A Day in the Life

What's this college celiac up to when I'm not writing hilarious (insert recorded laughter here) blog posts or whipping up my latest gluten free goodie? Today I thought I'd give everyone a sneak peek into what a day in my shoes looks like. (Colorful sneakers not included).

A Day in the Life, take 1!
Yesterday started out with the beeping of my watch alarm at a lovely 7:10 in the morning. My first realization is that cold weather drastically decreases my motivation to get up. My second is that my roomie is snuggled up in her sweatshirt and layers of blankets. When it gets cold, you never know how desperate we Cali college gals can get...

As always, I start my morning with a cup of "tea" - basically just warmed water with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. In theory, this mix detoxes the body and revs up my digestion - the perfect pre-breakfast (and, in my case, pre-PE-class) drink.

In my favorite Scooby Doo mug!
Within fifteen minutes, I am out the door with my sneakers and yoga mat. This semester, I'm enrolled in "Extreme Fitness" - basically a PE class with only HIIT workouts. We're working our way through T90X and Ab Ripper right now - next week, Insanity begins. Wish me luck! (Though I think I checked off "crazy" awhile back...)

By the time I get back to my apartment, I'm starving for breakfast. After a quick fifteen minutes of freshening up (food is always good motivation for a minimalist beauty routine, am I right?), it's smoothie time. To keep my mornings quick (and quiet), I like to make my smoothies over the weekend and freeze single servings in mason jars. Pop them into the microwave at half power and they defrost into the perfect creamy, cold post-workout treats! 

Glass storage containers work too!
(One tip: try to leave a few inches of space between the smoothie and the top of the jar, or freeze without the jar lids. Otherwise, the jar could crack as the smoothie expands - like four of my favorite ones did last week. The mourning period is still in place).  

Eating breakfast is usually my relaxation time before class. I'll read blogs, catch up on the news and basically prepare my brain for the incoming class chaos

Which always have me running out the door as soon as I finish breakfast. One Advanced Composition class later, I'm back at the apartment working on homework in the two-hour-break before my last class. 

Because I have a big, later breakfast, lunch usually ends up being more of a snacking plate. It always features some veggies broiled until crispy, mixed greens, avocado, and whatever leftovers I have on hand - smashed potatoes and quesadillas are particular favorites! 

Before my last class, I also do my supper meal prep. As my friends and family can attest to, I get hangry quick - which means dinner needs to be easy to whip up right after class.

Veggies on the balcony...
Typically, I always cut up my veggies and cook (or any defrost pre-cooked) meat before I leave. This lets me survive my 3:00-4:15 class, jump in the shower, and have dinner ready by 5:00. Happy belly = friendly Casey. 

Unlike those of other college students, my typical (and favorite) nights involve curling up with Netflix, homework and friends. If I have internship the next day (like I did today!), I also spend an hour making my breakfast and lunch to take to class and the office

The usual spread of goodies!
And no (or, at least, nearly no) evening is complete without a night snack. Hello to my favorite coconut yogurt, fruit, nut butters and granola! This is always my favorite kind of "dessert" and I always look forward to ending the day on a sweet note. Especially if I just get back from walking to the boy's dorm across campus...

And by 10:30, this chica is all ready for bed! A quick goodnight text to the parents and the boyfriend and I'm out. Until the college celiac adventures start all over again the next day! 

Do you tend to stick to a daily routine or do you shake it up? How do you handle cooking in college? Comment below! 


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