47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

At least for me in Minnesota, back-to-school season is officially here...so are many, many packed lunches! That’s why I scoured the blogosphere for some of the best gluten free sandwich, salad and wrap recipes out there. ‘Cause while I’m all about repurposing leftovers for packed lunches, convenience and portability also make sandwiches, wraps and salads some of my favorite foods to bring to school or work. And don't worry. If you eat paleo, keto, vegan or low carb, this round-up still has plenty of recipes for you.

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

So whether you're going back to school or just want some tasty ideas to change up your usual packed lunch at work, keep reading to discover 47 delicious gluten free lunch recipes to try out ASAP!

1. Easy Shrimp Summer Rolls (Soy Free) - The Banana Diaries

If you wanna change up your usual sandwiches, these shrimp summer rolls - paired with a deliciously homemade peanut dipping sauce - are one heck of a yummy alternative.

2. Southwestern BLT Lettuce Wraps (Dairy Free) - Really Are You Serious

Sweet corn may be the star of this gluten free wrap, but you can never go wrong with bacon and avocado!

3. Pizza Pockets (Keto) - Keto Focus

Pizza pockets...that are also homemade, gluten free and Keto?!? Your lunch is about to make all your classmates or coworkers jealous.

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

4. Sweet Potato Sandwich Sliders (Paleo, Vegan Option) - Casey the College Celiac

If you aren’t a huge fan of gluten free bread or just want to shake up your usual sandwich lunch, these sweet potato sliders are one of the most popular recipes I’ve ever shared on my blog. Plus, you can swap the salmon for whatever protein you have on hand - including pulled jackfruit for a vegan option.

5. Cashew Grape Chicken Salad (Paleo, Whole 30) - Hot Pan Kitchen

This isn’t your mama’s chicken salad, but grapes and roasted cashews make for a surprisingly delicious twist.

6. Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad (Vegan) - Spice Cravings

Enjoy this quinoa-packed salad on its own or pair it with grilled meats and extra veggies.

7. Breakfast Sliders - Cutefetti

If you love breakfast sandwiches but never have the time to actually scarf one down before school or work, why not pack one of these scrumptious gluten free sandwiches for a delicious brunch!?!

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

8. Open-Faced Kid-Friendly Chicken Pillows (Keto) - Keen for Keto

I’d never heard of chicken “pillows” (also known as packets, rolls or pockets) before, but I was sold at the idea of flavorful chicken on top of fluffy gluten free bread!

9. Vegan Tuna Salad - Clean Eating Kitchen

Chickpeas, vegan mayo, mustard and a sweet pickle relish combine to make one delicious, vegan tuna replacement for Meatless Monday’s or any day of the week.

10. Strawberry Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (Grain Free) - The Rising Spoon

This gluten free salad is delicously tangy, creamy and crunchy all at the same time.

11. Rainbow Wrap - Recipes from a Pantry

A packed lunch has never looked so dang Instagram worthy!

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

12. Homemade Paleo Pita - Oh The Things We'll Make

Whip up a few of these gluten free pita breads, and you'll be ready to stuff them with goodies all week long.

13. Back to School Meatloaf Sandwiches - This Mama Cooks

I used to love eating meatloaf sandwiches for lunch as a kid...and I'm sure I'd enjoy this gluten free version just as much!

14. Low Carb Sandwich Bread (Paleo) - A Clean Bake

This gluten free bread recipe only requires eight ingredients, and you can whip it up in your blender.

15. Fajita Panini (Vegan) - Crowded Kitchen

Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my computer keyboard...

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

16. Sweet & Spicy BBQ Roasted Cauliflower Salad (Vegan) - Moon and Spoon Yum

If you need a hearty vegan salad, look no further than this...

17. Easy Tossed Big Italian Salad Recipe - Wicked Spatula 

Enjoy your favorite Italian sub...in salad form! Just make sure whatever pepperoni or salami you use is gluten free.

18. Rice Noodle Salad (Vegan) - Rhian's Recipes

Tofu, plenty of fresh veggies and rice noodles combine for a flavorful, light and fresh lunch that anyone - vegan or not - will enjoy.

19. Pasta Salad (Dairy Free) - Allergy Free Alaska

Simple and delicious. No other description necessary.

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

20. Fluffernutter Sandwich - Flippin' Delicious

Because sometimes, you just want dessert for lunch...

21. Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Sandwich with Special Sauce - Meaningful Eats

I was sold at "avocado."

22. Chickpea Curry Salad Sandwich (Vegan) - Rhian's Recipes

Curry powder and plenty of spices turn chickpeas into the star of this vegan sandwich recipe.

23. The Happy Belly Roasted Veggie Salad (Vegan) - Casey the College Celiac 

If you want a gluten free lunch recipe that’s also great for gut health, check out my roasted veggie salad. Tender roasted sweet potatoes and Yukon potatoes combine with crunchy mixed greens and almonds, juicy roasted veggies, creamy chickpeas and avocado and a slightly sweet apple cider vinegar dressing to give you the best of all flavorful worlds.

