Heart Health Tips and a Natural Calm Giveaway

Most people know that February is all about the heart. What some may not know, however, is that February is American Heart Month!

Edible and non edible hearts of course!
As you know, I'm all about the love - and, with some help from Natural Vitality's new Heart for Health E-book, I'm giving three tips on how to get your most upbeat heart yet! (Pun, obviously intended). 'Cause the goal isn't just to have a healthy heart - it's crafting a happy one too!

1. Move

Most of the time, that means exercise. It doesn't have to be a marathon or cross fit (unless those are what your body loves). Start with a walk around the block, a yoga class at your local studio or even a fitness video from the magical world of YouTube. You can even try out some of these heart-opening yoga poses from Natural Vitality's e-book

Bridge is one of my favorite yoga poses!
For the heart, moving can be more than just physical. (Though, I'll admit, that's the part I'm better at!) Don't forget to move away from negative influences or aspects of your life. Maybe that's exercising too much, snacking at night - or people who hurt more than help your day. Just like the house needs a good spring cleaning every once in a while, so does your heart's priorities

2. Mediate

I'll be the first to say that meditation and I don't get along so well. I guess a girl who never stops thinking and an activity all about that thoughtless, focused "om" isn't exactly a dating site's dream pairing. But through my yoga practice this past year, I've realized that meditation doesn't require a room with a gorgeous view, a comfy yet fashionable outfit with some relaxing reggae music playing in the background. (No matter what Instagram says!) 

A nice view certainly doesn't hurt...
Meditation can be a morning run along the cliffs or a slow walk to class. It can happen sitting in traffic on the way to work or by smiling at yourself in the mirror. All meditation requires is you and some thoughts - or lack of them. 

3. And mindfully eat

It's true that the "right" diet differs between people. For some it's whole wheat and low fat dairy...for others - me - it's none of the above. What do most "right" diets have in common

My kind of healthy eating!
A variety of fruits and vegetables for lots of vitamins and nutrients. Meals as good for your body as your taste buds...'cause happy requires tasty in my book belly. Smoothies, like this recipe from Natural Vitality's e-book, are easy and delicious ways to pack in the nutrients

Some other favorites? Salmon with pesto zoodles, oatless zoats, veggie buckwheat pizza and lots of homemade granola! And when food isn't enough to get the vitamins our body needs, supplements can fill the gaps. 

Calm in a bottle ;)
One such vitamin-booster being Natural Calmmagnesium supplement that is gluten free, vegan, and Non GMO - though packed with a punch of raspberry-lemon flavor. I first shared my experience with Natural Calm during the holiday rush of Christmas. 

As Natural Vitality explains below, magnesium plays an important role in both the heart and stress levels. More magnesium (to a healthy degree) = a happier heart and mind! I can't claim that drinking Natural Calm immediately vanquished my stress, but it (or even the placebo effect of feeling empowered to control my stress) can't hurt! 

Magnesium is one important guy!
To celebrate American Heart Month, Natural Vitality is offering one lucky reader a bottle of Natural Calm to try for themselves. For those who entered my December drawing, enjoy this second chance to win! Just enter through the Rafflecopter giveaway below - and box of loving "calm" might be sent to your door sometime soon. 
February is all about the heart. So why not focus on showing your heart some love this month? 

*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

Have you ever tried Natural Calm? What are your heart healthy tips or habits? Comment below! 


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