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When I first heard my doctor say, "gluten free," I had no idea what gluten even was. A bird? A plane? the newest brand of wood glue? My hope is that, as a celiac and gluten free eater of nearly three years now, I can prevent others from having the same confused reaction.

Below, I've compiled all of my blog posts about the gluten free diet, celiac disease, my health journey and everything in between! Hopefully, these will help make your gluten free experience even easier. Scan the list and still not find what you're looking for? Or in need of a fellow celiac in arms? Contact me at and I'll be happy to talk!

My Celiac Disease History

I Have Celiac Disease But a Gluten Free Diet Wasn't Enough

To the People Who Think I'm "Exaggerating" My Celiac Disease or Dietary Needs

5 Ways Celiac Disease Has Shaped Who I Am Today

5 Ways Going Gluten Free Changed My Life for the Better

What It's Like to Be Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 11 Years Old

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

Saying Goodbye to College and Hello to New Beginnings

Re-mind-ers of Progress

The Fibromyalgia Files

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Celebrating Change, 100 Posts and Sophomore Year

Remission, Celiac Style

Celebrating One Year of Celiac and College

A New Gluten Free Me in 2014

Giving Up Picture Perfect

Welcome Home!

The Hospital Heaven and Hell

Going with the Flow: Liquid Diet

College as a Celiac: My 2-Day Twisted Fairytale

From an IV to an Interview with GFree & Happy

Light At the End of the Tunnel

When Body and Mind Don't Agree

Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Tips

5 Reasons Celiac Disease is About More Than Just My Stomach

19 Things That Only Happen if You're Living with Celiac Disease or Food Allergies

5 Lessons From Celiac Disease That Can Help During the Coronavirus Outbreak

30+ Simple to Surprising Suggestions That Won't Cure Celiac Disease

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Freezer Meals

A Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Sweet and Salty Snacks for Summer

My Gluten Free Dictionary: Important Terms For Living with Celiac Disease

10+ Freezer Hacks for Gluten Free Healthy Eating

When It's Healthy For Me to Be Rude Because of My Celiac Disease

A Celiac's Top Gluten Free and Vegan Protein Bars

A Celiac's Top 7 Oat Free, Gluten Free Snack Bars

The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Soft Foods to Eat After Dental Surgery, Part 2

Staying Healthy with Celiac Disease: 4 Takeaways From the First Gluten Free Teen Summit

7 Best Phone Apps for People with Celiac Disease and/or Food Allergies

How I Live Life to the Fullest While Avoiding Gluten and Other Food Allergens

A Celiac's Favorite Chain Restaurants for Gluten Free Date Nights

A Celiac's Guide to Shopping Cheap, Healthy and Gluten Free at Aldi

7 Common Myths About Celiac Disease to Ditch in 2018

A Celiac's Favorite 13 Gluten Free Candy and Sweets for Valentines Day

4 Questions I Wished I Had Asked When Given My Celiac Diagnosis

The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Soft Foods to Eat After Dental Surgery

7 Things People with Dietary Limitations Want You to Know About Holiday Dinners

5 Secrets to Eating Healthy as a Busy College Student

9 Ways You Can "See" My Invisible Illness, Celiac Disease

Want to Find the Best Gluten Free Diet for You? Read this First!

I Was Given Gluten While Hospitalized for Celiac Complications

How a Celiac Safely Eats Gluten Free at the Whole Foods Hot Bar

To the Girl Who Wished She Had Celiac Disease So She Could Be "Skinny Like Me"

7 Gluten Free and Dairy Free Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy Lovers Away

Cooking Gluten Free? A Celiac's Top 5 Healthy Cooking Hacks

Have Celiac Disease? Going to College? How to Be Gluten Free in College

How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Passing Down Your Chronic Illness

