December Dreaming

December. The month of Christmas music, frantic shopping, and, one special evening, extra dreaming by children tucked up in their beds. 

This year, though, dreams of sugar plum fairies hit this celiac a few weeks early thanks to my college, PLNU. Thanks to a booth on Caf Lane filled with note cards dripping with the dreams of fellow students and faculty. The scribbles varied from hopes to bring Jesus to others (this is a Nazarene college, may I remind you) to get a "hot girlfriend." As I stared at the rainbow stripes of marker, my mind filled with my own dreams. 

If you don't like this post...blame this! ;)

I dream...of more Christmas parties bereft of cookies but full of friends. For the first time, my school hosted a Christmas Tree Lighting in front of the Greek. Even as twenty feet of cedar exploded with light, I couldn't pull my eyes away from the kids dancing along the steps. 

Dressed in red night dresses and Grinch leggings, they flew and giggled to the beat of off-tune caroling. Carefree, exuberant, shining with joy...that was the real ceremony that lit up my heart that cold Thursday evening. 

Party with Santa! 

And that dorm Christmas party? Even though all the activities involved gluten (from cookie decorating to fondue dipping), this celiac still partied hard! (For a full half hour anyway.) With a few gluten free warrior by my side and a camera booth with all the festive accessories, what more could a girl ask for? 

I dream... of more surprise rainbows. Right before the end of Thanksgiving Break, my dad quizzed me on how I could Santa-tize my dorm room. And - whether by rules or lack of supplies - I ended up with zilch.

Roomie to the rescue! Now our room is a virtual wonderland with Christmas lights hanging over the desks, around the doors and above our beds with elegance only a graphics art major could pull off.

The beautified room!

Another hidden rainbow burst during a recent walk along the cliffs near campus. The night before was rough - a mix of homesickness, stress and boredom that only finals week can trigger. So I escaped that next morning with only some music to keep me company. A few miles out, I discovered this gem of a cliff. No pun intended. 

It reminded me of the mantra of this week's yoga session: "Embrace the pain, because the difficulty now will make it easier later." 

Finals week is a rough patch in December. But, in the right angle and light, it can still sparkle

Talk about a hidden gem!

I dream...of sucking every moment of enjoyment out of my last week. It's easy to let Finals put blinders over my eyes. Yet, as much as I wish everything would stay the same next semester, life will change. Scotland is stealing away one of my closest partners-in-crime...I'll be free of Linguistics, but will attack another 17 unit semester

You know what, though? Like a friend of mine always says, "I'm not even worried." Because out of all the dreams left in my heart, most have already come true. Compared to last December, I'm healthier. I'm happier. And I'm not letting any celiac troubles grinch their way into my Christmas. (But family - do be prepared. As soon as I get home, we will be rollin' in the gluten free cookie dough!)  

So, Santa, this is my yearly letter to you. I don't need anything new this Christmas. I just don't want this December dreaming to stop

A shot from chapel...
when the boyfriend was bored and stole my phone.

What are you dreaming of this December? How do you handle stress like with finals? Comment below! 


  1. I miss you. And Loma. And what seems like forever ago when we got to spend the weekend together and I just crashed on your floor for a few days in paradise with my sisters. And that christmas tree in the greek makes me want to both jump up and down in excitement and sit in a ball in my room and cry. I'm officially a ball of emotions as finals season comes to an end and we haven't had one finals week dinner together. I'm dreaming of another visit soon! Love you and so proud of you for your ongoing battle to be a great friend, a perfect student, and optimistic about whatever God sends your way!

    1. Awwww girlie, I miss you soooo much this time of the year too! Don't even mention a finals week dinner - that sounds too good right now! From Facebook, though, it looks like you are still embracing the Christmas spirit. Have fun girl - you deserve it after the busy semester you had! Love you girlie and I can't wait for another visit! :) XOXO like always!

  2. It is such a glorious time right now! This December has already been 100000x better than last year!

    1. Agreed! Enjoy being home girlie! You definitely get more appreciative of it after being at college for awhile! :D


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