to consider gifts that can't always be put under the tree: experience-based gifts.

Like I shared last year, my family has been moving toward more experience-based gifts over the last few years, and I honestly find experiences - like a family vacation or eating at a restaurant I love with friends and family - even more rewarding than most gifted "items" or "things." And experience-based gifts can be especially awesome for the chronic illness warriors in your life because you can actually give them experiences that make their life with chronic illness a whoooole lot easier.

That's why I decided to write a part two to last year's post (13 Experience-Based Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones With Chronic Illness) and offer even more ideas of experience-based gifts you can give the spoonies in your lif…

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