Eating Out Gluten Free in Portland: Gluten Free Gem Review

Even though it's been over six months since my visit to Portland, I still think about the gluten free desserts - and savory foods! - I enjoyed from Gluten Free Gem. Vegan quiche, gluten free one word: YUM.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Portland: Gluten Free Gem Review

Gluten Free Gem is 100% gluten free restaurant - just like Petunia's Pies and Pastries and Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine - that also offers vegan and soy free options. I also love that Gluten Free Gem is a family-run bakery, and since it's located in Portland's Lloyd District, it was within walking distance of my hotel. So within a few hours of stepping off my plane from Minneapolis, I walked to Gluten Free Gem and scored some major gluten free goodies.

Because I arrived within a few minutes of the bakery closing during my first visit, there weren't as many options available. However, I still walked away with a HUGE gluten free chocolate chip cookie (it did contain dairy and egg, but there were vegan options as well) and a vegetable vegan quiche (made with cashews!) that I saved for lunch the next day, paired with a small house salad. And let me tell you...I was not disappointed. The cookie was crispy on the edges but chewy in the middle, and the chocolate chunks were huge - just like my chocoholic self likes them.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Portland: Gluten Free Gem Review

As for the quiche...this seriously blew my mind. Since I avoid eggs and dairy in large amounts, I haven't had a "real" quiche in many years, but this vegan and gluten free version checked all the boxes I remembered. Super rich and creamy. "Cheesy" flavor. A "buttery" and crunchy crust. I planned on saving half of the quiche for later, but ended up eating the whole thing for lunch with no regrets. Despite being pretty simple, the side salad also hit the spot. It featured a mix of greens, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, pickled onions and a garlic herb vinaigrette I ordered on the side, and was a tasty mix of chewy and crunchy.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Portland: Gluten Free Gem Review

All of Gluten Free Gem's food was so good (and so reasonably priced, compared to a lot of gluten free restaurants or bakeries!) that I went back the morning before I left Portland. I stopped by shortly after Gluten Free Gem opened for the day, and oh my goodness. Options galore, from donuts to biscuits to huge slices of cake. I ended up going with one of their huge cinnamon rolls.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Portland: Gluten Free Gem Review

I did love the cinnamon roll's (very generous) icing, and the cinnamon center tasted pretty dang heavenly. However, this wasn't my favorite gluten free cinnamon roll I've ever eaten.

But, overall, I was very happy with all of my trips to Gluten Free Gem and I would go back for a vegan quiche and chocolate chip cookie - as well as trying some of their cakes and other baked goods - in a heartbeat if I got the chance! And if you have the opportunity to visit Portland and want to hit up some delicious gluten free restaurants while you're there, Gluten Free Gem should definitely be on your to-do list.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Portland: Gluten Free Gem Review
Just a few of their many baked goods available bright and early...

What's your favorite item to order from a gluten free bakery? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Carrot cake is my absolute favorite dessert. There are a few gluten free bakers in my area that make it. Vegan wasn't good for me, but I do like some of the foods, when you said vegan quiche I was like, YUM! I think I remember you going to Chick Fil A, have you become vegan over time, or is it just a convenient way to avoid allergens? Best wishes, and I hope you stay well!


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