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3 Things I've Been Afraid to Share About Living with Celiac Disease...

Since I started this blog over eight years ago now, I've talked about a LOT of different topics related to living with celiac disease, from how to be gluten free in college to the best gluten free protein bars to buy. But today, I want to talk about three things I haven't shared about living with celiac disease...honestly, because I'm a bit nervous to talk about them. Before I dive in, I first want to say that the good and not-so-good experiences I'm sharing here are mine and not every person with celiac disease may relate. But if you can relate to some of the challenges I mention below, I hope that this blog post - that me being open and finally talking about these topics - helps you feel a little less alone. So with all that throat-clearing's three things about living with celiac disease I've been afraid to share. Things I've Been Afraid To Share About Life with Celiac Disease, 1: Even after being gluten free for eight years, I still struggle

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