Foster Farms Review and Giveaway: Gluten free Nuggets, Tenders andCorndogs

Tuesday started like any regular day. Classes. Homework. And a message from the mail room announcing, "You've got a package." A sample goodie bag from Foster Farms was due to arrive and I flashed my ID with a smile - until the worker asked if I was walking back to Finch and laughed when I said yes.

I've gotten pretty good at the sample dance since my blog has reached adolescence. Give an address, receive, taste and review. But when my roommate and I unpacked three crates of corn dogs, nuggets and tenders, I couldn't stop laughing. By our calculations, at one point, we had 96 corn dogs in our dorm...Bri had no idea of the adventures that come with having a gluten free blogger for a roomie

Mountain o' boxes!
In the end, we acted like Foster Farms fairies and left a box of goodies tucked in several dorm's communal fridges. The best surprise ever apparently. On the note we left welcoming everyone to free food, some hungry soul scrawled, "God bless you!" Foster Farms changing lives one midnight snack at a time. 

Honestly, the chicken tenders and nuggets have been life changing for me. When classes invade cooking time and I walk into my dorm room starving, I can pop a couple in the oven for 20 minutes and dig in

The nuggets and tenders are hands down the best gluten free versions I've ever tried. They're perfectly spiced, packing a punch without overwhelming my taste buds. The chicken tastes fresh, the crust crunchy and evenly distributed, and though I can only vouch for oven baking, they aren't greasy at all!

I love them straight out of the oven, but I might even prefer them as cold leftovers on a salad with sautéed veggies and homemade pesto. And the uses for them are never ending - I even sprinkled them in my chicken pot pie. I devoured that huge 8X8 cake pan in about four servings! And you know it's good when 4 bags of chicken disappear in two weeks from the dorm's communal fridge - gluten and gluten free eaters alike! 

Pink Chicken Pot Pie, thanks to the beets!
Now, though, for Foster Farms' newest product: the gluten free honey corn dog. I'll admit that this wasn't my favorite, but corn dogs aren't my usual jam. Actually, when I bit into this corn dog two days ago, it was my first time. Poor sheltered taste buds. Even though I don't crave one every night, I can appreciate the quality of Foster Farm's newest concoction.

The infamous corn dog!
The chicken base of the corn dog tasted fresh and juicy and the ratio of meat to breading was spot-on. Just like the chicken tenders and nuggets, after 18 minute in the oven, the corn dog wasn't at all greasy. I also loved how the breading crunched with every bite. I'll admit that the honey flavor threw me off a bit, but I seem to be the outlier

On a bed of veggies...
Everyone I've talked to - even gluten lovers - is salivating over these corn dogs. In my dorm, I walked in on one girl enjoying her breakfast on a stick. And my boyfriend over in Wiley reports that the corn dog supply is running dangerously low and requests another shipment ASAP! 

This was one crazy food review - from the shipment to joining the realm of corn dog eaters - and now it's your chance to have a delicious Foster Farms adventure! On October 31st - that's right, Halloween! - I'll pick 5 random winners to receive a voucher for a free box of corn dogs to try for themselves! 

Maybe this bite will be yours!
Have at it, everyone! Maybe you'll be one of the 5 lucky winners to find a surprise waiting in your mailbox
*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

Have you tried any Foster Farms products? What do you think of corn dogs? Comment below! 


  1. I would pair them with some Idaho potatoes, which are 100% gluten free.

  2. Thank you very much. I replied to your email.

  3. I don't even like corn dogs, but you've got me craving! I am so happy to see you glowing with radiance and health! You seem to be doing so well, and I am so glad you have such an amazing roommate!

    1. Awwww thanks Amber! And yes the roomie awesome and rolling with the corndog punches :)


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