Celiac Awareness Month: Gluten Free Resources Roundup

Celiac Awareness Month is one of my favorite times of year. It's a month full of delicious gluten free food and exciting new developments and connections made in the gluten free community. Even problems with Celiac Awareness Month like the one I mentioned here aren't enough to negate the education, empowerment and joy I typically experience during May.

Celiac Awareness Month: Gluten Free Resources Roundup

While Celiac Awareness Month may be coming to an end, celiac disease is a chronic illness...and that means thriving with celiac disease is a lifelong mission. As a result, I thought I'd end Celiac Awareness Month by sharing some of the most popular and practical posts about celiac disease and living gluten free that I've ever written. Whether you've just learned you have celiac disease or are a gluten free veteran, I hope that these posts give you some helpful guidance, a much-needed laugh or just the reassurance that you aren't alone.

Most Popular Gluten Free and Celiac Posts to Date:

My long journey to health with celiac disease (including a liquid diet and hospitalization).

A researched take on how the gluten free fad affects those living with celiac disease.

Because celiac disease impacts far more than just diet!

If you need a laugh...

Some food for thought.

If you need to smile...

Gluten Free Living Tips and Tricks:

A practical guide...

Ask the questions I didn't!

Dating with celiac disease...

Everything you need to know!

How to eat gluten free and healthy for cheap...

Some things to expect after you go gluten free.

One of my favorite posts to raise celiac awareness!

Gluten Free Product and Brand Recommendations:

Some of my staple gluten free products and brands...

Because gluten can even hide in lipstick and shampoo!

The perfect way to celebrate summer...or the end of Celiac Awareness Month.

From Me to You...

Regardless of how long you've had celiac disease (or if you have it at all!), I hope that Celiac Awareness Month taught you something new and that these resources can help you spread celiac awareness and love livin' life gluten free all year long!

Celiac Awareness Month: Gluten Free Resources Roundup

What's your favorite part of Celiac Awareness Month? Or what's something you do to help spread awareness (of celiac disease or any other health condition, etc) year-round? Tell me in the comments!


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