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15 Things I Wish More People Knew About Having Celiac Disease During the Holidays

If you’re new here...hi, my name is Casey. I was diagnosed with celiac disease around six years ago at age 17, and while living gluten free and with an autoimmune disease feels like second-nature most days, that changes a bit during the holidays. Because as jolly and fun as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are, the holidays get a lot more complicated when you have a chronic illness and dietary restrictions.

That’s why, this year, I want to share 15 things I wish more people knew about living with celiac disease during the holidays. If you have celiac disease, I hope this list helps you feel less alone in some of the unique, chronically-not-so-awesome struggles you may have this time of year. And if you know someone with celiac disease and want to give them a magical holiday season, keeping these 15 tidbits of information in mind can definitely help.

So without adieu, let’s dive in. During the holidays, I wish more people knew...
1. I may be more anxious than usual because social …

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