17+ of the Best Gluten Free and Healthy Chips and Crackers

*Some of the brands mentioned in this post sent me samples of their products to review and consider for editorial coverage, but I only share products I really love and all opinions and photographs are my own*

I don't know about you, but I'm a BIG fun of some crunchy chips and am always looking for more healthy chips alternatives...so today, I wanted to share 17+ of my favorite gluten free and healthy chips and crackers! Whether you're looking for gluten free goldfish alternatives or vegan chips packed with plant-based protein, this round up will have you covered.

AD: Craving chips but trying to eat a #healthydiet? Check out this round up of 17+ #glutenfree and #healthy chip and crackers. #Vegan, #paleo options!

One note: because I cannot tolerate corn in large amounts, all the healthy chips and crackers in this round-up are also corn-free! Plus, I am including plenty of vegan and grain free options as well, so whatever your dietary needs, I hope this round-up gives you some yummy healthy chips alternatives to check out!

Gluten Free Healthy Chips Alternatives

Simply 7 Snacks

If you're looking for LOTS of healthy chips alternatives by one brand, I can't recommend Simply 7 Snacks enough! They have chips made of quinoa, lentil and chickpea, and veggie, and each type comes in tons of different flavors and shapes. Honestly, I've never had a Simply 7 Snacks product I haven't liked, but the Sea Salt Quinoa chips, Hummus Chickpea chips, and Original Quinoa Curls have a special place in my heart (and pantry). Along with being certified gluten free, Simply 7 Snacks' chips are also vegan and non-GMO.

Terra Chips

If you LOVE root vegetables as much as I do, you need to get your hands on these gluten free chips from Terra Chips! They have plantain chips, sweet potato chips and - my favorite - exotic vegetable chips featuring veggies like taro, parsnip and yuca. Their chips are not only gluten free, but also vegan and made of non-GMO veggies. And even if you're not a health foodie like me, I can promise you that these healthy chips won't last long...as according to my gluten-loving boyfriend, "These are really freakin' GOOD!!"

AD: Craving chips but trying to eat a #healthydiet? Check out this round up of 17+ #glutenfree and #healthy chip and crackers. #Vegan, #paleo options!

Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs

Sweet potato lovers, say hello to one of your new favorite healthy chips! Spudsy creates insanely addictive chips that are super crunchy, super airy/light and made with rice flour, pea protein, sweet potato powder, and tapioca starch. I'm in looooove with their Vegan Cheesy Cheddar flavor, but their Cinnamon Churro flavor is the perfect healthy dessert!

Mozaics Chips

For all my potato chip lovers looking for a healthier gluten free snack, Mozaics chips are a delicious option! These healthy potato chips feature a bunch of organic veggies - plus beans for plant-based protein - and are popped instead of fried. They are certified gluten free and come in three different flavors: Simple Sea Salt, Sweet & Smoky BBQ and Spicy Salsa.

Kibo Foods

I love it when I can eat yummy chips AND get in some plant-based protein at the same time, and Kibo Foods' chickpea chips checks both of those boxes. They are SUPER light and crunchy, certified gluten free and vegan. Find them in the flavors Himalayan Sea Salt, Pico de Gallo and Mediterranean Herbs.

AD: Craving chips but trying to eat a #healthydiet? Check out this round up of 17+ #glutenfree and #healthy chip and crackers. #Vegan, #paleo options!

Amazi Foods

I've been eating Amazi Foods' plantain chips for a couple of years now, and I'm still amazed (dad joke, I know) by how yummy these are! Their healthy chips are certified paleo, vegan and non-GMO, and I love how thin and crispy they are. Plus, their ingredient list is SUPER short and only includes simple, real foods.

The Good Crisp Company

Now, these gluten free chips aren't exactly the healthiest chips out there...but they are SO addicting, I had to spread the word to my gluten free peeps. If you're looking for a gluten free Pringles alternative, THIS IS IT. They are light, crunchy and have the perfect amount of salt and seasoning. Besides being certified gluten free, they are also free of artificial colors and flavors and are non-GMO. My favorite flavor is BBQ, but all that I've tried have been super delicious. 

Beanfield Snacks

I think one of the first healthy chips alternatives I ever tried after my celiac diagnosis was Beanfield Snacks, and eight years later, I'm still in LOVE with this brand! Their certified gluten free and vegan chips remind me a LOT of tortilla chips in their shape and texture, despite the fact that the chips are made of different kinds of beans. I'm also obsessed with all of their different flavors, ranging from (vegan) Nacho to Black Bean with Sea Salt. 

AD: Craving chips but trying to eat a #healthydiet? Check out this round up of 17+ #glutenfree and #healthy chip and crackers. #Vegan, #paleo options!

