Monthly Favorites: March 2016

I don't know about y'all, but I feel like March just marched on by this month! Between two breaks from school (Spring break and Easter) and my usual busy course load, March kept me working or playing hard 24/7. 

Now I only have one month of school left before summer *insert excited squeal here.* 

casey the college celiac
Lots of smoothies and smiles in my future!
But before my mind switches to daydream mode, here's some college celiac highlights from March!

What I'm Eating:

A lot of new recipes from Further Food! For those who don't know, Further Food is a website designed to provide health expert-reviewed recipes, articles and tips for and by people with health conditions.

I've contributed several recipes and articles to the site and, this March, I joined their recipe reviewer program. I whipped up four delicious recipes from the site this month and loved them all - especially the nori wraps! Great motivation to break my food/meal ruts! 

casey the college celiac
A few of my tasty eats...
Vegan mushroom quesadillas with tomato, lettuce, cashew cheese, guacamole and kale chips from Peace Pies! I'll write a restaurant review soon, but I loved experimenting with a raw, vegan dinner. 

Major plus: the WHOLE restaurant is gluten free. No cross contamination, no problem! 

casey the college celiac
And a few of our family and friend eats!
Easter dinner. Mom and I whipped up an easy, 99% gluten free feast Easter Sunday. Food included pineapple and clove spiced ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and turkey gravy. I, of course, served mine on mixed greens. Yum!

What I'm Doing:

Goofing around with my family at Poway Lake! I vaguely mentioned in one of my last blog posts going to the park for four hours one Saturday - it was a great reminder how good being outside and away from technology feels! 

casey the college celiac
Sammi attack!
Dad and I practiced some soccer juggling (apparently it is like riding a bike - we still got it!) and, of course, our perky poodle decided to launch a lick attack.

Enjoying friend dates. Natalie joined me to check out Peace Pies for the first time, then she took me to her favorite thrift store. Two shorts and one pair of pants for six bucks? Ka-Ching

casey the college celiac
A new favorite of mine...
Reading for FUN! Last night I spent an hour diving into Kimberly McCreight's book, Reconstructing Amelia. (Amazing how much free time suddenly appears after a break up). If you like psychological mysteries or thrillers, I totally recommend this book. Keeps you guessing the whole time, and I'm only halfway through! 

What I'm Planning

Sharing my green bean casserole recipe, made with gluten free mushroom soup and Canyon Bakehouse bread. Easy, quick and always my favorite part of holiday dinners! 

casey the college celiac
The best part of holidays!
Keep checking items off my bucket list. Some goals left? Painting pottery with my roomie, going dancing, trying the GF pancakes at Trails Eatery and learning how to rock a forearm stand

Try another four recipes from Further Food. (Check out my Instagram to see them as I eat 'em!) 

Survive until finals in the first week of May! 

casey the college celiac
We've fallen...and we can't get up!
As quickly as it flew by, March delivered a lot of fun, tasty memories. There's an old saying that April showers brings May flowers. Hopefully March madness will bring April gladness

(Or at least better poetry than that line! 😉) 

What were your March highlights? Comment below! 


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