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7 Things People with Celiac Disease Mean When They Say, "No Thank You" to Food

When you have celiac disease, saying "No thank you" to offered food is a regular occurrence. Although celiac disease awareness is growing, though, many people don’t understand the various reasons why celiacs turn down so much offered food. As a result, celiacs like me can start feeling self-conscious or guilty about how many times we need to say, “Thank you, but I can’t eat that.”

Today, I’m rounding up seven things that people with celiac disease really mean when they say, “No thank you” to food. So whether you have celiac disease and want to be reminded that saying "no thank you" is often necessary to stay healthy or you know people with celiac disease (or other dietary restrictions/food allergies) and don't understand why they turn decline so many foods, keep reading to learn what people with celiac disease are trying to say with the three little words: “No thank you.”
1. The food contains gluten or wheat. This one is pretty obvious, but still worth repeatin…

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