A Ship in the Night

"Like two ships passing in the night" is one of those old phrases that has stuck in my vocabulary long after others have been lost at sea. I remember my using it to explain my roommate and I (our clas schedules tended to keep most our bonding time saying "hi" and "bye" as we left or entered our dorm room), and she thought I said "sheik" and was very confused.

For whatever reason - maybe it was the cough drops I'd been downing to fight my head cold or the finals week sleep deprivation - those words kept repeating in my mind on my last nightly walk around campus before leaving for summer vacation. It wasn't just the far off lights of sailboats cruising in the sea next to my college. It wasn't even how the cold, silent night seemed like one fit for a "sheik."

Action shot!
More than anything else, I blame the finals week reflections that bounced through my brain with every step

By the time this post goes live, I'll have officially survived my second year of college. It's been a year full of adventures with friends, food experiments, and struggles to balance the 100 amazing obligations filling my (gluten free) plate. And, as excited as I am to be driving off to three months of sleep, blogging and family time, I'm also in shock that sophomore year is already over. 

Seems like touring my dorm was just yesterday!

Like a ship in the night, I strolled past the dirt path that takes me to my plot in the campus garden. Though one of my grandmas might as well have a green hand, I've never been strong in the growing department. (Insert shortie joke here). In fact, my first semester, the only "crop" I managed to grow was a bush of nightshade as tall as me. Go figure - apparently poison is more my jam! 

But, after tearing out those roots, I did harvest a few baby strawberries. A head of lettuce. A huge zuchinni leftover from a previous gardner. And lots of memories (and a few skin rashes) from hours in the dirt. I never realized how difficult gardening can be - and, though I will (with bias) proclaim that my strawberries were the sweetest I've ever tasted, I definitely have a new appreciation for that bucket of produce on sale for 4.99. 

Like a ship in the night, I passed the track where, as a freshman, I sacrificed the health of my IT band (and my overall body) for another stress-relieving endorphin rush. I'm slowly working my way back into my running shoes - and, in a few weeks time, I'll even be kicking butt at a Mud Run with my dad and sis. 

Sometimes, I wish I could run like the girl I was a year ago - pre-injury, knocking out 3-4 miles a few times a week. But then I remember all the warning signs I ignored from my body. And I keep walking by. 

Then and now!
Like a ship in the night, I pass both my freshman dorm and my future home: one of highly coveted on-campus apartments. From a freshman dorm filled with halls holding dozens of girls to a cozy (ok, small) house with its own kitchen and four of my favorite girls as roommates. 

My own kitchen won't solve every problem. Sure, unlike this year, I won't have to cook my pizza at 9 am to ensure the oven is free. I won't have to deal with people who seem to leave more food littered in the kitchen than in their stomachs. But, life still will be busy and cooking will still take time. Yet, I still can't wait to turn our key for the first time. 

From Hendricks to Finch to Flex!
Like a ship in the night, I walk through the near-empty courtyards that I constantly zig-zag through on my way class. The courtyards enjoyed while relaxing with friends, stressing over tests, and taking a mental health break in the sun. It's been a whole school year, but, in reflection, it truly feels like sophomore year has floated by me. 

Last night, I got together with friends for the last time to celebrate Brooke's big 2-0. We surpised her with dinner at Chipotle (a big Casey stamp of approval!), an ice cream cake, and a free trip to the theatre (AKA watched House in the Woods on Nick's TV). I never imagined I'd grow so comfortable with a group of people in a year's time - but my texting history (all of the weird pictures!) proves it. Most of us will definitely be returning next year - others might sale by to another port. I can't help but wish I could press "pause" while we enjoy summer and return to the same relationships, inside jokes and that story about getting lost in the ghetto after a donut run. 

Kidnapped to Chipotle, cake, and a movie!
By, maybe as my subconscious was reminding me on my walk, life is always on the move. There were some weeks this semester that I thought would never end - and now sophomore year is sailing on by. 

All I can say is, "Thanks for the good trip." Because, choppy waters and all, it was just that. And I know the next journey will only get better

Does time ever seem to slip you by? Do you have a favorite/most used saying? Comment below! 

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