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13 Simple Moments That Make Gluten Free Eaters Ridiculously Happy

Especially soon after a celiac disease diagnosis, living with celiac disease or eating gluten free can seem pretty complicated. You might find yourself wondering: what's the difference between a food that is labeled "gluten free" versus "certified gluten free"? How can I let my date know they need to brush their teeth before kissing me without tooootally freaking them out? What's the best gluten free bread that actually doesn't taste like cardboard?

It's because of these hidden complexities of living with celiac disease that I wrote this post about 13 simple moments that make gluten free eaters riiiidiculously happy! 'Cause, sure, our intestines may be may more picky than the average person, but that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy simple pleasures. So if you have celiac disease or eat gluten free, I hope this post makes you smile and remember a few good, simple moments recently...and if you don't eat gluten free but know someone w…

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