Savoring the Gluten Free Summer

Summer is a lot of things. Fun (except for the removal of wisdom teeth). Relaxing. Hot. And, almost always: Way. Too. Short. This summer, though, I'm determined to change that. Or at least try

You see, I generally live like I eat: fork it, chew and swallow. Dinner barely touches the plate before being devoured. Whether by genes or tradition, it runs in the family. Similarly, when life is good, that's great, but I don't often stretch the moment by acknowledging that fact. 

Usually, I live life in the fast lane...
Just as celiac disease marked a shift in my genes a year ago, however, it has also triggered an evolution of my eating. For the first time, I really think about what I eat. (I think the #positiveceliac tweets are getting to me!) I analyze how a food makes my body feel afterwards instead of ignoring a tummy tantrum. 

And, after months of practice, celiac is pressing "slo-mo" on my fork and knife. Last night, I spent 30 minutes analyzing how the springy texture and chocolate flavor of my freshly made mug cake combined to explode in my mouth. And I enjoyed every bite during that half an hour. Maybe Payton, my friend who we like to tease eats slower than a turtle, is on to something! 

My first ever Mug Cake!!
I don't want to just savor my food, though (no matter how easy this is to do since I couldn't eat solid food for a week after I lost 4 wisdom teeth!) I want to savor summer. I want to savor gluten free life and enjoy every moment I can of it. 

So when my first loaf of homemade bread (made using a mix by Pamela) deflated in front of our eyes, I savored the sound of my mom's laughter. And I savored the moment when she tasted it and celebrated eating a "good slice of bread" for the first time since going gluten free with me after my diagnosis

A (deflated) success...
I savored watching mindless TV last night with my whole family around me. And I'm presently savoring the tug and pull of my leg muscles pedaling on the stationary bike as I ride and write (always a multitasker!). 

Life's greatest moments tend to fly by too quickly. Summer ends just when students master sleeping in. A Hot Sandwich disappears in one bite. The list goes on and on. 

This muffin disappeared too fast!
But this summer won't be on it. Celiac disease has taught me to savor food, and now it's time to expand on that lesson. This is my first summer where I have a diagnosis from the start. It is my first summer as a celiac. And, as I think of our upcoming family trips (first a roadtrip to Colorado and then a family escape to Texas to visit the grandparents), my chest tightens. No more random visits to local eats without future research. No more BBQ with the gramps.

While I'm scared, I'm not hopeless, though. Because while I know that there will be bumps along the way, I know that the joy at being with my family, being in control of my health and spreading awareness of celiac disease will follow.

I made it through wisdom teeth surgery…
celiac summer's got nothing on me!

And I will savor every minute of it.

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What will you savor about summer? Has celiac changed your eating habits? Comment below! 


  1. It's funny how a dx can teach you some of life's greatest life lessons that for some they will never know or understand. After receiving my dx I too analyzed so much of what I put in my body, Sometimes this was a positive thing and sometimes not so much. It's actually a post I was thinking about writing soon. I think after (in my case) being sick for so long I wanted to only put good things in my body. While I still enjoy my occasional sweets I do it without the unnecessary additives of High fructose corn syrup, ect. I think that's one of the many beautiful things that my dx has taught me. Not only do I now read each and every label ( because we must) but I want to be educated about what I am putting in my body! Great thoughtful post as usual. Enjoy soaking us summer. It seems like you are on the right path :)

    1. Those are some great lessons to learn and I'd definitely love to read about it! And I totally agree with you on lowering the chemicals in my food, including my desserts. Simpler is better! :)


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