Snack Attack: Recent Favorite Gluten Free Products!

Whether it's Memorial Day weekend or a regular workday, Monday's usually boast one constant: lots of energy-boosting snacksThis particular Monday, I'm ending Celiac Awareness Month with a bang - or, to be more exact, some chewy, crunchy, creamy goodness! 

Instead of offering my thoughts on one product, today is a snack edition covering three of my recent (sponsored) finds: New Zealand jerky, Bare Snacks banana chips and Coromega's Be Bright superfood oil blend. 

casey the college celiac
The secret weapons for every snack attack...
Which product is the perfect snack for you? Keep reading to find out!

First, New Zealand jerky. Compared to other jerky brands, New Zealand's beef is pasture raised, non GMO, paleo and free of preservatives, additives, MSG and nitrates. It also doesn't hurt that each jerky flavor offers 30 or more grams of protein without any saturated fat! 

In particular, I sampled the Original, Peppered and Teriyaki flavors. I'll admit that I'm not a huge jerky gal - sweet snacks are more my style - but my dad and sister happily volunteered to test taste. The results? In the history of my product reviews, I've never seen the gluten-eaters in my family drool over a gluten free food so much

casey the college celiac new zealand jerky
Hannah and Sammi both approve!
According to my sister, the original flavor is chewy, but not overly so. She also loves the spices, saying the hints of garlic and onion powder complemented the beef. My dad was less eloquent: "It's yummy!" The fact that the first bag of jerky disappeared within a week, however, speaks for itself. 

Next, my favorite product of the three: Bare Snacks' new banana chips. As already mentioning, my sweet tooth rules when it comes to three o'clock snacking. These banana chips are the best of both worlds: sweet yet free of added sugar, preservatives, oil and fat. The only ingredient? Bananas! The fiber they offer is a another (delicious) plus. 

These chips come in three flavors: Simply (aka plain/original), Cinnamon and Cacao. Compared to other banana chips that I've tried, I love that these don't have the same overly sugary or oily texture. They also taste thick enough for a satisfying crunch but not so thick you worry about breaking a tooth! 

casey the college celiac bare snacks
*wipes drool off my computer screen*
Personally, I ate plenty of these babies straight from the bag. They also, however, make the perfect crunchy topping for smoothies, on top of yogurt parfaits or even baked into homemade granola! If you really want to go bananas, whip up some banana ice cream and sprinkle some of these on top. A decadent dessert without any added sugar? That's my kind of bite!

Last but not least is Coromega's Be Bright superfood oil blend. This mix includes 5 plant based healthy fats: chia seed oil, black cumin seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil and avocado oil. Altogether, it packs 787 mg of Omega-3 while being gluten free, vegan, organic and non GMO

In particular, Coromega claims that these oils provide benefits like detoxifying the body, promoting fat loss, providing lots of Vitamin E and giving athletes a pre-workout boost. While I can't say I've felt any of these effects myself (having only used it a couple times so far), I love adding it to my pre-workout smoothies

casey the college celiac coromega superfood oil blend
That creamy green goodness!
Not only does it give my smoothies an extra creamy texture, but it's also a great way to increase my healthy fats and nutrients overall. As someone who works out and wants to gain some weight, this Superfood Oil is the perfect secret weapon! (As I quickly discovered during my first taste, this oil also makes smoothies extra filling!) And for those worried about the taste, don't be. As long as you use a greater amount of flavorful fruits, liquid or spices, you can't even taste the oil! 

Whatever you're up to this Monday (or any day!), snacking will likely crash your party. And, despite snacking's common reputation as a nutrient-low, sugar-high habit, snacking can be healthy. In fact, as my experience with New Zealand jerky, Bare Snacks banana chips and Coromega oil showswhether you need a paleo, protein-packed bite or plant based versions that are naturally sweet or tasteless but full of healthy fats, there are gluten free snacks for you

casey the college celiac smoothiebowl
"Wanna Spoon?" isn't a question with these snacks!

The best part? Your taste buds will love them just as much as the rest of your body

*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

*Also found at Food & Fitness Link Up and RunningwithSpoon's Link Party!*

Are you a sweet or savory snacker? What's your favorite snack? Comment below!


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