Finding College Celiac Support

College - especially freshman year - isn't easy for anyone, but as I've shared through this blog, mine boasted its share of challenges. Homesickness. Freshman orientation. And, of course, lots of celiac complications

As the clock ticks down on my summer vacation, however, only one thought is filling my mind: Soon, I'll be back at Point Loma, adventuring with all the amazing gals and guys I met last year!

My hall of girls!
The fact is, I wouldn't have survived without my personal campus cheerleaders. The girls in my dorm. The teachers whose lessons surpassed the classroom. Not to mention the chefs that kept my belly (and my spirits) full. 

Thanks to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, I have the valuable opportunity to share my story about the support that I found as a college celiac and the resources that every student with special diets should reach out to. 

'Cause even though I can remember awkwardly standing away from the buffet table during Freshman Orientation, flashes of midnight dares (like wearing 50 T-shirts at once - I did it!), teachers' encouragement  and unfiltered laughter pops into my brain more often. And, as my summer trickles to an end, these people are the reason I'm beyond excited for school to start. 

This view doesn't hurt either...
To hear about the support I found in detail, click here for my full article. Also, while you're there, don't forget to explore the NFCA's amazing website packed full of information, resources and stories

What support have you found? Has anyone ever changed your perspective on celiac/dietary restrictions? Comment below! 


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