7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

When people learn about my celiac disease diagnosis and my gluten free and dairy free diet, they often ask, "What about ice cream?" Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of gluten free and vegan ice cream brands to choose from! In fact, this summer is the perfect time to find the vegan ice cream of your dreams.

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

Since my celiac diagnosis, I've certainly tasted my fair share of dairy free ice cream. And while I might not be an expert, I've found a few vegan ice cream options that blow even dairy-lovers away! Here are 4+ gluten free and dairy free ice cream brands that every celiac, lactose intolerant or serious foodie should consider trying! 

1. Coconut Bliss Vegan Ice Cream

One of my favorite dairy free ice cream finds? Coconut Bliss, the creamiest coconut milk ice cream known to man (or girl, in this case).

I love that Coconut Bliss adopts a "healthier" mindset to their ice cream, avoiding many of the fillers commonly found in other ice creams. Case in point? Their dark chocolate flavor only has four main ingredients: organic coconut milk, organic agave syrup, organic fair trade cocoa, and organic vanilla extract. Besides being gluten and dairy free, all Coconut Bliss Bliss ice creams are also soy free and certified organic.

Some of my favorite vegan coconut ice cream flavors? Dark chocolate is rich and super creamy but not overly sugary. I bought a carton of this flavor when I was visiting family a few summers ago. I only had a few days to finish off the pint, and we'll just say that I easily met that challenge. I've also enjoyed Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge and Mint Galactica...and I'm definitely drooling over Coconut Bliss's new Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor! 

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

But what if you don't like coconut? As long as I'm eating a strong flavor like dark chocolate, I don't taste any coconut. My mom, who has a stronger aversion to coconut, always managed to taste a hint of it, though. So if you're a major coconut hater, this probably isn't the best vegan ice cream for you.

*Coconut Bliss's gluten free ice cream is made in facilities that also manufacture desserts with wheat. However, they take very thorough steps to maintain their allergy-free claim, and I have never had an issue with this ice cream.*

My rating: 9.5/10 

2. So Delicious: Coconut Vegan Ice Cream Base

If you follow me on Instagram, you know So Delicious and I have a very special relationship. I finish nearly every day with some of their coconut yogurt, so it's only natural that I'd try their ice creams too.

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

So Delicious's coconut vegan ice creams are certified gluten free and, in my opinion, they have a much stronger coconut flavor than Coconut Bliss. They also have more "filler" ingredients, so I typically prefer Coconut Bliss. However, some of the So Delicious ice cream flavors are so drool-worthy, you have to try them. I mean, gluten free and vegan cookie dough ice cream!?! How can you say no to that? Especially when the cookie dough is equally incorporated throughout the ice cream, with every scoop having the perfect combo of chewy cookie and creamy ice cream. 

My rating: 8.5/10 

3. So Delicious: Cashew Milk Vegan Ice Cream Base

If you're looking for the holy grail of dairy free ice cream and don't like coconut, cashew milk ice cream is your secret weapon. When So Delicious released this line last year, everyone went crazy...and as soon as I got to taste some of the flavors, I instantly understood why.

So Delicious's cashew milk ice cream is definitely some of the creamiest vegan ice cream I've ever tried. In fact, it'll give "regular" ice cream a run for its money. Also, there's no weird aftertaste that often plagues gluten free ice cream or other dairy free products. 

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away
The chocolate flavor isn't a bad pairing either!

In fact, I got the chance to try all four of the original flavors when they were first released. My thoughts? 

Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream: 

This gluten free ice cream flavor is super creamy and - to my complete surprise - one of my favorites. I'm not usually a vanilla girl (more of a chocolate and everything but the kitchen sink), but this flavor really lets the cashew ice cream base shine. It also pairs deliciously with our favorite chocolate birthday cake (made using Pamela's mix)

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream: 

This dairy free ice cream flavor is equally creamy and delicious. I also like how dark the chocolate flavor is. Not too sugary but not too rich either!

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away
Also pairs deliciously with gluten free apple pie!

Vegan Chocolate Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream:

Imagine your favorite dark chocolate ice cream - and then crumble Oreos over it. That's exactly what this flavor tastes like. Finding gluten free Oreo cookies that taste like the real thang isn't easy, but the cookie pieces in this ice cream totally bring me back! The cookie-to-ice-cream ratio is also on point. Enough cookie crumbles for a crunch in every bite, but not enough to overshadow the chocolate vegan ice cream. If you're a true chocoholic, skip the plain dark chocolate and choose So Delicious's Chocolate Cookies N' Cream instead. 

Vegan Salted Caramel Cluster Ice Cream: 

This is So Delicious's top-selling vegan ice cream flavor and I can see why. This is a super sweet ice cream and I can't handle more than a few bites. However, there's something crazy addictive about the combination of sweet vanilla and salty clusters of caramel. In fact, my dad (who loves gluten and dairy) actually prefers this gluten free ice cream flavor over any other flavor or brand.

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

My rating: 10/10 (overall)

4. So Delicious Gluten Free Ice Cream Bars

Okay, I know I've already covered plenty of So Delicious products. However, they offer so many gluten free ice cream options, So Delicious deserves another mention. This time, I'm drooling over talking about their vegan ice cream bar. I can't count how many times my sister and I chased after the local ice cream truck, and chocolate anything was always my favorite. Luckily for young (and old) celiacs, lactose intolerants and vegans everywhere, So Delicious has brought the ice cream bar within reach again!  

