9 Benefits of Dating a Gluten-Eater as a Celiac

Violets are blue and roses are red...you love gluten, but I'm killed by bread!

Laughs aside, dating a gluten-eater as a celiac isn't a exactly a romantic walk in the park. As Valentines Day approaches, however, it will mark one and a half years of dating a self-professed gluten lover. Though we've certainly experience our share of bumps (make that glutenings), I've also realized that dating a gluten-eater has its perks.

casey the college celiac
Some of the perks to the dating job...
1. They never want to steal your leftovers...unless, of course, it's Chipotle. But Chipotle is worth a battle to the death. Especially over a burrito bowl with guac.

2. It leaves more money in the grocery budget for your special celiac swag. I mean, we all know buying food for one celiac is expensive. Two? A celiac Costco needs to open up, ASAP!

3. Vicarious eating, folks. We may not all want to admit it, but we all do it. As my gluten intolerant mom told my dad during a Christmas party: "You better eat some of that peanut butter caramel brownie with chocolate mousse and enjoy it for me, dammit!"

casey the college celiac
Thank goodness for gluten free alternatives!
4. Only one of you has to focus on the food part of plans. The other can, you know, craft the actual "what-we're-doing" planning. (Hence my usual date night with the boy: Chipotle (my idea) and a movie (his choice).

5. People say opposites attract, right? The intestinally-damaged stomach in me loves and envies the gluten-digesting, pizza-full stomach in you!

6. You can accept free food samples and avoid the "I'd love to try the cupcakes, Nutella and pretzels, Milky Ways and cereal that come free with every purchase of a $100 text book, but...." celiac spiel. Sharing is caring right? And what's a more appreciated gesture of care than food?

This cartoon artist knows the truth!
7. You never have to worry about kissing with bad breath because he brushes his teeth after every meal anyway...and you usually join in on the minty-fresh festivities.

8. If you get glutened at a restaurant, your gluten-lovin' date can nurse you back to health with lots of sleepy cuddles, charcoal pills and plain, home cooking! (OK, maybe just a piece of gluten free toast in your GF toaster, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

"More" can include being a screen saver ;)
9. Perhaps most importantly? You have someone who sees you as more than a celiac - and loves you despite any dietary differences or challenges!

Dating someone with an entirely different diet and intestinal tract may not appear in theaters as a romantic comedy anytime soon, but that doesn't mean (gluten and gluten free) love is doomed this Valentines Day! In fact, dating a gluten-eater as a celiac comes with as many benefits as possible drawbacks. You might even say that it is a recipe for laughs, lessons and even a little love.

What are some benefits you've experienced dating a gluten-eater? Can you relate to any of these (silly but true) points? Comment below!


  1. It just enriches yourself and introduces you to A LOT more than so many other "gluten-ignorants" ;)

  2. These are cute! I married mine. He doesn't eat gluten anymore (unless out to eat) since we keep our home gluten free! He also went on the Autoimmune Paleo diet with me when I developed Hashimoto's last year. It would be so much harder without his support. I love my "honorary" celiac. :-)


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