Twenty Wishes for this Year

Twenty years old. The birthday that says adios to teenagehood and hello to expectations of acting worthy of adulthood. Which, of course, is why this college celiac rebelled by procrastinating on her blog posts...birthday exception, anyone?

Seriously though, responsibility comes in more colors than meeting an online deadline. This birthday weekend, it meant loving myself with a little morning run. Taking a break from technology, grading papers for my TA jobs, and homework. And packing my days with lots of friends, family, and delicious (gluten free) food. In the spirit of the big 2-0, here are twenty things I want more of before my next birthday swings by.

The Loma breeze beat me to
blowing out the candles!
1. More choices to push my limits - physical, emotional, and mental - and not be afraid to get a little dirty (Mud Run style).

2. More afternoons spent dodging bees, devouring a picnic lunch and amusing park goers with our hilarious and ill-timed selfies.

3. More laughing at puns that really shouldn't be this funny.

4. More safe, delicious food - including a gluten free bun and fries in a dedicated fryer from Stacked and loads of birthday cake - with friends and family to pig out with me!

A few birthday snapshots!
5. More random adventures with friends.

6. More classes that stretch my imagination, keep me up at night with homework or studying, and drive me crazy - but make me look back and smile.

7. More blog posts that touch people all around the globe.

8. More mornings spent alone at the track, with just my headphones, the ocean waves, and the rhythm of my sneakers hitting rubber to keep me company.

Lane 2 for the big 2-0!
9. More nights in the kitchen, laughing at my roommate's face as I throw avocado, cacao powder, chocolate and spices in a blender and poof! Magically make frosting!

10. More random memes that make my friends laugh out loud in the middle of chapel. (Luckily disguised by gospel music).

11. More funny face contests between my friends and family.

A pretty stiff competition of funny...
12. More weekend nights spent with friends, holed up watching horror movies and listening to the boys scream.

13. More smiles at the mirror.

14. More surprise meetings of others with celiac disease or gluten intolerance - or people willing to learn what these are.

15. More yoga classes that leave me hot and sweaty and counting the days until I can squeeze in another session!

A pic from our last father/daughter class!
16. More quiet night walks around campus.

17. More goofy selfies with random pieces of food - including, thus far, sweet potatoes, pizza, and chocolate cupcakes.

18. More people who understand my love for cute, quirky dishware and roommates who know that a package of sweet potatoes and a ripe avocado make the best birthday gift.

19. More days that end with Netflix, a bed or couch, and me curled up with my favorite boy.

Some of the best memories this year!
20. More memories that are worth remembering.

It's crazy to think that the teenage years are over - but even more exciting to think of all the years of memories still to come. And, hopefully, the list of things I hope to do and love to remember will keep growing at the same pace I do!

Now that's my kind of birthday wish.

What do you wish to happen in the next year? How do you celebrate your gluten free birthday? Comment below!


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