Ruggles Green Review, Part 2

When this foodie goes on a vacation, I'll admit that researching, drooling over, and planning days out at local restaurants is a highlight of my trip. In Colorado Springs, I run to Coquette's Bakery and Bistro. When I'm in Point Loma for school, I love spending hours at True Food Kitchen. And when I'm cruising around Suglarland Texas, nothing hits the spot (or crosses all my celiac boxes) like Ruggles Green.

Their welcome sign!
For those who don't remember my brief review last summer, Ruggles Green is a casual Texas restaurant chain known for its dedication to green eating, organic ingredients, and a plethora of gluten free/vegetarian options. The best part? They aren't just gluten free on the fad diet level. In fact, every worker I talked was not only familiar with the gluten free options (which are clearly marked on the menu), but also knew about cross contamination, celiac disease, and proper cooking precautions.

Like the last time I enjoyed a meal at Ruggles Green, I walked in craving a burger. A girl can only live off of loaded salads (the easiest meal to prepare away from home) for so long! Though I had several options to choose from, I ended up ordering the Turkey Burger on Ruggles' own gluten free bun with a side of sweet potato fries. The fries are marked gluten free on the menu, but you can imagine my excitement when I learned they were actually gluten free (i.e. not cooked in a shared fryer) and therefore celiac friendly.

Then, now, and a wall full of condiments!
Despite the growing lunch crowd, our food arrived in a short 15 to 20 minutes. One of my favorite parts about Ruggles Green? The "gluten free" cards that mark every GF meal when it is delivered. Although this doesn't protect against any contamination in the kitchen, I hate when workers don't announce that my food is gluten free when delivering my order. Little card = big safety of mind!

And the taste? Absolutely delicious! My burger was HUGE, and cooked through while still being juicy. A couple layers of crunchy lettuce + melted mozzarella daiya cheese (a dairy free score!) + tomato slices + organic mustard and ketchup (varieties of which each customer chooses from the wall of condiments) = an edible heaven in my hand. All held together by a bun that, besides boasting a soft, flaky texture, didn't fall apart like many gluten free breads.

Time for my close up!
My side of sweet potato fries disappeared nearly as quick as the burger! They are consistently voted the best sweet potato fries in Houston and, after my first bite, I could see why. Crispy without being hard. A good balance of salty and sweet. And satisfying without leaving an imprint of grease on the empty plate. I ate half of my meal for a late lunch, then devoured my leftovers for dinner the next day. Both delicious and both ending in very happy bellies.

A few days before we left Houston, though, I needed one more Ruggles Green fix. This time we chose the to-go option, usually a no-go for celiacs. Despite ordering on the phone to the wrong location (my bad!), I still walked out with a 12 inch gluten free veggie pizza after only twenty minutes of waiting.

Pizza for two one?
Cooked on a thin crust (which I believe is Smart Flour's but could be mistaken), mine was covered in pesto, roasted veggies (I ordered without the onions and garlic to make it fodmap friendly), arugula, and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. To keep it dairy free, I also requested no cheese and simply added some of my own daiya cheese at home.

Though the pizza tasted a little too greasy, the flavors made up for it! The roasted tomatoes and mushrooms burst in my mouth, while the chunky zucchini slices complimented the tangy sauce. I would name the burger as my favorite meal, but this pizza definitely cured my pie craving and made for delicious leftovers. 

Hannah's favorite!
Surprisingly enough, one of Ruggles' gluten free meals also won the heart (or is it stomach?) of my gluten-eating sister. She ordered the Quinoa Linguini with Turkey Meatballs both visits and couldn't believe it was gluten free. I stole a bite (The best part about eating at a place with a variety of GF options? Taste testing others' plates like a "normal" eater!) and it turned me into a pasta lover! 

The quinoa linguini tasted soft, but not over cooked. And for those wondering about any quinoa aftertaste, the (deliciously) dominant flavors were definitely the fresh tomato sauce and Italian seasonings. The turkey meatballs were smaller than the traditional restaurant spaghetti, but made up for it in flavor and tenderness. Finished off with grated Parmesan cheese on top, my sister slurped up her serving in no time and I couldn't blame her! 

Special food for special me!
As a celiac, finding safe and delicious food while traveling can be more tedious than the traveling itself. For all those with food allergies in Texas, though, Ruggles Green is definitely a scrumptious stop. This celiac gives it a solid 10/10 with only one complaint: no California locations! 

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Have you ever eaten at Ruggles Green? What's the best gluten free burger or pizza you've eaten? Comment below!


  1. I've never eaten at Ruggles Green or even heard of it for that matter, but it looks delicious, and it's in Texas, so I totally could make arrangements to eat here! I've been to Sugarland so many times, and I've never stopped here. That pizza looks incredible. I'm a thin crust person, and all those veggies on top looks amazing!

    1. Well you should definitely drive on over there and give it a try! And I'm with you on the thin crust - always the best, especially with some good toppings. Let me know what you think! :)


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