End Allergies Together + Team Gluten Free Campaign

I forget a lot of things - where I put my car keys, what I needed at the grocery store, even how to get back to my apartment. But, I rarely forget I have celiac disease and that gluten can literally kill me. I'm not alone. Over 100 million Americans follow special diets, whether due to personal choice or medical issues like celiac disease, food intolerances, or diabetes.

Are you?
And, for ninety days, End Allergies Together and Team Gluten Free are running a campaign to change this.

How exactly?

First, to raise funds dedicated to increasing research and awareness. With every dollar raised, this campaign wants to ensure that more research is dedicated to curing a little girl's nut allergy. That people like me are diagnosed with celiac on their first doctor's visit, not their fourth. And that more advocacy and education focuses on bettering the quality of life for everyone suffering from gluten-related disorders.

Goal: less of these stays
Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy their food safely. And this campaign aims to empower every allergic-celiac-intolerant foodie to do just that.

A portion of the funds will also be used to create a second method of attack: building a food-based application designed specifically for those with special diet. Called "Nomsy," this free app lets readers choose their dietary preferences and scan customized articles, places, recipes, and topics. As a gal whose constantly searching Pinterest, blogs, and Find Me Gluten Free for the newest foodie finds, you can imagine how excited I am at the idea of it all being in one place!

A few snaps from Nomsy's info video!

Nomsy will also fulfill every user's online social needs. Members can save, comment on or like articles; host topics; ask and answer questions; and basically connect with fellow foodies who know how it feels when food doesn't like them back! As for the food itself, a peak at Nomsy's blog of preview recipes had me ready for major nomming. Pesto cauliflower pizza, homemade applesauce, and tips on how to cook the fluffiest quinoa were just a few of the articles that caught my eye (or, more accurately, appetite).

It isn't easy to be a celiac who doesn't spend a ton of time planning out his or her food - and I'll embrace any app that will change that status quo.

A snapshot from one of the campaign videos!
To learn more about the campaign and how to bring Nomsy into the online sphere, visit Nomsy's official website and sign up for the beta (like I did!).

Because we deserve to be more than a statistic. More than the "weirdos" who need to read all their food labels or can't kiss their significant other unless a toothbrush did first. Sure, this campaign won't make me forget that I'm a celiac - but more research, better tools for learning about and cooking safe recipes, and increased public awareness can make a difference.

My name is signed up!
And I know I want to be part of it. How about you?

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What is the most exciting thing about Nomsy for you? Do you ever "forget" about your eating limitations? Comment below!


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