A Love Letter to Celiac

Dear Celiac Disease,

We've been sharing the same body for over a year now, and I'd like to say I know you pretty well. You hate dairy, but love coconut milk ice cream. Sometimes you rock a food baby without any food, and other days eating is the Best. Hobby. Ever. 

gluten free celiac granola college
I get a tad excited over food sometimes...
especially granola!
I've given you a lot of flack since May of 2013. I've hated you for stripping my weight, only to struggle after you gave it back. I blamed you for my IT-band strain, the endless nights with an upset stomach and the awkward "Casey-watches-people-eat-pizza" parties during my adventures in college.  

But this letter is different. This letter is shipped with postage stamp full of love for celiac disease. 

Love for the gratefulness that now seasons my food. Bread isn't a regularity - but when toasted right, gluten free buns are a treat. And the new creations that have invaded my taste buds - banana ice cream, Maca powder, sweet potatoes? My belly couldn't be more thankful

college celiac gluten free banana ice cream paleo vegan
All the noms!
Love for the people I've met thanks to a single word on my medical chart. Online - Amber, Allie, I'm especially talking to you - and in the cafeteria corner waiting for my "special" meal last year.

Love for the celiac swag that now covers my water bottle, tote bag, backpack and wardrobe. Some wear their heart on their sleeve - this girl wears her stomach

My Christmas key chain...

Love for the ability to educate my entire Women's Nutrition class on how celiac disease is not an allergy or a gluten free fad. 

Love for how my writing has been scattered among the Internet - especially love for Further Foods, a website full of people just dedicated to finding tasty medicine for every health condition. I never imagined I'd be a featured contributor of recipes and wacky celiac stories. But celiac and my new love for food has made it possible

Love for the weeks when my stomach seems normal - and the days when I drool over junk food diet of my college cohorts that doesn't leave them bloated or sick. 

Love for embracing my body whether I'm healthy or struggling, underweight or in shape. 

Looking impressive on a mountain peak
Love for learning something new about living with celiac disease every day. A dating site for people with allergies? Noodles made out of zucchini? If dating is a 6 unit college course, celiac disease is at least 5

And, most importantly, love for finding people who love me for me - random snack bags, pre-kissing toothbrush requirements and all

I love 'em all...even Sammi, the poodle!

Celiac disease, we have our problems. Days filled with dreams of eating out without worry or biting into the French roll from my childhood. But, this pre-Valentines week is all about the love. The love for my struggles, my community, and myself - celiac disease, included. 

*Also found at RunningwithSpoon's link love!*

What is one reason you love celiac disease? Comment below!


  1. I love my Celiac Disease too! I wrote why I do in a blog post last year :P

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, Casey! I love my gluten intolerance because it has allowed me to meet so many amazing people online and it has also broadened my creativity with food!


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