Liebster Award!!

We know the Internet by many names and faces. It is a monetary predator, a thief of time, and yet a builder of bonds across streets and nations. For me, the Internet - this blog - has been a source of more support than I ever imagined. 

My latest Internet blessing appeared last night when Amber, whose positive posts about food, exercise and life always brighten my day, commented on my blog. I love comments, but my heart danced the jitterbug when I read that Amber nominated me for the Liebster Award

With a few clicks of my mouse, I learned that the Liebster Award is basically an online hybrid between send-this-email-to-eight-people-or-else and "tag" from elementary school. Except one hundred times better. The rules are simple.

1. You have to link back to the person who nominated you
2. You have to answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you from that person
3. You have to nominate 10 bloggers (with a small following)
4. You have to form (and answer, if you want) 10 questions for those bloggers
5. You have to tell your 10 nominees the great news!

Five rules, ten people, and 100% fun! Thanks to Amber for including me in the fun!

My Answers

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

When did I decide? I can't help but laugh. Even though my fingers type the posts, I consider myself a passive author. The real creator and decider of this blog is life, particularly celiac disease's surprise appearance in it. 

I was diagnosed the week of my senior prom and amidst of the confusion, frustration and anxiety involved with surviving puberty without help from Papa John's pizza, I wanted to know that I wasn't alone. More than that, I wanted to give my dietary demon a purpose (besides driving me crazy!). 

Prom marked the beginning of a new mission...

Last July, I wandered into the world of blogging, social media and baring my soul (and stomach) for all to read. And I don't regret it one bit.

2. What is your favorite kind of exercise?

I love everything except softball (I can't hit that ball to save my life - especially when people are chanting "Casey at bat"), but my favorite is definitely running and soccer. I'm banned from the track for the moment with a strained IT Band (email me for a full rant), though, so right now I'm really into biking, Pilates and weight lifting!

3. What is the one thing you could eat everyday and never get sick of?

Banana ice cream! It's the only thing I've found close to ice cream that is gluten free, dairy free and tummy-friendly

A delicious berry concoction!

Banana ice cream is my go-to post workout treat and whether I eat it plain, berry-flavored or infused with nut butters, I'm always happy. My little blender...not so much...

4. Share an odd eating habit/food combination you love, but others just don't get.

I'm super picky on how I like certain vegetables cooked! I didn't realize this until I started eating in the college cafeteria. I like carrots, but roasted not steamed. I love squash and zucchini, but they had better be raw. Mushrooms? The other way around or they can stay in the ground. My friends laugh, but they happily eat my unwanted portion just the same!  

5. Have you always been into fitness? If not, when did you start?

My dad is a Marine, so fitness has always been a part of my household (from example - he didn't make us do push ups each morning like in the movies). My soccer obsession started in middle school and hasn't stopped.

My favorite soccer picture…ever! 

When I started going running with my dad, though, I realized how strong working out made me feel. And so began my exercise addiction...

6. Instagram or twitter? Why?

Instagram! Even though my Instagram feed gives me a drooling complex, I love getting inspiration for more gluten free goodies and talking to the amazing people who make them!

7. What is your go-to mantra when you need some inspiration?

"Do your best and that's all you can do." My mom motivated my sister and I through high school with this quote and it was my best friend during high-stress papers, projects and puberty. When college or celiac crud fills my calendar, I like to repeat it under my breath to remind myself that the goal is doing my best, not doing the best.

8. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

I think I would be light blue because of its versatility! Light blue can be the sky, a tear falling down someone's face or a baby blue jay just starting to spread its wings. I hope that I can be just as universal yet personal to everyone I meet (online or off!).

9. Favorite way to break a sweat?

Running! Any form, any time, any place!

The running trails at my school!

10. What is the one thing you cannot be without when heading to the gym or beginning a workout?

A distraction. It can be my I-pod, a TV, or a great friend, but I need someone to keep my mind engaged as I put all of my focus on my body. Lately, I've been devouring Netflix while doing my pilates and I can't wait to jam to some Shakira songs when I start running again!

My Nominees
(I'm bad at determining whether a blog has a "small following" or not, so I just chose 10 blogs that make me smile! Most are celiac/gluten free related, but some are fitness, and others positivity. Keep up the awesome work!)

Sprue Story
Gluten Hates Me
College Student with Celiac
Embrace G-Free
Peanut Butter Fingers
I'm A Celiac
The Masterpiece Movement
Gluten Free Betsy
Peanut Butter Runner
Gluten Free Perspective

My Questions

1. What motivates you to write/blog?
2. If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
3. What's the story behind your blog name?
4. What is something you learned recently?
5. Describe your perfect Saturday.
6. What is the best meal/snack you've eaten recently?
7. What is your favorite blog post to date?
8. Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?
9. What's the most interesting comment/email you've gotten from your blog?
10. If you could go anywhere for free, where would it be?

The Internet (and the blogging community it houses) is an amazing place. I'm honored to participate in the Liebster Award and to pass along the fun to 10 others. Thanks again, Amber, for this opportunity and support! And to the bloggers I nominated (and all the ones I couldn't fit into the list), have fun. You deserve it!

Blogs are like flavored M&Ms -
 it's hard to pick a favorite!

Do you have any favorite bloggers? What answers would you give to any of these questions? Comment below!


  1. Thanks Casey! Looking forward to having something fun to post next week! :)

  2. Hi Casey! Thanks for the nomination! I'm pretty terrible about following through on reposting these, fair warning, but I love your questions.

    I also really enjoyed your answers in this post. Your mom's motivating mantra sounds a lot like my mom's. She's super supportive but never pushed us beyond what we could do. One time in college I had this near-breakdown about a paper I needed to write (this was after I'd gotten sick but still didn't know what was really causing it, and I'd just had a pretty miserable Thanksgiving of eating practically nothing, AND on top of all that the paper was about the movie Safe, which is totally depressing for a sick person to watch, so that didn't help). I called my mom and she wound up saying, "You know, if you need to just not write this paper, that's okay. You can fail a class and life will go on." I did NOT actually go through with that (which she probably knew was the case), but it calmed me down and gave me the strength to write what was in the end a pretty "meh" paper, but good enough that I certainly didn't fail the class.

    Sounds like your freshman year is wrapping up soon, so good luck with papers and finals! Not that I think you'll need it. :)

    1. No worries. It's just an invitation to join in, not an order :) Your mom sounds super cool as well! I tend to get way wound up by classwork, health issues, etc, so she definitely helps force down a chill pill :) Glad to hear that you have a similarly great support system behind you! Thanks for the luck - I'll definitely take it! The finals and papers won't be bad - the motivation to do them, now that's the problem! ;)

  3. Casey, my goodness you are TOO kind! i am so glad my posts can bring light and positivity to your day :) especially because YOU do the same for me! Not only do you always have such a good message to share, but you are phenomenal writer, seriously your words just flow, with such creativity used for your references, similes and metaphors. Excuse me while I fangirl over your writerly talent!
    I loved learning a bit more about you :) Stay Happy & Healthy!
    PS. I just subscribed to your feed, so now I can get my dose much more often of your attitude :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words too! Your comment started my day off with a smile! Happy and Healthy are great goals - I'm definitely going to try to stick to them! Stay awesome :)


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