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13 Experience-Based Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones with a Chronic Illness

Have friends or family who are living with chronic illness? Want to give them a Christmas gift that they’ll actually use and enjoy? Then this 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is exactly what you need!

In recent years, my family has shifted from giving material goods to experience gifts. Not only do experience gifts mean we often end up enjoying the present together (like with a family vacation), but giving experience gifts can be especially smart when you have loved ones with chronic illness. After all, whether your loved ones have fibromyalgia, celiac disease or another chronic disease, your biggest wish is probably to make coping with chronic illness a little easier. That's where these 13 Christmas gifts come in.

Keep reading to discover what experience gifts may not fit under the tree but definitely belong on this year's Christmas shopping list! 1. A gift card to their favorite massage therapist.  We all know that stress isn't healthy; in fact, research shows that 43 percent of …

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