Gluten Free Buckwheat and Rice Porridge (aka "Oatless Oatmeal)

I don't know about you, but ever since November hit the calendar, slippers, dark skies and sleepy shivers have dominated my early mornings. Plus a craving for a big, warm breakfast of pumpkin pie oatmeal

Gluten Free and Vegan Buckwheat and Rice Porridge (aka "Oatless Oatmeal)

Unfortunately for this celiac, oats and my gluten-shredded intestines haven't gotten back on talking terms since my diagnosis. For a while, I was riding the quinoa flake train, but I abandoned those in a desperate jump to stop the unexplainable itching that hit me a few months ago. What's an oat-cravin' gal to do? 

Buy packs of Bob Mills' rice and buckwheat flakes and hope for the best! For a little while, I was dancing the Goldilocks. Just rice was too thin; buckwheat alone tasted a bit too nutty. And then my taste buds landed on the perfectly thick, chewy, no-oat oatmeal! Having a bowl of this magic to look forward to makes my early college class schedule a little easier to swallow (food pun, of course, intended).

Gluten Free and Vegan Buckwheat and Rice Porridge (aka "Oatless Oatmeal)
I <3 oatless oatmeal!

Base Recipe for Your Gluten Free Porridge:

For the base recipe, all you need is five ingredients:

2 TBSP buckwheat flakes
2 TBSP rice flakes 
1/2 mashed banana 
1-2 TBSP chia seeds for extra thickness and satiety 
Preferred amount of water (I like my oatmeal really thick, so I usually pour just enough to submerge all my ingredients. One tip: add the water and wait a few minutes to see how much the chia seeds expand, then add more water as needed!) 

Then I pop my oat-less oats in the microwave for a total of 2 minutes (one minute with just the base, then I put on my toppings and microwave for another minute to make everything a pool of melted yum!). 

Gluten Free and Vegan Buckwheat and Rice Porridge (aka "Oatless Oatmeal)
The magic of the microwave!

The best part about this recipe, though? Pimping it up with the flavor add ins! As I mentioned in my last post, right now pumpkin everything has me by the taste buds. I've devoured my super pumpkin oatmeal for five weeks straight now, adding to the base recipe cacao powder, pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie stevia, a little vanilla and lots of fruit and pumpkin butter on top!

My other favorite eating accessories are maca powder, spices like cinnamon or nutmeg, fruits of all types (nanas, strawberries, blubes, and pomegranate seeds are the top 4 winners), and a waterfall of crunchy toppings like Trail mix, seeds, cacao nibs. And, of course, no bowl is complete without a pool of nut butter melted on top! For an extra special mix, melted chocolate and shredded dates are also always good choices. 

Gluten Free and Vegan Buckwheat and Rice Porridge (aka "Oatless Oatmeal)

Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but new food sensitivities don't have to kill off old favorites. By now, I don't even remember what I'm missing - and when I dive into a huge jar of this gooey goodness for a warm breakfast or night snack, "missing out" definitely isn't the first phrase to pop into my mind! (More like: Mmmmm). 

So bring it on November. With a bowl of pumpkin sun butter "oatmeal" in my belly, even walking to Linguistics at chilly 7:30 am darkness can't damper my spirits

*Also found at Saucy Saturdays Link Up, Vegetarian Mama's GF Friday and Made by You Monday!*

What's your favorite oatmeal flavor? What's your favorite place to buy cute spoons and bowls fit for an oatmeal queen? Comment below! 


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