Siete Foods

I've only had the privilege of trying Siete Foods once (thanks to my monthly gluten free Love with Food box!), but I can definitely understand the hype about them now! These are an amazing healthy chip alternative if you want that tortilla chip texture while on a gluten free and/or grain free diet. Their chips are not only certified gluten free, but also vegan and they have many Whole 30 options.

Rhythm Superfoods

High school Casey never would've guessed that she'd love kale chips one day, but here we are! If you're looking for true veggie chips that are packed with flavor, Rhythm Superfoods is one of my favorite brands to find 'em. I'm especially fond of their kale chips, but they also have chips made of carrots, beets and more! All certified gluten free.

Artisan Tropic

Artisan Tropic is another company that is killin' it in providing TONS of gluten free and healthy chips to eat. They offer certified gluten free chips made of plantain and cassava that are also vegan and paleo. If you like a more chunky and substantial chip, I'd recommend their plantain chips. But if you're looking for something similar to a healthy potato chip that is super light and crunchy, their cassava chips are a delicious choice. 

AD: Craving chips but trying to eat a #healthydiet? Check out this round up of 17+ #glutenfree and #healthy chip and crackers. #Vegan, #paleo options!


I won a giveaway with Barnana a few years ago, and I still daydream about the insanely delicious chips they sent my way! I can honestly say that Barnana's plantain chips are some of the most addictive I've tried, and I like that they are chunkier and more aggressively seasoned than some of the other plantain chips I've mentioned. Their grain free healthy tortilla chips are equally delicious and the perfect sub for corn-filled chips. 

The Real Coconut

Who knew that coconut could be transformed into the perfect grain free tortilla chip alternative?!? I love how thin and crunchy these healthy chips are, and the Himalayan Pink Salt is my favorite flavor so far.

Gluten Free and Healthy Crackers Alternatives

Green Mustache

Need a gluten free goldfish alternative? The gluten free and vegan crackers (AKA, Mustache Munchies) are a super tasty treat - and adorably shaped into the form of mustaches! I love their Cheddarish flavor since I'm a sucker for vegan cheese, but their Spicyish and Parmesan Rosemary flavors are equally yummy. 

Everybody Eating

This is the gluten free cracker I've tried most recently, and considering how quickly the bags are disappearing, I'm a HUGE fan. They are super thin and crispy and the salt and seasoning level is on point. 

AD: Craving chips but trying to eat a #healthydiet? Check out this round up of 17+ #glutenfree and #healthy chip and crackers. #Vegan, #paleo options!

Breton Gluten Free

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm OBSESSED with the super buttery texture and flavor found in Breton's certified gluten free crackers. Their texture is soft and crumbly, and they're made with green lentil flour and bean flour that adds plant-based protein. 

Schar's Crackers

I've always been a big fan of Schar's ciabatta rolls, but I recently got to try their gluten free table crackers and if you want something VERY similar to traditional soup crackers, Schar's is a winner! I've enjoyed all the flavors I've tried. 

Gluten Free and Healthy Chips and Crackers: The Bottom Line

Whether you're looking for the perfect light and crunchy gluten free cracker or a healthy chip alternative to your usual potato chips, I hope this round up gives you some ideas of new, yummy brands to try!

And let me know in the comments...which kind of chips are your favorite? Or what other brands should I be on the look out for and try?


  1. I have been wanting to try Terra chips, but was afraid. Reading your post has given me the confidence to step out and try it.

    1. Don’t they’re just as bad for you as potato chips are same Saturated fats and high in calories

  2. The Terra chips look good! Where did you purchase them from?

  3. Not sure how many I can here in the U.K. but my mum is Celiac and this will be very helpful for when I look for treats for her!

  4. Terra chips are just as bad as any other brand (Doritos , lays classic, Cheetos) they’re high in calories , fat, and saturated fat, just because they’re made from vegetables doesn’t matter it’s how they’re prepared, what they’re cooked in, and what is added to them that does and it’s all the same unhealthy junk in normal potato chips

  5. I will say every other brand here on the list are quite healthy alternatives I would just take out terra it’s just an expensive potato chip brand

    1. Terra chips are delicious but true they contain oil that is bad for you. The artisan tropic plantain chips are really good also but have palm oil and a proposition 65 cancer and reproductive warning because they contain acrylamide.

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  7. I absolutely love sweet potato chips, especially when they're organic! There's just something about that natural sweetness and earthy flavor that makes them a guilt-free indulgence.
    Organic sweet potato chips have become a staple in my snack cabinet for a few reasons. Firstly, the organic certification ensures that they are grown without synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. This not only benefits our health but also supports sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Plus, it's great to know that the sweet potatoes in these chips are free from harmful chemicals.


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