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Super Fudgy Banana Paleo Brownies (Vegan, Gluten Free)

I don’t know when I first learned that “stressed” backward spells “desserts,” but I do know that gluten free brownies are one of my favorite comfort foods, and these super fudgy banana paleo brownies are no exception!

I’ve thought about sharing this paleo brownies recipe for a while now (and actually already posted it on my Insta a good bit ago, so be sure to follow me there for more early recipe access!) but never got around to it. But after I whipped up another delicious batch of vegan brownies to fuel my recent pack-out to Colorado, I knew I had to give everyone access to this scrumptious gluten free dessert.

Because what’s not to like about rich, SUPER fudgy paleo brownies that are also vegan (and, obviously, gluten free)? Plus, I cut down on some of the fats in a traditional paleo brownie by adding a banana into the mix. Delicious + hidden fruits or veggies = always a win in my house!

Ready to make these vegan brownies for yourself? Here's what you'll need...
Ingredients …

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