Celiac Connections

Lately, I wish I could wear a camera around my chest so I could share every wonderful moment of my life as a sophomore at PLNU blog readers. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I have been so consistently happy. And I owe it all to the connections that have weaved a blanket of joy over my life. 

19 started off a great year!
For those who joined the party and started following me on twitter, my interview with GFree Radio is old news. News that has finally stopped flooding your feeds anyway. When asked for an interview last summer, it didn't take much to persuade me. The chance to hear a British accent directed my way? Sign me up! 

The differences that popped up during our conversation were the real surprise. It ranged from the simple - What is 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius? Heck, don't ask me. I'm no math major! - to the complex. They're universities, not colleges. We have a meal plan (though I fought to be released from mine) and they don't

Celiac, American vs. British edition!
Yet, despite the differences, we were also connected by the gene that turned "gluten free" into a lifelong medical prescription. The major lesson that stuck with me after I hung up? No matter if you spell it with an "o" or "e," celiacs all over the world do the same gluten free happy dance at the grocery store. Check out my interview here.

The connections have also been local,. Two weeks ago, I ventured out into Downtown San Diego for my first baseball game! The Padres played (and beat) the Giants, but even better than the game - which I am admittedly clueless about - was the chance to spend time with my gal pals. 

Petco Stadium!
We talked summers, future plans and story writing - anything but the game, basically. And when I pulled out my smuggled jar of oatmeal - a celiac's gotta eat! - nobody gave me a second glance. A random dance off by the baseball field cleaners tends to do that. 

Me and the gals
As for my food - I've never felt more blessed. My garden is in full bloom -  I'm harvesting a few baby strawberries weekly and my other seedlings are finally popping up! 

My kitchen escapades are kicking just as much bootyFreedom for the caf has pushed my culinary experimentation to the max. So far, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free pork pesto pizza, cod stew and chicken pot pie has all landed on the menu. I'm (finally) gaining weight, loving what I'm eating and learning more cooking techniques and favorite recipes every week. 

My new fave: chicken pot pie!
And, although balancing 17 units of classes (cough cough, Linguistics), a social life (now featuring a certain boy), and a blog hasn't been easy, the motivational comments and company support has skyrocketed! I check my email every morning and new comments never fail to make my day. As for company updates, this week was full of food sampling adventures

Thanks to the generosity of Modern Oats and Foster Farms, two more product reviews are in the near future. My roommate had no idea what she was getting into when she took a gluten free blogger as a roommate...

It's raining corn dogs!
When I started my sophomore year at Point Loma Nazarene University, I knew I wanted it to be a different kind of year. Less celiac and more Casey. More friends and fun to balance out the (ridiculously pricey) books. For the first time, though, I feel like the trees I adore on my nightly walks around campus. I'm rooted in my school, my fellow students and my fellow celiacs from all around the globe

Tying yourself down to causes and communities is scary. It takes time, it takes work and a hermit lifestyle is definitely a whole lot less complicated. But, it's worth it. I'm living (and loving) proof

Have you ever talked to people with  celiac or food allergies from a different country? How do you feel connected to the world? 


  1. Casey, this post is BEAMING with your happiness, I am so so so excited for you and all these wondrous opportunities! AN interview?! and those reviews? Are those corn dogs :) AND THAT POT PIE LOOKS DELISH as do your other recipes, please come cook for me? I have yet to find my IBS/Celiac niche, I'm still looking, I want those connection you've built int he flesh with others who can say "me too" but until then, the blogging world helps <3 xoxo

  2. Your joy is evident and this is what higher learning is all about. One of my son's classmates has celiac disease and it was great to connect with his mother and discuss my own journey. You are really reaching out!

  3. Casey, this post makes me SO SO happy!! I am happy your sophomore year is off to a great start. I knew everything would fall into place eventually. Keep being awesome my friend! Also, good luck with linguistics! I took that in Spanish last year and it was difficult, but I learned a lot!


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