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I won't lie and say that eating gluten free is a piece of (GF) cake, but there are some ways to make it easier. Here are my posts on my food experiences, tips and tricks for cooking and restaurant reviews.

My Food Story

Four Reasons Why I'm Healthier Eating More Processed Foods

WIAW: Making - and Breaking - Food Rules

Gluten Free Recipe Round Up: Lunches for Work

A Celiac's Favorite Food Documentaries on Netflix

Gluten Free Packaged Foods Always in my Pantry

Recent Gluten Free Foodie Finds

Foodie Favorites: Recipe Edition

A Fresh (Farmer's Market) Perspective

WIAW: Why I Eat

Oats and Gluten: Cousins for the Celiac?

5 Ways to Know if You're a Celiac Food Blogger

All Da Food Friday

Accepting the Insatiable Appetite

College Food Adventure

Elimination Diet Part 2: My Favorite Recipes

The Story of the Elimination Diet: Part 1

A Celiac's Food Journey

Tips and Tricks

A Celiac's Creative Cooking Tips: How to Escape a Gluten Free Food Rut

7 Gluten Free Sources of Vegan Protein (That Aren't Tofu)

13+ Natural Energy Boosting Foods for the Modern Woman

10 Gluten Free Packed Lunch Recipes For Eating On-the-Go

7 Gluten Free Frozen Foods Always Found in a Celiac's Freezer

A Healthy Chef's Guide to Cooking Gluten Free (Sweet) Potatoes

7 Unique Nut Butters That Put Peanut Butter to Shame

How to Celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day, Gluten Free and Vegan Style

A Healthy Chef's Guide to Cooking Gluten Free with Beans

Baking Gluten Free and Vegan with Cacao: Tips and Tricks

Cooking Gluten Free for the Holidays with Turmeric: Tips and Tricks

Cooking Gluten Free and Vegan with Dates: Tips and Tricks

Cooking with Sunflower Seeds: Tips and Tricks

Cooking with Maca and Spirulina Powder: Tips and Tricks

Cooking with Sweet Potatoes: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Cooking with Beets

Zucchini: Tips and Tricks

Coconut Flour: Tips and Tricks

Turmeric: Tips and Tricks

5 Tips to Vamp Up the Veggies

Coconut Oil: Tips and Tricks

Buckwheat Groats: Tips and Tricks

Apple Cider Vinegar: Tips and Tricks

Chia Seeds: Tips and Tricks with Mamma Chia

Coconut Milk: Tips and Tricks

How to Choose a Restaurant That's Tasty for Everyone

How to Dress Up your Smoothie Bowl

Revamping Leftovers

5 Tips to Cook like a College Celiac

Restaurant Reviews

Tastiest Gluten Free Restaurants in Houston, Texas

The Best Local Gluten Free Products in Houston, Texas

Disneyland's Best Gluten Free Food

Best Gluten Free Eats in San Diego

Peace Pies: A Celiac's Review

Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo Recap

Stacked, Food Well Built: Restaurant Review

Ruggles Green Review Part 2

Gluten Free at Outback, Part 2

The Celiac and the California Pizza Kitchen

Starry Lane Bakery Review

Girl's Night Out at True Food Kitchen

True Foods Kitchen Review

Celiac Road Trip, Part 7: Cafe Sol

Celiac Road Trip, Part 6: Red Robin

Celiac Road Trip, Part 5: Coquette's Bistro (Dessert Edition)

Celiac Road Trip, Part 4: Chipotle

Celiac Road Trip, Part 3: Boriello Brother's Pizza

Celiac Road Trip, Part 2: Coquette's Bistro

Celiac Road Trip: Part 1

Gluten Free Celiac at Miguel's Cocina

Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest Finds Part 2

Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest Finds Part 1

Outback is Out of this Gluten Free World

GF in Disney World: Columbia Harbor House at Magic Kingdom

GF in Disney World: Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom

GF in Disney World: Babycakes Bakery at Downtown Disney

GF in Disney World: Splitsville at Downtown Disney

GF in Disney World: Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom 

GF in Disney World: Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort

GF in Disney World: Sunshine Seasons at Epcot

GF in Disney World: Captain Cook's at the Polynesian Resort

Whole Foods Market and Gluten Free Me

Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

Gluten Free at Legoland


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