Stocking Stuffers for Smoothie Lovers

Smoothie lovers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some like to drink their smoothies from a cup, others from a bowl; some like in thick, other thin. One trait they all share?

The smile when discovering Santa left a sweet, smoothie-related treat in their stocking on Christmas morning! 

The perfect cookie compliment...
Today, I'm taking on the role of Santa's little helper by sharing all my favorite smoothie toppings, flavorings and add-in's. 'Cause the only thing better than Christmas cookies is having a smoothie to dip them in! 

First, superfood powders make great gifts for your favorite foodies. People are usually less likely to purchase powders for themselves because of their higher price tag. However, a little goes a long way - in both flavor and gift appreciation! I suggest buying 6-8oz bags, which could fit in stockings and (for me at least) last around 6 months.

Powder perfect!
Which powders to buy? I love the brand Nativas, though I've also used Amazon to compare prices and buy cheaper (gluten free certified) brands. For newbie smoothie lovers, acai or cacao powder are always hits! If your foodie is a little more experienced, try spirulina, maca, lucuma or camu powder. Not only are all of these filled with antioxidants (always a plus during the stressful holiday season!), but they also pack a colorful punch in smoothies! 

Sauces, oils, and nut butters also make gooey - I mean great - presents! Since I first bought blackstrap molasses a month ago, I've fallen in love with its rich taste and sticky texture (not to mention the shot of magnesium and iron!). Coconut oil always lands on my smoothies too since it freezes when cold, creating a magic shell. Mixed with a superfood powder (or spices like cinnamon or turmeric), it gives a sweet crunch to any breakfast or dessert! 

My favorite smoothie "bowl!"
And, like most people, I can't go without my nut butters. Though I will often buy brands that are on sale, Once Again has captured my heart (and taste buds). Both the sunflower and the cashew butters can be bought without added sweetener or salt, but still taste creamy, rich and toasted. A near-empty nut butter jar also makes for the perfect smoothie container (and a delicious 2-for-1 present!) 

Finally, general toppings! I love adding some chewy action to my smoothies with dried fruit like raisins, or figs. Need a more adventurous gift? Try out goji berries or mulberries! is my go-to for toppings of every shape, size and texture. 

A delicious (and adorable) company...
For crunch cravers, chia seeds (which will thicken up a smoothie even more!), cacao nibs, Enjoy Life trail mix, Purely Elizabeth granola, puffed cereal, and (roasted or raw) buckwheat make delicious sprinkles. All are also free of most allergens (except the granola, which contains oats), so everyone can enjoy. 

While all of these products make tasty and surprising stocking stuffers, you don't have to stop there either! Throw together a "Smoothie Set from Santa" with several edible goodies, a quirky bowl and spoon.

casey the college celiac
A cute dog in a sweater is an optional add-in!
For the ultimate Christmas feel, keep it color-coded with choices like spirulina, goji berries, cacao nibs, and a holiday bowl. A personalized spoon from Etsy is always a nice finishing touch! 

Buying a tasty treat for your smoothie lover can seem intimidating at first - What if they already have it? What if they don't like it? - but with a variety of choices and flavors available, anyone's taste buds can be pleasantly surprised Christmas morning! 

Happy Holidays!
But, as someone who has received gluten free treats, spoons and bowls as gifts before, I know that this present will be appreciated for more than the taste. It also shows that you care - enough to get a safe, unique, and practical gift for your favorite foodie! 

And, even more than delicious food, love between family and friends is really what Christmas is all about! 

What would be your favorite smoothie-related stocking stuffer? Do you like receiving food as a gift? Comment below! 


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