How I Eat a Healthy Gluten Free Diet for Only $35 a Week 

18 Hilariously Accurate Tweets about Life with Celiac Disease

6 Gluten Free Life Lessons from a Celiac's First Full-Time Job

5 Secrets to Eating an Energizing Breakfast When You're Working Full-Time

5 Reasons to Ditch Comparing Your Food Choices to Others' in 2017

5 Surprising Facts No One Tells You About Eating Gluten Free

4 Secrets Moving Across the Country Taught Me About Thriving with Celiac Disease

A College Celiac's Top Gluten Free Snacks for the New Year

12 Tips for Gluten Free Air Travel During the Holidays

A Graduating Celiac's Top 12 Lessons from College

A Celiac's Presidential Debate: Four Gluten Free Controversies

A Celiac's Diet: Some Advice on "Gluten Free" Food

5 Gluten Free Lessons from a Celiac's First Relationship 

How to Banish Back-To-School Anxiety

Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know

How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Your Gluten Free Diet

Why You Shouldn't Take Ignorant Celiac Comments Personally

Favorite Gluten Free Companies Every Celiac Should Know

Once Upon a Time: A History of Celiac Disease

What Food a Gluten Free Celiac Packs for an Extended Vacation

You are Enough: Working with a Chronic Illness

5 Traveling Life Lessons from Celiac Disease

First Six Steps After a Celiac Diagnosis

Why I Shared my Celiac Status on my First Day of Work

How to Survive Food-Filled College Socials

5 Tips for the Perfect Sleep in College

5 Tips for an Easy (and Healthy) Morning

The Quandary of Celiac Self-Consciousness

Four Tips to Survive Being Glutened

How to Celiac-Safe a College Apartment

Learning to Trust

How to Succeed in College: Ebook and My Thoughts

National Girlfriend's Day: Health Tips

Traveling, Celiac Style

6 Reasons to Befriend a Celiac

5 Ways to Love Dating a Gluten-Eater

5 Tips to Cook like a College Celiac

How to Befriend a Celiac

8 Hilariously True Reasons to Date a Celiac

Celiac, Food and the Dorm

Questions for Your Doctor

Traveling with Celiac

Accepting the Insatiable Appetite

College Food Adventure

Finding College Celiac Support

The Itch on the Celiac and the Allergist

Mastering the Magic of Gluten Free Baking

Celiac and Wisdom Teeth: Part 3

Celiac and Wisdom Teeth: Part 2

Celiac and Wisdom Teeth: Part 1

Winning as a Gluten Free Weirdo

Lessons from a College Freshman with Celiac

Accepting the New Normal

Celiac Disease: The Inevitable Bungee Jump

Moving Past Celiac Setbacks

Gluten Free Cafeteria Grub

Top 10 Gluten Free College Tips

Celebrating Cheap Gluten Free

Living With(out) Limits from Celiac Disease

College Celiac Fears

A Celiac and the Slumberparty

Moving on Past Diagnosis

Celiac and the College Roommate

Celiac and College Cafeteria

How To Eat Socially with Celiac 

Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Reflections

13 Simple Moments that Make Gluten Free Eaters Ridiculously Happy

5 Hilariously True Similarities Between Superman and Someone with Celiac Disease

If Christmas Carols Were About Eating Gluten Free

15 Things I Wish People Knew About Having Celiac Disease During the Holidays

11+ Kids and Teens With Celiac Disease Already Changing the World

17 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because You Have Celiac Disease

5 Ways Celiac Disease has IMPROVED My Dating Life and Relationships

9 Things People with Celiac Disease Wish Loved Ones Would Say More Often

Please Know What Celiac Disease is Not

To the Comics that Paint Gluten Free Eaters as "High Maintenance" or "Annoying"

The Real Reasons I Blog About Living with Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness

15 Things You've Definitely Said If You Have Celiac Disease

5 Surprisingly Awesome Things About Having Celiac Disease

19 Ways Life Changes When You Have Celiac Disease

One Thing I Hate About Celiac Awareness Month

11 Things People with Celiac Disease Do That Seem "High Maintenance" But Actually Aren't 

13 "Harmless" Comments That Actually Hurt People with Celiac Disease

7 Side Effects To Expect When You First Go Gluten Free

4 "Superpowers" Anyone Can Develop After Going Gluten Free

The Act of Kindness That Helped Me Thrive as a College Freshman with Celiac Disease

A Letter to Every College Kid or Grad Student with a Chronic Illness

To the People Who are "Sorry" That I Have Celiac Disease

I Must Eat Gluten Free. I Choose to Eat Healthy

Why Living With a Chronic Disease Shouldn't Be a "Battle"

Is Your Chronic Illness Your Identity? Saying "I Have Celiac" versus "I Am Celiac"

When the Gluten Free Community is Part of the Problem

Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac

Why My Diet is More Diverse as a Gluten Free Celiac

What It's Like to Live with a Disease Everyone Assumes is Fake

8 Christmas Gifts Every Celiac Wants But Money Can't Buy

11+ Celiac Celebrities Making the (Gluten Free) World a Better Place

Why Trust Makes or Breaks Being Healthy with Celiac Disease

How to Road Trip from California to Colorado 

A Gluten Free Celiac's First Trip to LA

The Best Celiac-Related Dad-isms for Father's Day

A Celiac's First 16 Thoughts at Disneyland

Redefining Celiac Disability

It's OK to Sometimes Hate Celiac Disease

How my Parents Saved Me during my Darkest Celiac Moments

Cliffside Considerations

5 Questions Celiacs Don't Want to Hear

More than a Social Media Account

What Celiac Taught Me about Letting Go

9 Benefits of Dating a Gluten-Eater as a Celiac

Movies Minus Gluten: A Celiac's Cinema 

Grateful Glimpses

10 Thoughts a College Celiac has when Visiting Home

Just a Little

Twenty Wishes for This Year

Gluten Free Food: The Double Standard

Two Sides of Celiac Freedom

The Great-ful Celiac

Ode to the Moms of Celiacs

A Ship in the Night

One Month, Two Words: Celiac Awareness

"Donut" Even Worry



College Adventures, Celiac Style

A Love Letter to Celiac

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December Dreaming

Spelling Out my Thanks

Living and Loving the Game (of Celiac)

Celiac Connections

19 and Happy

Jumping In

Happy: Houston Highlights

Rock a By, Celiac?

Savoring the Gluten Free Summer

Gluten Free Celiac Security

Remarkable Celiac Awareness Month

Celiac Disease: The Gluten Free Marathon

Holding onto the Celiac Disney Magic

Gluten Free: A Gateway Drug?

Gluten Free and Dang Lucky

Three (Gluten Free) Peas in a Pod

Ghouls and a Glutening

College: Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

A Disease of Chance

Practice Makes Perfect?

The First Gluten Free Birthday

FDA Friday

French? Italian? Nope my Food Culture is Gluten Free!

A Gluten Free Dating Site? What?

Pity Parties

Upside of Celiac Disease


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