Product Review: Swoffle

In the gluten free world, finding the right cookie is like dating. Mysterious and nearly impossible to get right on the first try. So, when I received the opportunity to try out the Swoffle - a caramel-filled waffle cookie based on the Dutch stroopwafle - my expectations were tempered by a year of cardboard cookies.

Heaven in a cookie!
Then I took my first bite. And immediately scanned the ingredients because it tasted too darn swoffle-liciously-good to be true! 

An organic gluten free blend. Organic sugar, butter, eggs, milk, and spices. No wheat, nuts, corn or soy to be found. But tons of flavor!

All the cookies!
Just imagine two flaky, soft waffle cookies glued together by a thin layer of caramel. Chewy. Hard edges that give way to a soft center. Enough sweet and spice to get my taste buds dancing the Norwegian jig without exploding in a sugar high. Honestly, I didn't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't to taste the best gluten free cookie I've ever had!

I nibbled away at my treat for a couple days, first by its lonesome and then with and on top of my favorite "drink": nana ice cream! Swoffle recommends pairing their cookie with a hot beverage like coffee or tea (perfect in these cold winter months!), but I couldn't think of a better partner than homemade ice cream

Crumbled or whole, it tasted delicious!
It added a perfect crunch and chew to my decadent breakfasts. Though the cold made it a little hard at first bite, it immediately melted in my mouth. Talk about a killer blend of chewy and creamy! I'm sure it would taste just as delicious on oatmeal or yogurt (especially with a lil' nut butter on top...) 

The Swoffle also got a big thumbs up by the rest of my family. My mom thought it was the ideal blend of chewy caramel and crunchy cookie coating. And the subtle but powerful punch of cinnamon? It pushes the yummy factor all the way to 10/10

Green tea dippin' time!
To get a variety of opinions, the gluten-eaters in my family also joined in the taste testing. My dad was the first, and his eyebrows shot up at the first bite. He devoured his as a snack with a mug of green tea. In his technical vernacular, his favorite part was that "it retained its chewiness even after being dunked" rather than disintegrating like other cookies. 

Even with the mountain of Christmas cookies sprawled along our kitchen counter, the Swoffle won over everyone's taste buds. In fact, there's even a little bit of hoarding going over the last handful of survivors. For now...

Which will be the last cookie standing?
It can be hard to find the right cookie minus gluten, but, when in need, I definitely recommend Swoffle as the perfect splurge! With its combination of crunchy, chewy, soft and sweet, it's a winner for even the pickiest matchmaker

What's your fave gluten free cookie? Have you ever heard of/tried Swoffle? Comment below! 


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