Eating Out Gluten Free in Newport Beach, CA: Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice

One of the last restaurants I ate at before the Coronavirus outbreak was Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice in Newport Beach, California. Since they've reopened within the last few months (at least for takeout and delivery), I thought now would be a great time to spread the word about this 100% gluten free restaurant that's near my new home (check out this Insta post for some MAJOR life updates!).

Eating Out Gluten Free in Newport Beach, CA: Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice

Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice is a 100% gluten free, vegan and organic juice bar and cafe, which is always handy for people looking for entirely gluten free resturant options. I actually stumbled upon it by accident while going for a walk near where my boyfriend works and soon the cafe became one of my favorite spots in the area.

I will say this right off the bat: this cafe is not good for my wallet. Like most "healthy" eating spots, the meals were pretty pricey (though the location in Newport Beach, CA, definitely could've played a role in that!). And while I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, there is another gluten free restaurant nearby called Healthy Habits that sells similar gluten free foods for a bit cheaper.

However, I will also say that Vibe made splurging taste extra delicious, and I'm not make eating here a daily habit, it's definitely a perfect spot to visit to treat yo'self to some tasty and healthy food! I also appreciate that all of their food is made in-house from scratch and that they source ingredients from local farmers.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Newport Beach, CA: Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice

As you might expect, though, one of my favorite parts about Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice is that everything is gluten free, which made ordering my food super easy. Since everything is vegan, you also don't have to worry about eggs or dairy, but nuts and seeds are very common so this isn't the best gluten free restaurant option for you if you have a nut allergy.

Now let's dig into what I'm sure you've been waiting for - the food! Vibe offers sweet and savory foods, and their gluten free bowls, burgers and tacos seriously sound out of this world. And while I've only ordered sweet treats from Vibe during so far, I can attest from observing other customers' orders that Vibe's savory options smell and look just as good as they sound.

As for what I ordered, I started out simple with a kid's smoothie consisting of my choice of fruit and dates. The flavor combos I was offered included blueberries, bananas and dates; bananas, chocolate and dates; and bananas, mango and dates. I went with the first, and while the smoothie was definitely super sweet, it was insanely delicious. I actually added a little bit of my own protein powder into the smoothie once it arrived (which is an option you can pick from the menu, for an additional cost) just to add some protein to my snack, but my taste buds were in smoothie heaven. I also appreciated that the consistency was super smooth and thick, and I actually ate my kid's smoothie with a spoon. Very Casey approved!

Eating Out Gluten Free in Newport Beach, CA: Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice

I was even more impressed when I had my very first acai bowl - ever! I've always made acai bowls at home, but I now understand the appeal of ordering one at a restaurant. I chose their classic acai bowl, which is made of acai, blueberry, strawberry and banana. It is typically topped with fresh fruit, homemade granola, shredded coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs and hemp seeds, but since the granola contains gluten free oats (which don't agree with my system), I asked for extra fruit instead.

Just like with the smoothie, this acai bowl was PACKED with flavor. It was super thick and creamy, and the fruit was fresh and sweet. The toppings added the perfect amount of crunch, and the bowl was the perfect size for a refreshing afternoon snack or breakfast.

Eating Out Gluten Free in Newport Beach, CA: Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice

Besides the yummy food and the fact that I could order anything off of the menu without having to worry, I loved the ambiance of the Newport location where I ate ('s hoping we can all safely enjoy dining out again soon!). The employees were super friendly and I loved that they offered different superfood waters on top...mainly because drinking blue water (thank you, spirulina) was pretty dang cool. Vibe also sells various healthy drinks and gluten free snacks and treats (packaged and homemade) so it's also a great place to stop by when you need a quick bite.

Overall, I can't wait to try some of Vibe Organic's savory options - especially their vegan chicken and waffles ('cause a gluten free waffle - YUM!), macro bowl and roasted butternut squash tacos. And if you're in the Newport Beach area in the future and need a gluten free restaurant to dine at, I hope this gluten free restaurant review helps you out!

Where was the last place you ate before the Coronavirus pandemic closed restaurants? Have you ever eaten an acai bowl? Let me know in the comments!


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