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11 Questions People with Celiac Disease Actually Want to Be Asked

Celiac Awareness Month is officially here, so I figured there's no better time than now to share 11 questions people with celiac disease actually WANT to be asked. There are plenty of posts out there about what to not say to someone with celiac disease (and yep, I've written several of them! ). But I also want people to know what they can and should ask loved ones or friends with celiac disease. So if you know someone with celiac disease - especially if they've been newly diagnosed or this is a new relationship - here are 11 questions they'll actually appreciate you asking! And if you do have celiac disease, here are 11 prompts you can use to discuss your gluten free needs with friends and family.  1. What are some of your favorite gluten free brands or products to eat? 2. Are there any other foods or food groups you avoid? 3. Do you feel comfortable eating at restaurants? If so, where? And if your friend is newly diagnosed with celiac disease and doesn't know, here

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