"Donut" Even Worry

I'm what some (okay, most) folks would call a worry-wort. I suppose I should've expected it every since I cried over forgetting my math homework in fifth grade. As my last semester as a college sophomore slides to an end (17 more days folks!), though, I'm joining a sweeter side...

Which, as the pun-lover in me had to deem it, can be referred to as "donut even worry."

Bring on some sweet salvation!
Although my friends forget at times (Cue the "Do you want a ___?" "No thanks. Death's not on my menu today." conversation) all my buds are well aware of my celiac swag. But, they always ask for my company on food adventures anyway. Some days it's too much work and too little reward. But, other times, hanging out in a car or neighborhood burrito joint is just the "fuel" I need. 

Wednesday was one of the latter (and killer) days. Too little sleep and too many classes turned me into a zombie - along with 75% of my classmates. But, when my friends proposed a mini road trip to the glutinous heaven that is Krispy Kreme, I couldn't say no. 

Hello Krispy Kreme! (Source)
Especially when we started blasting throwback tunes on the drive there. Britney Spears, Fergie - I wasn't enjoying my favorite chocolate glazed donut, but my childhood was still right there. And then I walked into my very first Krispy Kreme (while rockin' my-it's-seven-o'clock-at-night PJ's, of course). 

Whether it's a chain tradition or I just got lucky, this location boasted a window that let customers watch as donuts were fried and glazed. As children stuck their faces to the glass, I kept my eyes on the to-be donuts. One side cooked. Flip. The next. Flip. And then covered in a waterfall of vanilla glaze. It didn't have quite the meditative powers of a good run or yoga class, but you bet my mind forgot my upcoming finals among the rows of sugar

America's Next Top Models? The donuts, maybe...
Even more so when the boy stumbled upon a stack of Krispy Kreme crowns. As I pointed to the (gluten and ecstasy filled) donuts that I thought looked the tastiest, I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all. It sounded like a bad joke: A celiac walks into a donut store...

But the more silly photos we took in our official donut uniforms and the more fried delights filled the to-go box, the happier I got. I couldn't eat any of the goodies I drove 20 minutes for (though the Oreo dirt donut complete with a gummy worm and the Cheesecake flavor looked especially enticing), I could savor the memory of three college students acting more excited than the toddler with chocolate icing all over his face. 

All the gluten goodies!
I could forget about being a college student, and remember the excitement of waking up to the donuts Dad picked up after his morning bike ride. I could ignore any celiac jealousy and focus on the granola still hoarded in my room. I could scream the words to Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boy" as we drove back to school in the dark. And while the boy couldn't kiss me after his night treat, I got all the hugs I could want. 

I'm always going to be a worrier, and, at times, celiac disease will only add to the list. Is it weird if I accompany friends to dinner but don't eat? What kind of college student can't participate in a late-night donut run? Is celiac gonna kill my chances of experiencing college with style?

Flying by!
As this semester keeps reassuring me, though, I'm in control of my worries and my (non-celiac) limitations. My friends enjoyed (correction: devoured) their double-dozen feast. I enjoyed helping decide that at least three donuts absolutely had to be cream filled. 

And, I'm deciding that, even as finals crank up, I "donut" have to fit any worrying into my schedule. 

Do you ever accompany friends to eat when you can't? What is/was your favorite kind of donut? Comment below! 


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