5 Ways to Know if You're a Celiac Food Blogger

A lot of names are bounced around when it comes to bloggers. You're a celiac activist. A photographer. An all-natural, I-gather-my-own-drinking-water-from-the-well-behind-my-house foodie. How do you know when you're a celiac food blogger? Let's take a peak into the world of Casey.

1. Inanimate food objects are your favorite selfie companions. 

Let's face it: there are only so many excuses you can give when girls catch you smiling next to a huge sweet potato out in the courtyard. In my dorm's Christmas party, the RA's laid out hats, masks, beards, ornaments and mustache cut-outs to pose with in photos. In my opinion, if we have another party this Spring, it should be farm-themed. Bring out the fresh produce! It's just begging for a "lettuce be friends" picture frame! 

casey the college celiac
So many food photo shoots!

2. Your friends don't blink when you whip out your phone during meals to take pictures. 

When I stayed over at my boyfriend's house for Super Bowl weekend, I forgot to silence my phone that morning. When his father heard a click, he turned around from the football previews, asking, "What is there to take pictures of?" Oh, you know, just my chocolate maca oatless oatmeal.

Anyone who ever steals my phone always gets a kick out of the roll of 500+ food pics - along with a few human faces scattered throughout! And the girls who walk by me in the morning while I'm doing a nana ice cream photo shoot in the courtyard? I've accepted that I'm just that girl by now.

3. You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Ryan Gosling and celiac memes. 

Compared to the average teenager, I've never been the kind of girl to have celebrity crushes. The fact that Ryan's dressed in most of my pinned pictures proves that. 

ryan gosling gluten free celiac college
Well...I did say "most."
But Ryan Gosling promising to beat up gluten for me or interview a chocolate manufacturer? Be still my fluttering heart! 

4. You know all of the food and celiac lingo.

Sliced up bananas? They're called "banana coins." And, apparently in Europe, pancakes can also be referred to as "hot cakes." (My burnt tongue votes "yes" for that). In my Nutrition class, my teacher asked if anyone had heard of mulberries or acai powder. Only every day at breakfast - either when I open my Instagram or my top drawer of food!

And "foodporn?" You might say my mom was a little worried when she first saw someone with that username had "liked" my photo. Just oatmeal, I promise - though pretty delicious oatmeal if I say so myself!

college celiac foodporn oatporn gluten free

As for "coeliac," I'm still stumped by the pronunciation, but I know that it's the European counterpart (accent and all?) to my own kick-butt self. "Glutened" still makes me laugh, as long as I'm not the one zombified from gluten exposure. The best phrase? My boyfriend's invention of "de-gluten" to describe brushing his teeth post-meal so kissing won't kill me. Considering his new brushing habits, his dentist is definitely going to thank me. 

5. Everything you whip up in the dorm kitchen is considered "gourmet." 

Because I don't eat in the cafeteria, everyone knows that if I'm not in my dorm room, I'm probably smoking up the kitchen. Hilariously enough, though, three times in the last week girls have walked in, sniffed the air, and exclaimed, "You're really good at cooking!" You know the cafeteria food is getting old when gluten free pancakes, sweet potato sliders, or chicken pot pie causes girls to trip over their tongues. (Not that my taste buds disagree!)

gluten free paleo foodporn college celiac
Drool worthy? I say yes!
And when they see the finished product all dolled up for the blog and Instagram? There's been a few whistles. I've even been cat-ahem, pizza-called from the second floor as I marched my pork and pesto pie from the kitchen to my room. That's the kind of hollering a girl could get used to!

Whether you write a blog, have celiac disease, or just love food, lots of nicknames may be scrawled onto your name tag. These are just a few of the ways I know I'm a celiac food blogger - and/or just really weird. Either way, I'm okay with that.

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Do you share any of these quirks? What's one way you know you're a blogger? Comment below!


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