The Good Scone: Recipe Recap and Announcement

Whenever I first tell someone I'm gluten free, the usual response is something like: "Can you eat anything?"

Honestly, following a gluten and dairy free diet isn't as difficult as it first appears. Eat whole foods. Find allergen-free products you enjoy and trust. The hardest part? Finding the right gluten free alternative to past favorites. Lucky for this college celiac, The Good Scone fulfills all gluten free and vegan baking needs. 

Definitely a reason to smile!
Months ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday with chocolate gf and vegan cupcakes with cacao avocado frosting. The Good Scone's ease of use - just add vegan butter and vinegar to their chocolate cake mix - fluffiness, moist texture and sweet but understated flavor won over even the gluten and dairy lovers. 

Since then, I've used the Good Scone's all purpose flour to make vegan galettes with flaky, light and golden crusts. On Thanksgiving, we dug into biscuits, which can easily be made vegan if the butter is replaced with diary free margarine. (Check out my Instagram for pictures of these goodies and more!)

casey the college celiac
Savory goodies!
For those with a stronger sweet tooth (ahem, me!), The Good Scone's vanilla cake mix is the key to easy, quick and (in my family's opinion), the best tasting gluten free cookies around! Just add water, sprinkle a little cinnamon, and pop these babies in the oven for some soft, chewy, and sweet sugar cookies. 

Though the batter is too moist to use cookie cutters, artistic (make that stubborn) souls can still enjoy some freestyle Van Gogh action. And yes - I hearted these cookies in all meanings of the word! 

casey the college celiac the goodscone
I <3 these cookies! Recipe here!
One of the best parts about The Good Scone? They have many more recipes ready for curious bakers on their website! Scones, chocolate cookies, entire gluten free and vegan menu available at the click of a mouse. 

The most exciting parts about The Good Scone for the blog? Starting this month, I'm an official ambassador for their three baking mixes! For you, that means more gf and vegan friendly recipes. More experimental baking to recreate pre-celiac favorites. And maybe even a giveaway or two! 

casey the college celiac, the good scone
I promise it'll be sweet!
True, I'll never proclaim that living with celiac disease (especially as a college student) is easy. Once the pantry is filled with some safe, scrumptious gluten free products, however, life with dietary restrictions seems a lot less scary. And a lot more delicious

Have you ever tried The Good Scone? What are your favorite gluten free baking mixes or companies? Comment below! 


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