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5 Ways Celiac Disease Has Shaped Who I Am Today

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease around age 16, I had no idea that one simple word in my medical file would change a lot of my life. But as years have passed, I've realized that my celiac disease diagnosis transformed way more than just what I ate. It also, well, shaped a lot of who I am today - partially, perhaps, because I was diagnosed right at a typical coming-of-age point in my life. But also because celiac disease simply affects way more than just people's diets.

So in honor of living with celiac disease for over six years, I thought I'd share five ways that celiac disease has shaped who I am today. So if you're newly diagnosed and feel like a lot is changing...know that a lot of these changes are positive in the end. And if you're a veteran celiac and haven't taken time to reflect how celiac disease has changed your life, maybe now is the time. 1. Celiac disease helped me discover that I love trying new foods and cooking.  Like I've talked ab…

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