Monthly Favorites: January 2016

Just when I finally get used to writing "2016" on my school papers, February has to happen and mess up my dates again. Oh well. Bring on the white-out.

(And, in the ultimate irony, a campus-wide blackout of Internet and electricity as I was writing this post. More on this Sunday adventure below).

casey the college celiac
What a month!
While January passed quickly, it still had its share of highlights. So, to start a new monthly post series, here are my January favorites (food, fun and everything in between)!

What I'm Eating

New kinds of nut butters! I mean what girl who receives lots of Christmas Amazon gift cards doesn't use them on four different kinds of nut butter? Three of my new favorites? Pumpkin Seed Butter from Omega Nutrition - earthy and creamy with a little graininess left. Anna's Choice Cashew and Macadamia Butter - super creamy and drippy! Sweet Spreads Coconutter, Cinnamon Roll flavor - a bit sweet, but great in small doses (and it melts over oatless oatmeal and freezes over smoothie bowls).

casey the college celiac
Some great eats...
PF Changs - the perfect allergy-friendly date night location! My boyfriend got a gift card for Christmas (do you see why we're dating? food present priorities!) so we dined at PF Changs before seeing the new Star Wars. I got my usual - if you can call it that after only two visits - of the Street Noodles. Delicious and safe!

Stuffed spaghetti squash! I hadn't had spaghetti squash in over a year because eating it as a spaghetti replacement didn't agree with my stomach before. But, I gave in and bought a baby squash for 88 cents, loaded it up with enchilada toppings, and my taste buds (and stomach!) loved it. I guess it's tomato sauce, not squash, that's a no-no for me.

What I'm Doing

Smiling during movie dates with friends. (And I definitely recommend The Perks
of Being a Wallflower 
if you haven't seen it - so good!)

The goofy gang!

Being grateful for ELECTRICITY AND INTERNET! First, last Thursday, my whole campus lost Internet when the cord managed to get cut. Then, last Saturday night, an awful windstorm hit and knocked out all our power AND Internet. Basically we just bundled up in tons of blankets (without our heaters, it was freezing) and did homework by battery-operated candle light. So thankful that it switched back on late that night. Mainly because that meant my food in the fridge was OK!

Lovin' wearing warm tights under shorts or skirts. California weather is so unpredictable. This week, it was a high of 53 F with 20 mile winds on Monday...and a sunny 70 F on Saturday! Fighting the cold while being comfy and looking cute is always a plus...

casey the college celiac
All the veggies!
Looking goofy with walls covered in pictures of giant fruit and veggies. We actually stumbled upon this wall while watching the US Women's soccer team play (and beat) Ireland. Great game, funny photos!

What I'm Planning

Party hard Super-bowl style this weekend with my boyfriend and his family. They always throw a small Superbowl party, complete with a projector showing the game, a "betting sheet" filled out beforehand, and, of course, lots of food. While I can't enjoy the last item, I'm looking forward to a weekend away from school with the boy.

Hit up the Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo coming to San Diego (at the Del Mar Fairgrounds) on February 20-1! My mom and I went to our first expo two years ago soon after my celiac diagnosis. I'm excited to try out any new products, enjoy my usual favorites and meet other people from the celiac/gluten free community. Mom and I plan on arriving hungry! (If you're near San Diego at that time, come and join in on the fun! I'd love to meet you in person!)

casey the college celiac
Coming soon!
Give an update on all the goodies I've been making with The Good Scone flour mixes, for which I'm now an ambassador! I devoured this pot pie galette (with an easy vegan crust) a few weeks ago and plan on whipping up some cookies for my roommate's birthday this week.

What were some of your January highlights? What are you planning this February? Comment below!


  1. Nut butters ;) They really are the greatest little gifts of joy you can get yourself!
    And congrats on the ambassadorship! I saw that on your side bar yesterday ;)
    AND no power...horrid...The longest I ever lived without was during Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. No electricity, heat, or water for 7 days!


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