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Four Questions I Wished I Asked When Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

I know from experience that a celiac diagnosis can feel overwhelming. In many cases, you go from being able to eat anything and everything you want (I used to constantly shock waiters with my appetite!) to having to learn what weird words like “gluten” or “celiac disease” mean for your future.

Depending on how familiar you are with celiac disease (especially since it’s hereditary and commonly clustered in families), you may think you know the questions to ask, like: How is celiac disease treated? Is celiac disease fatal? or What is the celiac disease diet?

In the four years since I learned I have celiac disease, though, I’ve also learned what important questions I didn’t know to ask my doctor...and definitely regretted not asking. So whether you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, might receive a celiac diagnosis in the near future, or has had celiac disease for years, here are four questions you might not think to ask your doctor - but probably should!

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