Holiday Specials: An Announcement and Discount for Love with Food

On the holidays, "special" has two meanings. First, it can refer to the magic environment created by Christmas songs, trees, and bundled clothes. On the other hand, it also reflects the discounts every store from The North to the South pole is offering. 

This season, Love with Food exhibits both meanings for me. First, a special announcement. I am now officially an affiliate of one of my favorite gluten free companies, which I reviewed for the first time earlier this year. What's that mean for you? Lots more information about Love for Food - and special discounts for my readers! 

The best kind of mail!
In particular, to celebrate the holidays, for every purchase over $30, customers get $5 off, a $40 bonus, and a magazine! Santa is coming early...or is delivering the perfect gift for the celiac in your life!

What's so great about Love with Food? Though you can check out my first review, I thought I'd break down what goodies filled my Love with Food box last month!

Throwback to my first review!
First off, for every gluten free box purchased, two meals are donated to a food bank in the US. Also, each box contains 10-15 gluten free certified snacks safe for any celiac customer!

Now for the delicious details. The November box included: 

1 bag of Wow cookies 
1 package of lentil-based pasta
1 container of Purely Elizabeth quick oats
1 bag of Enjoy Life dairy, soy, and gluten free chocolate chips
1 serving of wild rice hot cereal
1 mini Nogii protein bar
1 package of Date Lady dates 
1 package of fusion jerky in lemon pepper 
A few sticks of turbinado sugar

November's goodies!
As usual, the box contained a good balance of sweet and savory. I was especially excited to see the Wow cookies (my Mom's favorite gluten free brand), chocolate chips and dates (which made for delicious additions to my homemade granola!) 

I'm also looking forward to trying the wild rice hot cereal - which will probably mimic my own oatless oatmeal - and use the lentil pasta for my favorite vegan crockpot Mac and cheese! 

Some of my fave uses for this month's products!
As for the items I couldn't or preferred not to eat (like the oatmeal - oats, and the protein bar - soy and dairy), my roommates and family were willing to step up to the plate (food pun intended as usual!) 

Want to start your own Love with Food adventure at a discounted price? Use this Love With Food link or use the code "JOY5" for a perfect way to fuel up during the holidays! 

*Though I will receive a small monetary reward for any readers who sign up for Love with Food through my page, it will not cost you anything and my "love" for the company and its products are genuine!*  

What is/would be your favorite gluten free product to receive? Comment below! 


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