I Love "Love with Food" + Giveaway!

One final, two midterms, six short essays, two big projects and one presentation = a week full of classes followed by at least four hours of homework every night. Luckily for this college celiac (and her stomach), though, a box of gluten free goodies landed on my door, thanks to Love With Food.

love with food gluten free
A gluten free gift from heaven!
Since celiac entered my life and my diet expanded from meat, potatoes and processed snacks, I've been eyeing Love With Food's subscription Box Snacks. A box of celiac safe treats delivered to your mailbox every month? Talk about Christmas twelve months a year! As a broke college student, then, you can imagine how quickly I said yes when Love with Food offered me a sample and two boxes to give away on my blog!

My box landed in San Diego a few weeks into February, and I fell in love before even unwrapping! Their containers are bright red and boast "gluten free" right on the cover - no worries here. Especially since Food with Love works closely with every company included in the box to ensure all products are celiac safe. Then I opened it and my jaw dropped. Unlike chip bags that house as much air as food, the box was stuffed to the brim. Baking mix, potato chips, chocolate, popcorn, key lime cookies, cheese puffs...not to mention the Mardi Gras necklace to mark this month's theme!

love with food gluten free
A real Mardi Gras party!

And in case spoiling your gluten free taste buds isn't good enough, Love with Food donates one meal to American food banks for every box sold. And for every gluten free membership, two meals are donated. A Love for Food goodie box boasts "one box, two meals." With Love with Food, your belly isn't the only one filled from a purchase!

And my belly was definitely (deliciously) satisfied from my snack bag. All in all, in my box overflowed with: one bag of Cup For Cup baking flour, one bag of Key Lime White Chocolate cookies, two bags of artisan popcorn, two bags of baked cheese puffs, one bag of peeled snacks, one bag of potato chips, one sunbutter (!) Reese's Cup, and three squares of chocolate

love with food gluten free
A mouthful...or two!
My favorite product in the box was definitely Peeled Snacks' "Mango Staycation" trailmix. Filled with dried mango, banana, almond, dark chocolate, chews, raisins and peanuts, this baby disappeared within a week. My granola addiction is indeed alive and kicking! Scharffen Berger's 72% dark chocolate square with sea salt pistachios also powered me through a busy night of Bible studying

My box was so big I was able to share the love, giving my sister the potato chips and cheese puffs, which she devoured right away. According to her, they were so good, she wouldn't even know they were gluten free. Talk about a score! I also loved the product variety. Half sweet, half savory and many (like my delicious sunbutter Resse's Cup) were friendly to other allergies (like nuts). 

love with food gluten free
Some of my favorites...

Overall, I give Love with Food's box a strong 10/10 and I will definitely be putting this on my Christmas gift list. Now, thanks to Love with Food's generosity, two of my readers will have the chance to try a box for themselves! 

This raffle will only be open until next Monday, so keep entering and spreading the word for your best chance at diving into your own goodie box soon. And, even if you don't win, using this link, you can get 50% off your first box! Taste buds and wallet approved! 

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*Also found at RunningwithSpoon's link party!*

*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

Have you ever tried Love with Food? What is your favorite chocolate flavor? Comment below!


  1. First off, I'm totes jealous! I was part of bulu box for a bit, but they weren't allergen friendly SO, I'd get lots of stuff I couldn't have, LAME. My favorite GF snack is: Snackaroons OR Wink Ice Cream :)

  2. I am loving on my honey cinnamon nut thins lately! Can't get enough!!!

  3. i love to snack on Glutino pretzels

  4. I rely on veggies for my gluten free snacks

  5. i've never eat gluten free food, i think it is a thing i should start doing . Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I love rice cakes with either nut butter or cheese and fruit!

  7. I like edamame for nice GF snack!

  8. Nut Butters for sure.. no discrimination here- I love them all!

  9. I love nuts, dried fruit, and granola!


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