A Chronic Illness Warrior's Energizing (and Yummy!) Fall Morning Routine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Danone. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that fall is officially here, I've been experimenting with a new morning routine that makes me feel even more motivated to conquer the day. And with some help from So Delicious's plant-based yogurt, I'm sharing three easy steps you can add to YOUR morning routine that will help you start the day right.

AD: Need new #morningroutine ideas? Check out this #chronicillness warrior's  energizing, yummy (#glutenfree & #dairyfree) FALL morning routine!

So whether you have chronic illnesses like me and need to show your body some extra TLC or you're just looking for a good morning routine for school or life in general, I hope this post gives you some more fun morning routine ideas to implement this fall! And at the very least, expect to learn of a VERY delicious new breakfast routine you can start, thanks to So Delicious's certified gluten free and plant-based yogurt!

Let's get started. :)

Morning Routine Tip #1: Move yo' body.

As someone with fibromyalgia, I've realized over time just how important exercise is! Even when I'm having a flare-up and can only take a short walk, moving my body each day helps keep my muscles loose. But I've also realized that on busy days (and what days aren't busy in fall, between holiday activities and the start of school?!?), mindful movement often falls to the bottom of my to-do list. Which is why I've made moving my body one of the first things I do when I wake up!

Research has actually found that exercising in the morning can increase people's energy and alertness, reduce their stress levels, and boost their attention...so if you've been stuck in a funk this summer, try adding some movement into your fall morning routine.

With temperatures starting to drop in most areas, fall is my favorite time to go for a short morning walk. But I often end up going for a ride on my stationary bike with the windows open so I can enjoy the breeze...doing a HIIT workout in my living room...or simply hittin' the gym. The key is to find out what movement routine works for you and your schedule...and do what makes you - and your body - happy. Some days that may be a hard, long workout, and other days it could be an easy stroll through Walmart for a yummy snack. ;)
AD: Need new #morningroutine ideas? Check out this #chronicillness warrior's  energizing, yummy (#glutenfree & #dairyfree) FALL morning routine!

Morning Routine Tip #2: Cultivate a clear, grateful mind.

One of the biggest changes I've made to my morning routine is adding mindfulness to my movement! Instead of just exercising to exercise, I use that hour or five minutes to move my body AND clear my mind. Especially when I'm having a flare-up or feeling frustrated by my body's limitations, it's been helpful to ask myself what I'm grateful for - whether it's a good day and I'm doing an intense gym sesh or a bad day when I can only tolerate a short walk.

Now, I don't have great answers to that grateful question every day...but starting each day with that question does help me pay attention to the small wins that happen later that day! And the more grateful you can be, the more benefits you can get, like:

  • a boost in happiness and positive mood
  • focusing less on material items and being more satisfied with life overall
  • improved sleep, resiliency and overall health
  • less fatigue, inflammation and burnout!
I've tried more strict forms of meditation before, and they personally didn't work well with me. And if you can relate to struggling to sit still with your thoughts, perhaps reflecting on them while you move around will help you like it does me!

AD: Need new #morningroutine ideas? Check out this #chronicillness warrior's  energizing, yummy (#glutenfree & #dairyfree) FALL morning routine!
Today, I'm grateful for gluten free and dairy free yogurt!!

Morning Tip #3: Fuel yourself with a yummy breakfast...like So Delicious' creamy plant-based yogurts.

So after I've gotten in some movement and done some positive thinking and reflection, it's time to fuel my body to have an amazing day! And lately, I've been OBSESSED with So Delicious' certified gluten free and plant-based yogurts.

In case you've never heard of So Delicious before, they're part of the B Corp Movement...which basically means they're a superhero in the business world and meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Plus, all of So Delicious' yogurts are made with organic coconuts and are dairy free. Since dairy upsets my stomach and can make my joints hurt, having a convenient dairy free yogurt option has been a lifesaver for me!

AD: Need new #morningroutine ideas? Check out this #chronicillness warrior's  energizing, yummy (#glutenfree & #dairyfree) FALL morning routine!

Lately, I've been especially digging the Coco Almond Crunch Coconutmilk Yogurt and the Key Lime Pie Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative. I love that these are super easy to grab and enjoy on busy mornings and both flavors definitely checked my taste buds' boxes! Their consistencies were super thick and creamy...and even though I'm not a huge key lime lover, I couldn't stop eating the So Delicious Dairy Free Key Lime Pie Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative! It was a bit sweet for my taste, but the tang of the lime balanced the sweetness well, and the crunchy toppings really made it taste like pie in yogurt form.

As for the So Delicious Dairy Free Coco Almond Crunch Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative...where you been all my life?!? Ever since I went gluten free after my celiac diagnosis, I haven't been able to find a plant-based yogurt that also has some gluten free crunch. And if you avoid oats like me, finding that yogurt is even harder. Which is why I LOVE that So Delicious's Coco Almond Crunch Coconutmilk Yogurt gets its crunch from shredded coconut and almonds. Once again, this flavor made me feel like I was having dessert for breakfast...with no cooking - or even looking through my pantry for trail mix - required.

And now for one of the best parts...you can find both flavors at Walmart in the yogurt aisle! So the next time you're placing a Walmart Grocery order and need a yummy gluten free and dairy free breakfast, you know what to get! ;)

And if you need even more plant-based yogurts in your life, you can also stock up on Silk Apple Cinnamon Mix-Ins Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative and Silk Mixed Berry Chia Granola Mix-In Almondmilk Alternative at Walmart too!

A Chronic Illness Warrior's Fall Morning Routine: The Bottom Line

Some mornings are easier than others...but over time, I've realized that the more consistent I am with starting my day in a nourishing, energizing way, the more consistently I have GOOD days! So I hope hearing about how I start my day as someone with celiac disease and fibromyalgia will give you some ideas for how to tweak your morning routine this fall.

AD: Need new #morningroutine ideas? Check out this #chronicillness warrior's  energizing, yummy (#glutenfree & #dairyfree) FALL morning routine!

And let me know in the comments how YOU start your day and if you've tried these flavors of So Delicious plant-based yogurt before. I can't wait to hear!


  1. This is awesome news for me as I may be experimenting with going dairy-free soon and I LOVE my yogurt routine in the mornings! And I agree with your gratefulness tip as a way to set your mindset for the day. I do this also. :)

  2. I love this. I have Lupus which causes severe joint pain. My routine is very similar, but instead of yogurt I do smoothies.

  3. You are inspiring! And while I don't [always] have issues with dairy...I'm beginning to wonder if going dairy free might be helpful. Either way, you've convinced me to try at least of these So Delicious flavors! Best wishes!

  4. I was super excited to see these in your blog! I had something very similar all the time in highschool before being diagnosed with Celiac and an allergy to milk and eggs. I grabbed one of each and Walmart and fell in love!!! They are amazing. I also agree with you on the lime one, normally I would like the chocolate better, but they hit it out of the park with the lime. Thanks so much for sharing and making my day better!

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