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

24. Nut and Seed Bread (Vegan) - Goodnesst

If you want a homemade and hearty gluten free bread to star in your gluten free lunches, this seed-packed bread can definitely fit the bill. Just make sure you use gluten free seeds, nuts and oats, as always.

25. Easy Rainbow Chard Curried Tuna Salad - Fearless Dining 

Tuna salad gets a crunchy, colorful upgrade thanks to rainbow chard and curry powder!

26. Chicken, Rice and Apple Salad (Dairy Free) - The Gluten Free Gathering

If you're already craving fall flavors, you need to make this salad ASAP. Plus, it includes a very unique dressing with a hefty dose of cinnamon!

27. Rice Paper Rolls - Earth, Food and Fire

One word to describe this recipe? Fresh!

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

28. Broccoli Salad With Bacon (Keto) - Whole Lotta Yum

Broccoli may become your new favorite veggie when combined with bacon, sunflower seeds, and a homemade sugar-free salad dressing.

29. Pressure Cooker Low Carb Deviled Egg Salad Roll Ups (Keto, Low Carb) - This Old Gal

You can whip up this lunch in 15 minutes, which makes it perfect to prep during busy weeks.

30. Copy-Cat Chick-fil-A Market Fresh Salad (Paleo, Low Carb, Vegan Option) - Raia's Recipes

No need to eat out when you can pack a fresh and tasty salad like this for lunch anytime you like!

31. Artisan Gluten-Free Bread (Vegan, Nut Free, Gum Free, Nightshade Free) - Allergy Free Alaska

Because a good gluten free sandwich starts with some amazing bread...

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

32. Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets (Keto) - Healthy Ambitions 

If you want to make your own keto hot pockets but are also craving a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, you’ll this this recipe is a match made in heaven.

33. Healthy Waldorf Salad with Apple Vinegar Dressing (Vegan) - Happy Kitchen Rocks

Instead of mayo, this vegan salad features a refreshing apple vinegar dressing.

34. 5-Minute Crunchy Greens Quesadilla (Paleo and Vegan Options) - Casey the College Celiac

Who needs cheese when you can load up your quesadilla with flavorful pesto and greens instead?

35. Rainbow Veggie Bagel Sandwich with Beet Harissa Hummus - Crowded Kitchen

One word: YUM.

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

36. Big Mac Salad (Low Carb) - Two Sleevers

For when you're craving a burger but also want to eat some greens...

37. Easy Paleo Cobb Salad (Whole 30) - The Banana Diaries 

Healthy + delicious = one heck of a delicious combo.

38. Low Carb Lettuce Wraps with Turkey & Roasted Peppers (Keto) - Low Carb Yum

I love that this recipe includes a pro tip for making your lettuce wraps easy to handle: wrap them in parchment paper!

39. Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing (Dairy Free) - The Recipe Well

Quinoa and chickpeas combine with crunchy cucumbers, bell peppers and carrots for a salad full of plant-based protein. And you can't go wrong with pouring some homemade light lemon dill dressing on top!

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

40. Sandwich Sushi (Dairy Free) - Flippin' Delicious

Any typical lunch sandwich can be transformed into a sushi-licious meal with this cute sandwich rolling hack from Brianna!

41. Easy Croque Monsieurs with Honey Bechamel Sauce - This Mama Cooks

Kids and adults alike will like this more complex version of grilled cheese and ham.

42. Thai Chicken Sweet Potato Mason Jar Salads (Dairy Free) - Meaningful Eats

This salad is easy to prep ahead of time, and you'll find yourself licking up every drop of the almond butter Thai dressing that goes along with it.

43. Grilled Cheese with Brie, Apples and Bacon - Fearless Dining

Whether you warm this grilled cheese up in the microwave or just eat it cold, this gluten free grilled cheese will definitely be full of flavor.

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

44. Easy Healthy Avocado Tuna Salad (Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Whole 30) - Wholesome Yum

If, like me, you aren't a big fan of mayo, you'll love this avocado tuna salad recipe. As you can probably guess, it gets its rich creaminess from avocado instead!

45. Salmon Nicoise Salad (Paleo, Nut Free, Whole 30) - A Clean Bake

A lemon dijon vinaigrette takes this salad to the next level.

46. The Best Chicken Salad with Grapes (Keto Option) - Evolving Table 

Hummus helps take this gluten free chicken salad recipe to the next level.

47. Strawberry Chunky Monkey Dessert Quesadilla (Vegan) - Casey the College Celiac

This quesadilla may have “dessert” in the name, but if you’re craving a sweet lunch, this is basically a more chocolatey version of PB&J. ;)

47 Gluten Free Sandwich, Salad and Wrap Recipes for Back to School

Happy Back-to-School Season!

Whether you're still a student like me or you've left college behind a long time ago, I hope that you have a good back-to-school season...and since having some epically tasty packed lunches plays a big role in that, I hope this round up gives you a helping hand.

What recipe do you want to try first? Or what are your favorite packed lunch recipes to bring? Tell me in the comments!


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