GF Life 24/7 Guest Post: Surviving as College Celiac

Celiac disease has taken this teenager on quite a journey. I've hit the books in college, played pool around an IV in the hospital and, most recently, left gluten free footsteps across the country during a family roadtrip from California to Colorado.

Celiac has taken me to some strange places...
Some of the most exciting steps of my adventure, though, have occured right on this computer screen! Like writing a guest post for Kaila from GF Life 24/7!

Kaila is a fellow celiac and sufferer of food allergies who runs her own blog about surviving in a world dominated by food. She's topping off her summer with a roadtrip from Wyoming to Canada for the Stratford Festival and was nice enough to invite me to fill her digital shoes for a day!

So, without further ado (I love that phrase!), pop on over to Kaila's amazing blog to hear my top 4 tips for present and future college students!

To Kaila's blog we go!


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