Monthly Favorites: May 2016

It's that time again - the first week of a new month, which makes it a perfect time to share some flashbacks. If I had to sum up May in one word, it would be blessed. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities (and delicious eats!) that landed on my plate this month. I'm even more excited to share all these highlights with you!

What made May so great? Let's find out!

casey the college celiac vegan smoothiebowl
Featuring some delicious eats, as usual!
What I'm Eating

Veggie dumpling soup. I use this crockpot recipe and made the dumplings vegan by subbing coconut milk and Earth Balance butter. The dumplings are (verytemperamental, my family has devoured the soup both times we've made it so far! Sometimes I have it with chicken; sometimes I eat it with black beans for plant based protein instead. Either way, I love adding lots of zoodles and squoodles (Is that what squash noodles are called?) and eating some creamy avocado and crisp green beans on the side. Yum! (Even if summer weather can make this a rather...sweaty dinner.) 

casey the college celiac
Everyone's favorite foods!
Lots of new gluten free goodies. Thanks to Celiac Awareness Month, my postman was kept busy delivering products. The funniest comment? He saw my shipment of New Zealand jerky and muttered, "New Zealand? That's a new one!" 

Smoothie bowls all day every day - sometimes I even take one to work with me! As long as you have a big enough bowl to mix in your toppings, it can actually be a very office-friendly brunch. 

What I'm Doing

Enjoying being freeeee from school! Although I'm still studying for the GRE (a grad school entrance exam), it's awesome to have more time to relax and experiment in the kitchen

casey the college celiac san onofre beach
Relaxing at the beach too...
Submitting pieces of writing to various websites and magazines...and even getting some acceptances! BlogHer recently featured my post, "My Chronic Illness Revealed Society's Sick Weight Standards." I'm also beyond excited that a competitive paying literary magazine (Journal of Compressed Creative Arts only publishes 2% of submissions) accepted one of my pieces!

Working at my dream internship! As I'm sure you'll hear about more as the summer progresses, I'm officially a part time Editorial Intern for Entity Magazine. Entity will be launching its online magazine this July - and I'm helping write the articles for it! I love that Entity is focused on empowering women. Looking at the kick-butt female staff I'm working with, I know Entity (and I) will succeed!

What I'm Planning

Exploring Disneyland with the family! Watch out Mickey Mouse - this month, the Cromwells will be adventuring for a few days in the Happiest Place on Earth. If you have any suggestions for gluten free places to eat, comment below, email or tweet me!

casey the college celiac
Sneak peaks...and a throwback to Disney World!
Sharing a long overdue product review of So Delicious's cashew-based ice creams! Plus lots of Canyon Bakehouse products. After all, what's more popular in summer than ice cream and BBQ-friendly foods

Working...working...working...three days a week, 9-5. My first real job - so if I ever miss a blog post here or there, you know why!

As quickly as May flew by, it sent plenty of blessings my way. You've probably heard of the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." If my life is blooming now, I can't wait to see the adventures of June

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Any highlights of May for you? What are you planning on June? Comment below! 


  1. Wow - so many good things happening for you right now!!
    Its super hot where I am too, so I have been eating alllll the smoothie bowls. That and overnight oats or chia puddings. They are just so refreshing and COLD. lol

    1. All three of those combos are my favorite breakfast choices! Especially during summer....

  2. Sounds great! I dont know about disneyland but i know disney world has tons of gf options. im sure disneyland would too! Congrats on the writing acceptances so exciting!

    1. Thanks so much for the congrats Heather. Disneyland turned out to be quite delicious, so it was a great surprise! :)

  3. that veggie dumpling soup sounds delicious! I'll totally be checking out that recipe :)

    1. Please do - dumplings that are gluten free and vegan? How can anyone say no? ;)

  4. That’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing these details regarding Disney Springs. Currently, searching for a list of best venues Chicago. Haven’t been to Chicago so finding it difficult to arrange things for my sister’s wedding.

    1. I wish you the best of luck with your Chicago venture!


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