New Year, New You?

In the short time between Christmas and New Years, advice for self improvement runs rampant. It's hard to read the news or surf the Internet without articles like "Post Christmas Cleanse," "Best Resolutions to Lose Weight," and "How to Make Changes Stick" jumping in your face. 

Is a "new you" the best goal for 2016, though? With only one day of 2015 left, though, this college celiac isn't sold on the idea. 

casey the college celiac
What better way to ring in the New Year?
I'll admit, 2015 hasn't gone perfectly. There's been stress. Glutenings. Gaining weight and losing it. Family changes, friend drama and so many essays to write, my writing hand should be earning a separate college diploma. 

But, there were also so many highlights. Late nights staying up just talking with my roommates. New connections with gluten free companies - like The Good Scone and Love with Food - that keep my belly and heart full. Fun times spending time with family and celebrating a one-year anniversary with my boy

2015 highlights!
This 2016, I don't want to start from scratch. I don't want to make a "new me" who will stick to every resolution with the resolve of a gluten free, raw vegan in a BBQ restaurant. Instead, I want:

More chances to learn. About my classes - did you know the first woman elected to the Supreme Court? I do! About myself. About my celiac and my perfectly flawed body. And about my dreams for the future

More kitchen experimentation. Ironically enough, my diet after being resist limited by celiac is filled with more variety and curiosity than ever before. Now, I love trying new fruits and vegetables. This was the year of turmeric, spirulina, vegan baking, zoats, figs, and radishes. Who knows what new food crushes 2016 will bring?

casey the college celiac
Some of my top hits on Instagram!
More laughter under pressure. I'm the queen of pushing too hard, demanding too much, and expecting perfection. I do this with grades, my social life, and even my digestive system.

More practice balancing my blogging life and college life. This last semester has been one of the busiest - and this next one won't be any different. Sometimes I feel guilty that I can't post three or more times a week. I know some bloggers will promise to post more in 2016; for me, that goal would only be counterproductive. Instead, I want to blog happier - because when I feel empowered, joyful and excited about living as a college celiac, hopefully my readers can feel the same. 

casey the college celiac
Ready to run into 2016!
I know, at least a couple times next year, I'll fail many of these resolutions. But I'm not trying to be a "new me," which will be implacably a perfected form of the last. Instead, I just want another "me." One with an equal amount of happy and sad, success and failure. 

So from 2015 Casey to 2016 Casey:

"Hello." (Cue Adele's hit song to play dramatically in the background.) "Can't wait to meet you."

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What are your 2016 goals? Do you believe in the "new me" movement? Comment below! 


  1. When I read your post it was as if I heard myself talking haha! I'm a perfectionist with everything as well and I should maybe try to relax a little more. But I would never want "a new me". It just seems unrealistic, because we're only human.

    I wish you all the best in 2016! And I hope it will be a fantastic year for you!


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