Gluten Free Green Bean Casserole

There's a saying that you want whatever you can't have...and in the context of celiac disease and food, my taste buds definitely agree! Before diagnosis, I was a meat-and-potatoes type gal. Now? I'm a veggie-lovin', experiment-tastin' foodie - who just happens to crave green bean casserole during every holiday dinner.

The problem? Green bean casserole not only often contains wheat, but also onions, which are neither Casey-tummy happy nor fodmap friendly.

casey the college celiac
My favorite holiday casserole!
Until I created this version. Fresh, crisp green beans coated in a creamy mushroom soup with toasted gluten free "croutons" distributed throughout and on top. Not to mention that this recipe is low fodmap, optionally dairy free/vegan or paleo. Since it's easy and quick to make, this really is the perfect green bean casserole recipe for an allergy-friendly family - whether you're serving a holiday feast or just Tuesday night dinner. 

To get started, gather your green beans and their ingredient groupies:

Serves 6 to 8:

2 cups or so of green beans 
1 can of gluten free cream of mushroom soup (we use Gluten Free Cafe, which does contain some dairy. For a vegan or paleo version, use preferred soup brand or make a homemade version) 
1/2 cup of water, milk (I've used rice milk with success) - add more if want a thinner consistency. 
6 gluten free toasted bread slices/butt (we love and use Canyon Bakehouse, but use your preferred brand) 
Any spices of choice 

Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and boiling your water to cook your green beans. Chop your green beans into thirds, removing the stems if preferred. Then, once the water boils, add your beans and cook as normal (mine took around 10 minutes). Next, start toasting your bread. Be sure to use a gluten free-only toaster to avoid cross contamination if needed.  

casey the college celiac
Four steps to deliciousness!
When the green beans are cooked through and tender, drain and set aside. Cut the toasted bread into small (around 1 inch) squares and open your can of soup. In a large baking dish, pour half the green beans and three quarters of the bread cubes. Then, coat with the cream of mushroom soup, adding the 1/2 cup of liquid (can add more if the mixture still looks too dry). Mix thoroughly before adding the last green beans and sprinkling the final bread cubes on top. 

Cover the baking dish with a lid or foul and bake for 45 minutes or so. Then, remove the lid and bake for a final 5-15 minutes (or however long your other feasting food takes to cook). 

casey the college celiac
My kind of holiday dinner....
Now, all you need to do is dig in! We typically serve this with pineapple and clove spiced ham, potatoes, gravy, and mixed greens - but feel free to experiment

Sometimes, celiac disease can feels like a roadblock to all the desirable edible destinations. But with a little ingenuity and help from some favorite gluten free brands, an old favorite dish can take back its seat at the dinner table!

Yay or nay for green bean casserole? What's your favorite "celiac-ized" dish for the holidays? Comment below!


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