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5 Ways Having Celiac Disease IMPROVES My Dating Life and Relationships

As it turns out, I was asked out on my very first date the same month I was diagnosed with celiac disease. So, as you can imagine, dipping my toes into the dating pool was...interesting, to say the least.

However, in the six years that have passed since both of those days, I have learned a ton about myself, about dating and about dating with two chronic illnesses. And while celiac disease can definitely present challenges when dating and forming serious relationships, I've also discovered that dating with celiac disease actually offers a few perks. So today, I thought I'd focus on the positives and share five ways that having celiac disease improves my dating life and my relationships overall!
1. Celiac diseases forces me to highly value communication in any relationship - but especially romantic ones. Obviously, it's up to everyone with celiac disease to decide how open they are about their diagnosis. Personally, I am very open about having celiac disease and fibromyalgia…

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