5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

As those who read my recap of the first annual Gluten Free Teen Summit know, I spent the last week of June at Disney World. Although my mom and I didn’t visit any of the parks, we did spend a good amount of time eating lots of delicious gluten free food at Disney Springs. 

So, I thought I’d share our favorite gluten free restaurants at Disney World’s Downtown Disney. Keep in mind that we were only there for two and a half days, so we didn’t eat out a ton and this is certainly not an exhaustive list of where to eat gluten free at Disney Springs. However, if you want some ideas for tasty gluten free restaurants at Disney World, I’m your gluten free tour guide!

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

Without further adieu, let’s get into all the gluten free food...

1. D-Luxe Burger

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I was not the best blogger on this trip. I didn’t take pictures of the restaurants’ signs or their menus, mainly because I was so tired from traveling and the Gluten Free Teen Summit that I totally forgot! However, all the menus are available online and I will talk allll about the delicious gluten free meals we ordered. 

Our first dinner out was at D-Luxe Burger. We wanted a gluten free dinner that was low key and relatively plain, so burgers won out over other options like seafood and Mexican. D-Luxe Burger is a quick service restaurant and they don’t have a gluten free menu. However, we just asked to speak to the chef once we reached the register, and she told us what was gluten free.

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

In the end, we ordered the Buffalo Chicken Burger - grilled instead of fried - on a gluten free bun with a side of fries. D-Luxe Burger has a separate fryer (yay!!!), so the fries are completely safe. As an added bonus, all of their condiments are gluten free as well!

Our burgers arrived quickly and were still hot. Guys...that burger bun was seriously the best one I’ve ever had. It was fluffy and literally melted in your mouth. The chicken was moist and flavorful (probably because they marinate it in buffalo sauce and buttermilk), and all the toppings tasted very fresh. The fries were mediocre; good, but nothing to write home about. However, I did love trying their various dipping sauces, which ranged from three mustard and honey to curry ketchup. 

Overall, I’d give D-Luxe Burgers a solid 9 out of 10. I saved half my burger and fries for the next day, and they tasted just as good as leftovers. I wish D-Luxe Burgers had more non-beef options and crispier fries, but it’s a great gluten free restaurant for when you want a casual dinner at Disney Springs.

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World
I’d actually never tasted sushi (pre-celiac, I was a bland eater, and I hadn’t ever found a gluten free sushi restaurant near me) before I saw Erica from Celiac and the Beast posting about her epic gluten free sushi from Morimoto Asia...so I knew I had to order some sushi to go before I left Disney World!

I visited Morimoto Asia around 12 PM on a Friday, and was surprised at how quiet the restaurant was. It worked out in my favor because it meant I could just sit at the bar (and casually drink free water, even though I’m sure people saw me and thought it was five o’clock somewhere!) and order a vegetable sushi roll to go. The waiter seemed very aware of celiac disease and gluten free food orders, and made sure to alert the chef that I needed a cross-contamination-free meal. I also saw that they entered my order with “GLUTEN ALLERGY” in all caps, which made me feel more comfortable about not talking to the chef myself. 

My sushi was ready in 15 minutes or so, and they gave me a small container of gluten free soy sauce to enjoy with my roll. I also got a small side of wasabi and ginger that I ate along with the roll. I ended up saving my sushi for lunch at the airport the next day, and oh my goodness. I’m officially a sushi lover!

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

My gluten free sushi roll featured thinly sliced veggies, lettuce and avocado surrounded by nori, sticky white rice and sesame seeds. The avocado added some necessary creaminess to the crunchy veggies, and the rice was stick-to-your-ribs delicious. Everything tasted fresh, and it was the perfect light pre-flight meal. 

I will say that this gluten free sushi didn’t hold me over long as it was vegan and a small portion (just one 8-piece roll). So, I’d recommend ordering at least one more roll or side for a more filling meal. However, I’d give this sushi a solid 9.5/10 (more avocado would’ve made it perfect) and would definitely return to Morimoto Asia if I go to Disney Springs again! 
It’s a given that when you have celiac disease or eat gluten free, you have to stop by the 100% gluten free and vegan bakery in Disney Springs at least once. My mom and I actually visited Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC within thirty minutes of arriving at our hotel (at eight at night, I might add). We visited two more times during our Disney World trip, buying one or two goodies each visit. 

Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC offers everything from gluten free donuts to cupcakes to cookies to vegan soft serve. Their vanilla vegan ice cream is CRAZY creamy and was the perfect treat on those hot summer nights. It is very sweet, so I think the small cup is the perfect size (but you do you and listen to yo’ body!). Out of the gluten free baked goods we bought, our favorites were the double chocolate pumpkin (or banana?) bread, the iced cookie bars (InSaNe!) and the cinnamon roll (it had a crumbly, slightly crunchy texture that I actually kinda loved!).

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

My family and I have personally found their gluten free cupcakes to be a little dry, so we didn’t get any of those. If you want a plainer, less sugary baked good to eat for breakfast, though, their banana bread is BOMB (and I loved that it had chunks of caramelized banana throughout)! Considering that all of their baked goods are gluten free and vegan, it’s hard to give Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC anything below a 9.5/10. 

4. Marketplace Snacks Dole Whip

When I read online that Dole Whip is gluten free and vegan, I knew I had to try some during my visit to Disney World - especially considering my newfound addiction to pineapple. However, I wasn’t sure I could find Dole Whip in Disney Springs...until a little Googling revealed that it’s offered at Marketplace Snacks! 

When I double checked with the cashier that the Dole Whip was gluten free (it is), she offered to wash her hands and change her gloves before preparing mine, which was awesome. I was surprised by how HUGE the serving of Dole Whip was, but I didn’t have any complaints! I just YOLOed it and ate the whole thing as we walked back to our hotel.

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

The pineapple Dole Whip is definitely super sweet, but I liked that it had a bit of tartness as well. It was the ideal cool, tropical treat to enjoy on a humid summer night, and I loved that I got to try one of the iconic Disney World desserts. Dole Whip was pretty sugary for me, so I’d give it an 8.5/10. But if you want to feel like a “typical” Disney World visitor and enjoy a refreshing gluten free and vegan dessert, stop by the Marketplace Snacks and get your Dole Whip on!

*5. Wolfgang Puck Express 

I’m including Wolfgang Puck’s Express Restaurant as a bonus gluten free restaurant in Disney Springs because I actually never ate there. However, we went by to get the roasted chicken and mashed potatoes for my gluten intolerant mom several times. We did specify a gluten free meal, and the cashier did put a gluten allergy notice on our order. My mom is also pretty sensitive to gluten and didn’t have any negative reactions either time she ate at Wolfgang Puck. However, the food was ready so quickly, I’m guessing a lot of it was pre-cooked, which might be problematic for someone with celiac disease. If you do want to eat at Wolfgang Puck’s Quick Service and have celiac disease, you might want to take an extra step and ask to speak to the manager or head chef while placing your order.

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World
Part of the menu they serve. My mom ordered the half rotissererie chicken both times!
As for the taste, my mom said that the chicken was moist and flavorful, and the mashed potatoes were well seasoned. She also subbed the potatoes for fresh fruit one time, and we enjoyed the mix of grapes and berries. This was a great meal for when my mom wanted a plain but filling gluten free dinner, so I’d give it an 8.5/10 overall. However, more gluten free side options would be appreciated, and I again can’t say for sure how safe this restaurant is for people with celiac disease. 

Eating Gluten Free at Disney World

Like I wrote over five years ago when I visited Disney World (and all the parks) shortly after my celiac disease diagnosis (see all my Disney World gluten free restaurant reviews by scrolling to the bottom of this page), Disney World is seriously a magical place when you have dietary restrictions. Even though my mom and I only had access to Disney Springs, we still found several delicious gluten free restaurants to enjoy (and there were several others we heard great things about but didn’t get the chance to try ourselves, like Frontera Concina and The Boathouse). 

If you do have celiac disease, food allergies or dietary limitations and are planning to visit Disney World soon, my biggest piece of advice is to not be shy about advocating for yourself. In my experience, all Disney restaurants are great at accommodating visitors’ dietary needs and are happy to work with you to create a safe, delicious and gluten free meal.

5 Delicious Places to Eat Gluten Free at Disney Springs, Disney World

And if you need ideas of some gluten free restaurants that hit it out of the park (or, in this case, out of Disney Springs) for me, all the place I’ve listed above are delicious places to start!

Have you ever had gluten free sushi? Ever eaten out gluten free at Disney World or Disney Springs? Tell me your experiences in the comments! 


  1. Such a lovely post! I personally can eat gluten but I try to eat less because it can cause bloating issues. Those are great tips! Next time I go I'm going to come back to this post. I'm definitely saving it on my Pinterest. Btw, I had no idea they sold the dole whips outside the parks! That's amazing x


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