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There are a lot of names for food nowadays. Healthy food, junk food, organic food...and, at a trendy restaurant across the United States, true food

Before my roommate brought me to True Foods Kitchen for my second birthday lunch, I'd never stepped foot near the place. I remember vaguely chuckling pre-diagnosis at its healthy focus, wondering what crazy people paid to go out to eat at an upgraded salad bar. Oh how times have changed...

True Food = True deliciousness?
And how my expectations were blown! Bri and I drove into the mall only minutes after the restaurant opened, scoring a shady booth outside to take advantage of the (then gorgeous) weather. When our waitress came, I immediately dove into the usual celiac spiel. The surprise of the century? My waitress was a sister in gluten-free arms! Fellow celiacs unite! (And keep working at restaurants so I can feel super safe about my order!).

Like always, I'd looked up menu details before coming, but I was still lost as to what I wanted. Gluten free pizza? An inside out quinoa burger? The spaghetti squash casserole topped with a bison burger? The choices were endless!

So many options!
After asking for suggestions, my taste buds finally fell for the Street Tacos - corn tortillas topped with sea bass (or steak), avocado, salsa, and a side of Anasazi beans. It usually also has sour cream and cotija cheese, but I passed on those to keep it dairy free. My roommate Bri instead stuck to a breakfast theme, choosing the gluten free blueberry muffin and Bright Eyes smoothie

Our food appeared quickly and, if I wasn't drooling at the idea of my tacos, I certainly started when I saw my plate! My food was arranged as artfully as the restaurant's decor - fodder for this food blogger, though I was so hungry, I almost skipped the photo! The portion size was perfect - large enough to eat my fill, knowing dessert was coming, and doggy bag the rest. 

Heaven on a plate! (And I want their plates)
The sea bass tasted tender and juicy, the avocado creamy and fresh, while the slaw and salsa added a delightful crunch. I'm not a spicy person (let the jokes begin) and the tacos blasted my taste buds with flavor without lighting them on fire. As for the beans, I was a huge fan! The creamy, thick stew -  with some crunch from the salsa sprinkled on top - paired wonderfully with my bites of taco. And the leftover juice made a pretty delicious sauce, too! 

Bri enjoyed her muffin and drink. We both thought the smoothie could have been a bigger portion for the price, but I was impressed with how fluffy and moist the muffin looked from across the table. No gluten free weirdness there! 

Bri's brunch
Then, because it was a birthday lunch, we treated ourselves to several of the desserts. At the restaurant, Bri ordered a scoop of their pistachio ice cream while I chose a scoop of strawberry-rhubarb sherbet. Bri's scoop looked creamy and thick, and she loved the strong flavor of pistachio that shone through.

As for me, I couldn't have asked for anything better! The rhubarb and strawberry blended into combo of sour and sweet that caused my taste buds to tingle, and I loved its creamy texture.

Me awkwardly not looking at the camera...
For an extra treat, Bri bought me their Banana and Coconut Chia Seed Pudding to go. I've made chia pudding for myself before and, although I liked it, it was nothing to write the blog about. This bowl of deliciousness was totally different! 

The coconut milk base made it thick and creamy, the banana coins on the top added a natural sweetness and I loved the crunch of the coconut chips dispersed throughout. Hands down, one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten! Magic really can be canned and sold...

The perfect way to start my day!
There's a lot of names for food, but, when it comes to True Food Kitchen, the only word I have left is "delicious." I left feeling safe about what I ate, and my stomach was beyond satisfied. Rest assured, I won't be waiting for my next birthday to come around before I make a return trip!

Have you ever tried True Foods Kitchen? What's your favorite breakfast treat? Comment below!


  1. Sounds like a good place. We don't seem to have one around Chicago, but our daughter lives in San Diego, so it's on the list for the next time we go out there. Appreciate the tip.

  2. I swear you live by the coolest places to eat at ever! Your roommate seems like such a sweet heart <3 glad you enjoyed yourself :)

    1. Luckily, San Diego is a pretty cool place with lots of yummy GF eats. Colorado Springs is the place to be though - so yummy! And yep, the roomie awesome! ;)

  3. I went to true foods a couple of years ago and wasn't too impressed.. I paid too much money for a ridiculously small amount of food that was simple enough that I could have made it at home. Of course, that was in Phoenix, and I know their menu changes a bit seasonally, so I might have to give it another shot sometime. Some of the dishes you listed sound delicious! I'm glad you guys had a good time!! :)

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