Pity Parties

When I made this blog I promised myself I would share all of my experiences with celiac disease, good or bad.

This morning fit into the second category. 'Cause sometimes having a chronic disease you know...sucks

I knew something was wrong when I started bawling -- and I mean an extra large order of tears with snot on the side -- over a small glitch with my computer. 

Frustration. Stress. Annoyance at the nausea and acid that refuse to leave after two months on the diet. I even have gluten free shampoo and lipstick for goodness sake! 

So I cried. I mentally yelled. And that's okay

Fact is, you're allowed to have a pity party every once in a while. You're allowed to be sad and yell at the world for not being able to enjoy the hot piece of pizza or banana split others take for granted. 

Even for the biggest optimist, life isn't a permanent bucket of sunshine and any illness, celiacs included, increases the possibility of rain. 

But don't forget to enjoy what you can still partake in, food or otherwise. To kill my funk, I trapped my mom in a giant bearhug, watched TV with my sister, and did a cannon ball in our swimming pool. 

And my favorite gluten free, dairy free ice cream might have been involved.

Ice Cream = Happiness 

Just remember, especially in the beginning months after diagnosis or diet change, tears are acceptable as long as smiles are too

Did anyone else have trouble dealing with their diagnosis? What's your favorite pick-me-up? Comment below! 


  1. Goodness, I absolutely feel your pain! It's been 4 months isn I was diagnosed. It's been only about 1 month since i took out Corn/Soy/and the million other Major major triggers that I have. I find that Gut Healing is the step I wish I had taken first. Like most newly diagnosed celiacs I jumped head first into Gluten Free goodies, even though I rarely ate snacks before. Truly I think that's what I did wrong. I am starting over and bringing Whole Foods all the way back in.

    My Husband is even doing a "gut healing" 4 week cleanse with me. We pretty much made it up but it will help me in the log run and make him feel even better.

    Best of luck! Just know Pity Parties are a-okay. We all have them.

  2. Thanks for the note! Yep, the healing timing is definitely the worst. I haven't taken out soy, but I avoid corn mostly and cut out dairy (sad face). I'm trying to stick to mostly Whole Foods - fingers crossed for both of us!

    Glad to know I'm not alone and I hope your "gut cleanse" works out! :)

  3. I still have a frustrated crying session about once every month, and I usually deal with it with ice cream, chocolate, and funny tv shows. My stomach couldn't actually handle chocolate for about four months there, so now I might eat it more often than I should. That's the exact same kind of ice cream I was eating when I had to cut out dairy too! Isn't it delicious? Without that ice cream, I would have had a much harder time.


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