The Best Celiac-Related Dad-isms for Father's Day

Dads say the darndest things, don't they? Or at least mine does. To celebrate Father's Day this year, I thought I'd share some of the best celiac-related Dad-isms that have occurred in my family...and probably in yours too!

casey the college celiac
As we posed on a mountain of course...
About Food

1. Looking at my smoothie bowl breakfast: "What makes it"

2. Still watching me eat my smoothie bowl: "Enjoying your...mixture, there?"

3. *Makes dozens of silly faces at my smoothies* *Now he makes his own* Casey world domination part 1. 

casey the college celiac smoothie bowl vegan
Not to mention faces when I'm photographing...
4. When I discovered that, during our road trip to Colorado Springs, we'd be stopping by one of top rated gluten free restaurants in the US. "You're more excited about the food than the move to Colorado." Guilty. 

5. When we found free samples of a gluten free Acai drink after the Mud Run 5K: "Take one...or two...or three, one for Hannah and I technically..."

About Celiac 

6. After reading up on Gluten Dude's blog: "Do you feel like home is a safe place?"

7. When talking about possible restaurants: "So, it's gluten free...but is it celiac safe." (The real question for every celiac of course!)

casey the college celiac
In the end, no nose ring for me...
8. When I was crying over the idea of returning to college while rocking a feeding tube: "Dye your hair pink, get your nose pierced if you want!"

9. After I finally gained back some of weight I lost from celiac disease: "Call the presses - Casey's got her butt back!"

About Life

10. After my (ex) boyfriend and I broke up: "You'll find someone else. You have a few...quirks, but you have a lot to offer." Ahh, thanks dad!

casey the college celiac father family
Snaps through the years...
My house has definitely enjoyed some interesting celiac-related conversations and plenty of memorable one-liners! I'm always so grateful to have such a supportive, awesome (and often hilarious) dad to look up to - and the memories I've made I've made with him will last even longer than these favorite Dad-isms! 

Do you have favorite celiac-related Dad-isms? I'd love to hear them! Comment below! 


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