Calm Holidays and a Natural Calm Giveaway!

Whether from finals, Christmas shopping or family visits, the holidays often deliver stress as much as cheer. Luckily for this college celiac (and one lucky giveaway winner!), Natural Vitality is here to offer calming tips and one bottle of their stress-reducing supplement, "Natural Calm." 

In their Calmful Holidays E-book, Natural Vitality offers calming advice ranging from Feng shui holiday decorating to keeping a "mindful perspective." Three tips especially stuck out for me though as I was surviving Finals!
Calmness within (virtual) reach!
1. Push down stress with downward dog! Natural Vitality highlights three yoga poses that help with stress, digestion, and calm. Though I can't practice yoga as often at school, as I've written before, a strange sense of calmness leaves the yoga studio with you. 

Maybe it's the heat, which sometimes keeps you from worrying about anything - except slipping on your sweaty yoga mat!

Or maybe it's the ability to see your body - twisted, balanced or rooted into the floor - in ways you didn't think you could do before. 

Two of their favorite calming poses!
Either way, yoga (especially tree pose for me) helps quiet a busy mind and focus the body. My advice? Whether you're a yoga newbie or guru, try stretching when you feel stretched thin this holiday. Who knows what a new (upside down?) perspective you could find!

2. Crank up the Holiday tunes. Natural Vitality suggests trying some less traditional (and more relaxing) songs, but any song can help! If "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" reminds you of your favorite stuffed animal as a kid (guilty!), turn it up!

Dancing like there's Christmas music ;)
Not only can music help chores (or holiday traffic!) pass by more quickly, it can also transport you back to the Christmas magic of your childhood. It's hard to be a stressed-out Grinch when your favorite carol comes on the radio! 

3. Holiday recipes - but not just any holiday treats. Instead of stress-eating all the sugar cookies, try out healthier - but still tasty - alternatives like mashed cauliflower or a festive cranberry salad (recipes available in the E-book here!). 

Smoothies are also easy ways to sneak in some extra greens and vitamins during the holiday season - and starting your day with a cup of warm lemon water ensures your digestion is revved for eating! 

One of their nutritious recipe and my favorite smoothies!
Holiday food that mixes flavor with nutrients is where Natural Vitality's supplement, "Natural Calm," joins the party. Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that is gluten free, vegan, and Non GMO - though packed with a punch of raspberry-lemon flavor.

Magnesium and calcium are commonly toted as superheroes for building healthy muscles and bones. They both also play an important role in stress, as Natural Vitality explains in the picture below.

The more you know...
I tried out the supplement for myself during the ultimate stressful time in a college student's life: finals week. At first, I was worried that the powder, sweetened with stevia, would overpower my taste buds. I was pleasantly surprised. The raspberry-lemon flavor was tasty but not overwhelming.

Did I immediately feel less stressed? No food (except maybe chocolate) has that effect! But I loved knowing that I was taking control of my stress in a nutritious, easy way. The delicious taste doesn't hurt either! 

The prize!
One lucky reader will get to experience the gift of calmness for themselves or a loved one this Christmas. Just enter the Raffle below for a chance to win 56 servings of Natural Calm in a sleek, easily accessible bottle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sometimes we can't control seasonal stress from invading our lives. But with some holiday tricks or drinks from Natural Vitality, calmness is one present you don't have to wait until Christmas to receive! 

*Also found at RunningwithSpoon's link love!*

*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

What are your tips for calmness during the holidays? Any favorite comfort foods? Comment below! 


  1. Cooking and BAKING, watching christmas movies, playing christmas music...and coloring in old christmas coloring books ;) Calming perfection!

  2. For stress relief, I love cooking and reading.

  3. Seeing friends and listening to music are my faves!

    The Pink Paperdoll

  4. I like to walk when it's a nice fresh-aired day outside! Also, taking time to make a good meal or bake something is also calming because I know I'm taking care of myself.


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