Crafted Gluten Free: Dorm Box Review

The term "crafted" triggers a variety of associations. Memories of arts-and-crafts with (likely gluten-filled) dried macaroni in kindergarten; or perhaps a father's favorite adult beverage. After spending a few weeks taste testing Crafted Gluten Free's dorm box, though, all this college celiac thinks is, "YUM!"

Looks unassuming, but contains tons of goodies!
Like other box subscriptions, Crafted Gluten free offers monthly deliveries of gluten free goodies straight to your door (and, soon after, mouth)! In a unique twist, however, Crafted offers a box specially designed for college students

For $29.99/month, students receive a box of gluten free food that is ready to eat, cooked in the microwave or uses hot water from a coffee pot. Perfect for college celiacs (or those with food allergies) who have huge appetites but limited kitchens! 

The first look...
When my box arrived, I eagerly tore into my goodies. I loved how the cardboard cover clearly states "gluten free" and that packaging the snacks with cardboard strips ensures that everything arrived intact. My favorite part of Crafted, though? The variety and size of snacks! 

My particular box contained
1 box of paleo pumpkin cookies
1 bag of cheddar and caramel popcorn
1 box of quick oatmeal (just add water)
1 gluten free bar
1 bag of tropical trail mix
1 package of mango coconut strips
1 bag of potato chips
1 bowl of add-water black bean soup
1 sunbutter candy 
Several Crafted Gluten Free swag bracelets 

All the food!
As Crafted promises for every box, mine contained two meal items and loads of snacks! I also appreciated that Crafted included items found in the common college student's diet - such as popcorn, soup, and trail mix. One of the most challenging aspects of enjoying college with celiac disease or food allergies is feeling like a "dietary outsider." Having access to typical treats makes fitting in a little easier - and a lot tastier

My favorite goodies tended to land on the sweeter side. I loved adding Doug's Nuts trail mix to my morning oatless oatmeal (nearly as much as I loved the punny humor!). No better way to kick off the day than oatmeal topped with sweet toasted coconut flakes and melted dark chocolate. 

A few of my creations using Crafted products!
I also loved the Island Mango fruit snack, which I threw into my usual addiction of homemade granola for an extra chewy-fruity kick! And the chocolate Gluten Free Bar? I'm hoarding that for a special occasion - finals week, most likely! - when I need some sweet fuel during days of studying

My one criticism of Crafted Gluten free is that many of its products, though obviously free of gluten, contain other top allergens like nuts, dairy, eggs, or soy. However, my roommates loved the goodies I threw their way - including the Modern Oats cup, which Sarah snacked on one cold night, and the almond-flour paleo cookies that my other roomie gave a big thumbs up to! 

A snap of their homepage!
And if you fall in love with an item and NEED more right away? Crafted Gluten Free also sells, individually or in bulk, the products from monthly boxes in their online store. (Which definitely makes it okay to devour all the trail mix in one week!) 

"Crafted" can mean a lot of things - but, in the case of Crafted Gluten Free, it especially refers to each box being crafted with college practicality and delicious taste in mind! 

What are/were your favorite snacks in college? Comment below! 


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