The only flavor my family has tried so far is the new Salted Caramel cashew milk ice cream bar. As expected, these disappeared quickly. The salted caramel ice cream tastes just as delicious in the bar as it does in the carton, and the chocolate shell adds a nice crunchy contrast. I also like that these ice cream bars are a little smaller than normal, making them the perfect size for one (or two if you're feeling generous).

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

My rating: 9/10

5. Almond Dream Vegan Ice Cream

This was the first dairy free ice cream I found and liked after my diagnosis. Although I stopped eating Almond Dream after discovering I have an almond intolerance, I enjoyed this option at the time. All the flavors of Almond Dream Ice Cream are super smooth and creamy, and there's no aftertaste from the almond base.

For whatever reason, the chocolate flavor didn't taste like "traditional" chocolate ice cream, so it wasn't my favorite. Instead, I preferred the mint chocolate chip and toffee almond crunch. The mint flavor had a strong but not overwhelming or superficial hit of mint throughout, and the chocolate chips added a consistent crunch. Meanwhile, the coffee flavor was a surprise winner. It tasted similar to coffee, which I'm not usually a fan of. However, combined with the large chunks of chewy fudge and the crunch of ground almonds, the toffee flavor was addictive!

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away
One of the first pictures on my blog...

Besides those flavors, Almond Dream Ice Cream also comes in Cappuccino Swirl, Vanilla, Strawberry, Praline Crunch and various vegan ice cream bites and sandwiches.

*Almond Dream ice cream is processed in a facility with wheat, and I have read that some celiacs have issues with Rice Dream, part of the Dream line. I emailed Almond Dream for clarification, and the response (sent from overseeing company Hain Celestial) read in part: "If gluten is a major ingredient, it will be specified in the ingredient list. For consumers concerned about the presence of trace amounts of gluten, we suggest avoiding products that include natural flavors or spices. Hain Celestial Group products that make a gluten-free claim will carry the triangular Gluten-Free symbol, contain a gluten-free label, or specify Gluten Free certification by GFCO." Almond Dream's vegan ice creams have the triangular gluten free symbol but also contain natural flavors. When I ate Almond Dream years ago, I didn't experience any negative reaction; however, I'm not sure I would try this ice cream again. Hopefully, this information will help you decide if Almond Dream is the best vegan ice cream for you!*

My rating: 8/10.

6. Bonus: three dairy free ice cream brands I haven't tried but have heard great things about! 

Nada Moo:

First off, Nada Moo, which should automatically receive props for the A+ name. While I haven't tried Nada Moo yet, other bloggers swear by its creamy coconut base and variety of flavors. This vegan coconut ice cream just released its Rockiest Road and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough flavors in early 2017, and they sound too good to pass up. If I try Nada Moo anytime soon, you'll be sure to hear my thoughts!

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away

Snow Monkey:

While Snow Monkey may not be a "vegan ice cream" by the strictest definition, I'd be remiss to not mention this vegan and paleo sorbet. Made with healthy ingredients like puréed fruits, sunflower butter, vegan protein powder and superfoods, I'd be happy to eat this dairy free ice cream for breakfast if I couldn't blend up my own gluten free smoothie bowl. Right now, it comes in two flavors: Cacao and Goji Berry.

Coconut Bliss's Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich:

Last but not least, Coconut Bliss's Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich. This frozen treat - which comes in vanilla or dark chocolate - was just revealed in January, and I almost licked my phone screen when I saw it. I mean, what's better than gluten free chocolate cookies plus super creamy vegan ice cream!?! I've yet to find this gluten free ice cream sandwich in stores, but my Coconut Bliss radar is on!

7 Gluten Free and Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Will Blow Even Dairy-Lovers Away
I got all the details from one of my fave bloggers...

Sure, celiac disease may limit your diet to gluten free foods. However, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy gluten free and vegan ice cream that tastes like the real thang! In fact, whether you're looking for a nut-based ice cream, a creamy coconut dessert, a low-calorie frozen treat or an epic vegan ice cream sandwich, you can find your perfect match on this list. 
And if you don't absolutely love the first brand you try? I suppose you'll just have to keep taste testing on your search for the very best gluten free and vegan ice cream. Oh the hardship! 

*This post isn't sponsored; these are just my honest opinions on some of the vegan ice cream brands that I love! As always, make sure to read ingredient labels and use your own judgment on what brands meet your dietary, celiac or food allergy needs.*

*Also found at What'd You Do This Weekend, Terrific Tuesday*

What's your favorite brand of gluten free and vegan ice cream? What's your favorite ice cream flavor? 


  1. Coconut Bliss is my favorite! I had no idea they had ice cream sandwiches.

  2. Dude. I need that cookie ice-cream sandwich! I loooove coconut bliss! And so delicious! I wasn't a huge fan of the "Dream" brand, but I haven't tried it since I was first diagnosed, so they may have improved it since then (it's been 10 years so I hope so!).

    Also, to clarify a bit more with the whole "is Dream gluten-free?" thing... It came out a while back that their non-dairy milks (i.e. Rice Dream) were produced using an enzyme found it wheat. They claim that the product still tested under the 20 ppm required for a Gluten-Free certification, but that info combined with some Celiacs complaining of a reaction lead to a whole big controversy in the Celiac community. Not sure if they ever changed their recipe or if that same enzyme is even used in the ice-cream, but just thought I'd share. :) Thanks for the awesome post!


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