Hi there! My name is Casey and I'm passionate about helping individuals and businesses share their message in an engaging, SEO-optimized way.

I specialize in:

Online articles and marketing content that will bring more traffic to your website or business, encourage more social shares and increase your search engine visibility.

Ghostwriting blog posts, social media posts, emails, podcast show notes and descriptions that are so true to a client's authentic voice, they think, "Wait...did I write that, or did Casey?"

Mixing outside research, primary interviews and creative writing techniques from my MFA in Creative Writing to create Search Engine Optimized, education content that also engages your audience.

What sets me apart?

I know first-hand what it takes to draw traffic to your website and grow your social media following. I began my blog and social profiles in 2013 and now have 15.2K total social media followers and earn over 7,500 monthly page views.

I can adapt to any writing situation I'm placed in. I've taught English 101 at the college level; worked as Senior Editor for an online magazine; and have done agency work in which I consistently produced personalized ghostwritten content for eight+ entrepreneurs at one time.

I am obsessed with giving my all at every task assigned to me...which is one reason I was promoted from an intern to Senior Editor of Entity Magazine after only three months. I also juggled three jobs on top of going to grad school full-time.

My expert knowledge and experience include, but are not limited to:

Content writing
Search Engine Optimization
Graphic Design (using Canva)

More About My Specialties: 

Content and Copywriting - do you want to drive traffic to your website, encourage viral-level sharing and target a specific audience to take a specific action? Let me help! I have experience creating content on a variety of topics - from parenting to drones to military law - and much of my online articles include expert sources from first-hand interviews.

Blog Writing - if you hate blogging, let me take over because I LOVE it! I can create blogs based on short outlines, oral notes, other content you want to repurpose (like podcast episodes, social media posts, etc) or from nothing at all!

Ghostwriting - want to get your message out there but not sure how to say it? Let me create SEO-driven content for you that is in your voice and true to your brand! I have ghostwriting experience in a variety of different industries and forms, including social media posts, blog posts, website copy, emails, podcast copy and more.

My Writing Portfolio:

Content Writing:

Find all of my work for Entity Magazine here: http://www.entitymag.com/author/ccromwell/ 

Writing About and Coverage of Casey

Social Media Profiles:

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Interested in working with me? Contact me at casey.cromwell@yahoo.com.

I am currently looking for full-time writing positions in the vicinity of Irvine, California.


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