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13 "Harmless" Comments That Actually Hurt People With Celiac Disease

Living with celiac disease can be hard. Hearing people make "harmless" comments about celiac disease or the gluten free diet - "harmless" comments that actually hurt people with celiac disease, like yourself or your loved ones - can be even harder. 
That’s why, after I read this great post about 19 seemingly harmless comments that actually hurt people with fibromyalgia, I knew I wanted to write a similar post about celiac disease. I have two goals with this post. First, I hope that, if you have celiac disease and are struggling with family members or friends who don’t understand and make (accidentally) hurtful comments like these, reading this post will make you feel less alone. (After all, all 13 of these comments are based on things I've actually be told or have heard about from others with celiac disease!) Second, I hope this post raises awareness of just how hurtful these kind of comments can be for people with celiac disease - and that these comments stop…

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