A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Healthy Snacks For Working From Home

*Some of the brands mentioned in this post sent me samples of their products to review and consider for editorial coverage, but I only share products I really love and all opinions and photographs are my own*

Healthy snacks for work are always important to have on hand, but perhaps even more so now that many people are working at home because of the Coronavirus outbreak. After all, sometimes it can be tough to schedule a consistent lunch break when your virtual to-do list seems never-ending...and it can feel super easy to rely on easily accessible junk food to fuel your at-home work day.

Working from home now? Then you'll love this round-up of #healthy, #glutenfree snacks - including #vegan and #paleo options!

That's why I thought now would be a great time to share some of my favorite healthy snacks for work. Although I've been working from home as a freelance writer for over four years now, transitioning the college class I teach to an online medium has kept me more than busy, so all these healthy snacks have saved my day many times already.

So whether you're looking for yummy vegan protein drinks and mug cakes, healthier chips or a mix of sweet and savory snacks, this healthy snacks for work round up should give you some more ideas on what products to stock up on in the coming weeks for delicious at-home fuel. And if these healthy snacks also just happen to taste freakin' amazing...well, that just makes your snack break at "work" even better!

Sweet Gluten Free and Healthy Snacks for Work From Home Living:

Emmy's organics coconut cookies

If you love coconut, then this gluten free dessert is your dream come true. These coconut cookies definitely aren't traditional - they're very dense, a mix of chewy and crumbly, and on the slight side of sweet. But I love crumbling them on smoothie bowls or pairing them with nut butter. So far, my favorite flavors are dark chocolate, dark chocolate chip, and vanilla. 

A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Healthy Snacks For Working From Home

Lily's sugar-free dark chocolate chips

If you love chocolate but are watching your sugar intake, Lily's sugar-free dark chocolate is your healthy dessert soulmate. Their dark chocolate baking chips are sweetened with stevia, and they taste just as delicious eaten straight out of the bag (or with nut butter....drooool) or used in baked goods. This chocolate does contain dairy, but as long as milk and stevia don't bother you, these are delicious chocolate chips to have on hand.

Owyn protein drink

As I've shared on my Instagram before, Owyn's protein drinks are my go-to protein source when I'm traveling. Besides being certified gluten free, their drinks are packed with 20 grams of plant-based protein. I've tried their dark chocolate, vanilla and cookies n' cream flavors and enjoyed them all!

Barnana banana bites

I won these banana bites in an Instagram giveaway a few weeks ago, and I am officially OBSESSED. If you like sweet snacks, these banana bites will definitely curb that sweet craving with just one simple ingredient: dried bananas. I've also tried their banana coconut bites, and they are just as delicious.

A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Healthy Snacks For Working From Home

Woah! Dough bars

I won a five-pack of Woah! Dough bars on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I'll start out by saying that these bars are aptly named. Because I definitely thought, "Woah!" when I took my first bite and realized that it legit tasted like some cookie dough dessert. They're made with healthy ingredients like almond flour, almond butter, organic honey and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and are not only gluten free but also dairy free and soy free. And I LOVED every single flavor, so any of them would make for a pretty dang delicious snack break in my book!

The Amazing Chickpea Spread

If you're looking for a healthy snack that is high in protein but free of nuts, this chickpea spread is mind-blowing. I've been trying to prioritize plant-based protein lately, and this has definitely helped with that. 

Birch benders pancakes and waffles

It's important to note that Birch Benders produces a TON of different pancake products, including ones that aren't gluten free, so make sure you check which mix you get. However, I absolutely love their Classic Gluten Free, Paleo and Banana Paleo mixes. My favorite part is that you can make so more than just pancakes and waffles with the mixes. You can also make pancake "loafs," muffins and more - which are perfect snacks to prep as a healthy snack for work!

A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Healthy Snacks For Working From Home

Rule Breakers Bites

I've written about the delicious magic of Rule Breakers' chickpea-based desserts before, but they recently released bites. Each bite is around the size of a quarter but super thick. I've tried the vegan dark chocolate brownie bites, and they were seriously addictive. I loved the huge chunks of chocolate dispersed throughout and the chewy, fudgy texture. 

Savory Gluten Free and Healthy Snacks for Work From Home Living:


When I'm craving a savory healthy snack for work, I've found myself reaching for Crunchsters more often than not. They were kind enough to send a few samples my way, and I've been loving that Crunchsters are high in vegan protein thanks to mung beans. So far, I've tried their Sea Salt, BBQ and Smoky Balsamic and enjoyed all three flavors. (And these were AWESOME healthy snacks to have on my road-trip from Minnesota to Colorado!).

A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Healthy Snacks For Working From Home

Chomps Turkey Jerky

I've never been a huge fan of beef jerky, but ever since I discovered that Chomps offers turkey jerky, it's become one of my go-to healthy snacks for work when I need an easy source of protein. Their turkey jerky doesn't taste overly salty and I think the package is the perfect size. I've tried their Original Turkey Jerky, which is my favorite, but also like the Jalapeno Turkey Jerky, which definitely has a kick but is still tolerable by spice-avoidant people like me.

Bada Bean Snacks

I know I've mentioned Bada Bean snacks in snack round ups before, but I just HAD to mention them again because I've literally gotten obsessed with their savory flavors. I thought their vegan broad bean snacks were good in cinnamon and cocoa flavors (and they are) but their range of savory flavors seriously blows my taste buds away. My favorites (in no particular order) include Mesquite BBQ, Sea Salt, Nacho Cheese (which is still vegan! LOVE!), Sweet Siracha, Zesty Ranch and Jalapeno Popper. I love snacking on these in the afternoons or with my lunch.

Terra Original Chips

If you love snacking on chips as much as I do, trying out Terra chips is a MUST. All their chips are made from whole root vegetables, ranging from purple sweet potato to kabocha squash. As for the taste? I'm embarrassed to say how quickly I got through a whole bag on my own! If you don't like the taste of veggies, these chips may not be for you. However, I love the earthy flavor of all the different vegetables and the crunch is out of this world.

A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Healthy Snacks For Working From Home

What I Hope You Remember While Working - and Eating - From Home

At the end of the day, life is pretty scary right now with the Coronavirus outbreak and eating healthy while working from home may not be your priority. And while this is solely my personal opinion and I'm not a nutritionist or health professional, I believe that is 100% OK. Eat the ice cream if you're craving it. Enjoy more chips than you usually eat at once. Realize that right now is temporary, and it's normal for your eating habits to change right now as you cope with everything that's going on.

But if you DO want to enjoy some snacks that are not only healthy but also gluten free, allergy-friendly and insanely delicious, I hope this healthy snack for work round up gives you some tasty places to start!

Are you working from home right now? What snacks are you digging? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Anthony Constantinou | Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says A List of some healthy gluten free snacks is as follows:

    1.) Flourless Chocolate and nuts
    3.)Frozen Grapes
    4.)Kale chips
    5.)Baked cinnamon spice apple chips
    6.)Roasted Curried Chickpeas
    7.)Baked Sweet Potato Fries
    8.)Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Curry


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