3 Unique New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

*I won some of these products in giveaways, and received those from Arctic Zero in return for a review and giveaway on my Instagram. As always, all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own!*

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for more delicious gluten free and vegan ice cream options...and if 2018 proved anything, it was that dairy free ice cream can be just as creamy and delicious as the dairy-full kind! That's why I think I'd end the year by sharing three ice frozen desserts that I've tried since posting my first review of seven dairy free ice creams that'll blow your minds. And, guys. One of the ice creams I'm writing about is low calorie...one is made of avocado...and one is technically a coconut mousse! So you could say we're getting (deliciously) wild on the blog today...

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

Whether you're just looking for a vegan ice cream that tastes as good as old favorites or want to shake up your usual gluten free desserts, here are three frozen desserts that blew my mind and my tastebuds away! Plus, my suggestions what flavors of each you should try ASAP.
Earlier this year, Arctic Zero reached out to me about trying their new vegan flavors...and once I learned that most of them are certified gluten free, I couldn't say yes fast enough!

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

For those who don’t know, Arctic Zero has offered gluten free, lactose-free low-calorie ice creams for years (and the flavors alwaaaaays had me drooling) but I never tried them since I don’t do well with dairy. In 2018, though, Arctic Zero launched vegan options that are actually made out of - wait for it - faba beans!

But trust me. There is NOTHING “beany” about how this dairy free ice cream tastes. I got to try four of their gluten free flavors: Hint of Mint, Cookie Shake, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cake Batter. These dairy free ice creams aren’t creamy straight from the freezer, but after you leave them out to thaw for 15-20 minutes, they do have a super creamy, soft ice cream texture. Compared to other ice creams, though, they definitely don’t taste as appealing when super melty, so I highly recommend finding the sweet (pun intended) spot of defrosted but still semi-frozen.

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

My favorite flavor hands-down was Cookie Shake. Don’t expect any chunks of cookies (or anything else in any of the flavors), but this vegan ice cream seriously did taste like Oreo. I also really liked Hint of Mint and Chocolate Peanut Butter (though I’m not a huge peanut butter fan). At first, I thought Cake Batter tasted too artificial, but it did grow from me over time. And keep in mind that since all these ice cream flavors are 160-180 calories per pint, they won’t taste as rich or chunky as traditional frozen desserts. But I was surprised by just how creamy and yummy they actually tasted...so if you want a bit of a healthier treat, I’d definitely suggest checking out Arctic Zero’s dairy free ice cream. And you better bet I’m on the lookout for their Salted Caramel flavor, too!

Is there anything avocados can’t do? Now that I’ve tasted the creamy decadence that is vegan ice cream made mainly out of avocado...I think not! I actually won a three-pack of Cado vegan ice cream on Instagram (feel free to tag me - collegeceliackc - in any Insta giveaways you want to win!), and I literally jumped up and down when I saw that they included their new flavor of Salted Caramel in my prize pack (along with Mint Chocolate Chip and Deep Dark Chocolate). As those who’ve read my Halo Top ice cream review know, salted caramel is my favorite ice cream flavor of all time...and Cado definitely did NOT disappoint!

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

Compared to Arctic Zero, Cado’s vegan ice cream is suuuuper creamy right out of the freezer. It's also so thick, it reminds me of Dairy Queen blizzards! The salted caramel was spread throughout the pint, but it wasn’t overwhelming, and while the ice cream is definitely sweet, I wouldn’t call it overly sugary. Plus, the base of the salted caramel flavor is just as delicious as the caramel itself, which means I seriously did loooove every bite. (Even though the bites with nuggets of caramel goodness were definitely highlights).

I haven’t had a chance to try the other flavors of Cado ice cream yet, but if they’re anything like the salted caramel flavor, I know they’ll disappear pretty dang quick. So if you’re craving dairy free ice cream that’s thick and creamy enough to make you wanna double check the ingredients on the pint, Cado is a very tasty option!

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

3. MUD's Vegan and Paleo Coconut Mousse 

The final dairy-free frozen dessert I’ve been drooling over lately is technically a coconut mousse, but I figured it still belonged in this vegan ice cream roundup. This was another giveaway prize of mine, and I loved the chance to try a frozen dessert that was not only vegan but also paleo and made with suuuuper simple ingredients like coconut cream, cashews and dates.

MUD's coconut mousse also needs time out of the freezer before it’s ready to eat, but it does get very creamy when defrosted. My favorite part is the texture: light and fluffy, yet also rich enough to taste like an indulgent treat.

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

I sampled (correction: devoured) both the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, and I actually think vanilla is my favorite, though I’m a chocoholic at heart. One important point I want to mention: I don’t know exactly why (the dates? the cashews?) or how to describe the flavor, but MUD tastes very different from any other frozen dessert I’ve tried. I was a bit surprised at first bite, but the taste grew on me (obviously) and I especially loved MUD when combined with yogurt and nut butter.

And if you want to create some epic gluten free and vegan sundaes like I’ve been, some of my favorite toppings lately are:
But, of course, any of these vegan ice creams taste super yummy no matter what you put on them - or if you eat them plain!

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

The Bottom Line of Gluten Free, Dairy Free Ice Cream 

Like I always say, dietary restrictions don’t mean you can’t enjoy your old favorite foods. I’m fact, these ice creams prove that brands are becoming more inventive than ever before - and that means there are even more delicious options for you to choose from!

So the next time you’re craving a frozen dessert but need a gluten free and vegan option or just want to try something new, I hope this post has given you some new ideas.

3 Unique, New-to-Me Gluten Free Vegan Frozen Desserts

And if you try any of these brands or have tasted them before, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, along with your favorite ice cream flavor! 


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